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New Super Mario Bros. 2 Download Cards Nonexistent In North America

Japanese retailers sell download cards for New Super Mario Bros. 2. In North America, however, consumers don’t have the option of purchasing download cards for the game. Instead, Nintendo 3DS users in North America can obtain the game by three methods: purchasing a physical copy from a retailer, downloading the title directly from the Nintendo eShop, or buying a download code (not card) from participating retailers.

For the first time, Nintendo is giving consumers a variety of ways to buy the game. Shoppers can purchase a packaged game as usual at retail locations nationwide. They can go to a participating retailer and buy a code to download the game directly to their Nintendo 3DS system over a broadband Internet connection. Or they can simply purchase and download the game on their own from the Nintendo eShop using a wireless broadband connection. Regardless of purchasing method, the game sells at a suggested retail price of $39.99.

62 thoughts on “New Super Mario Bros. 2 Download Cards Nonexistent In North America”

    1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

      only games like pushmo should be downloaded . the only people i can see downloading is like rich wierd parent’s for their kids .
      any real gamer wants the physical copy so he can maybe sell it or collect it .

        1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

          thats such a lame excuse . i carry 10 lose 3ds game cards in my pocket or what ever . you simply insert the cart into your 3ds . highlighting the problem you just refered to as totaly not a problem.
          what about when you have totaly totaly finished NSMB2 . do you not want to sell it ???
          to me there is no plus points to downloading the game .
          i like the box . i like having a little row of 3ds boxes in my bedroom . its cooler than an sd card stuffed with 3ds games ,
          i see your problem and i raise you mine = downloads are irelivant .
          unless its $5 game .

        2. dont listen to this dick muncher. if he honestly thinks walking around with TEN games just bouncing around in his pocket (which could fall out) is way more convenient than just having them downloaded. than fine. let him be stupid. just because you dont care about having a physical copy, doesn’t mean you’re not a “real gamer”. thats like saying that if you buy movies off of itunes rather than on blueray or dvd, you’re not “really” a fan of watching movies. it’s stupid.

          1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

            i didnt say this person wasnt a real gamer . i just said real gamers will want the option to properly sell or collect.
            if you can carry a 3ds with you , you cn carry some game carts. they are phukin tiny after all .

          2. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

            so you lise your 3ds , an your sd card is lost with about 5-10 full price games on it ???? not exactly safe or clever imo.
            physical copies >>>>>>>>downloaded retail games . there is no argument . unless your a ‘coffee shop hipster’ .

            1. if you lose your 3ds, you’re an idiot. and also if you are able to lose your 3ds, than you’re more likely to be prone to losing all of those games you’re carrying around right?

                1. not really. physical copy= could get scratched, damaged, stolen or lost. download=you could lose the device, but most services will keep track of your purchase(s). and plus, games run a lot smoother when they are installed rather than being read off of the disc.

                  1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

                    it aint no disc its littel cartridges XD. i see your point .
                    but does nobody sell games ?? i mean i have plenty of money , but sometimes its nice to have the option to sell or trade my games or borrow them to friends .
                    i even like the box and artwork etc .
                    downloading kills all of this .
                    not my cup of tea at all .

                    1. well, the cartridges can get damaged as well. and trading in your games isnt really worth it. i dont even purchase a game unless i know im gonna play it a lot. and guess what, YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THE ART. checkmate

  1. Well that sucks. Doesn’t matter too much, I guess. I guess it all depends of if the cards were collectible looking or not.


      A better price than that $50 Uncharted 3 DLC, but both of those are DLC are better choices than On-Disc DLC.

  2. To be perfectly honest, if you are going into the shop anyway, and you care about having something with nice with artwork on, why not buy the boxed version?

      1. If the 10 second process of cartridge swapping is your best reason not to buy physical, then there is something wrong with you.

        1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

          exactly. there is no reason to download NSMB2 . the only reason is ‘you thought it would be a good idea’ then you realised ‘you could never sell it ever again ”

          1. physical copy explodes for a fluctuation in the space….can’t play anymore (until buy a new one)

            SD card disintegrating by negative space (download the game again)

            That’s the reason why people would rather download, I’m buying the physical anyway.

    1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

      we all will . all console gamers should want physical copies !!!
      who wants full hard drives , no selling option , no physical collection ??? it makes no sense to download full games .
      the only peole who do it are those AHOLE pc gamers .

        1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

          well i guess your too futuristic and sophisticated for all us arent you miss european coffee shop ???
          i like hoarding boxes , and selling games that i dont want to collect .
          its good that there is an option for people like you now :).
          as long as it doesnt affect my lovely boxes .

          1. Why are you so mad about downloading a game? not every country has stores like Gamestop that you buy whatever you want on day 1. Downloading is good for those people too, and way convenient for someone who cares about the game, not the box.

            1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

              this is why i am mad. cus there is no reason .
              in ‘those countries’ if they could buy a 3ds , they can buy a game .
              oh well . i look like an ASS for thinking this way , but it really grinds my gears .
              physical copies have many advantages over downloads.
              the main advantage being you can trade , sell , give to someone else to borrow , collect , etc etc etc .

              1. Advantages of digital:
                – Faster purchase, less travel expense
                – Less environmental impact (gas, plastic, etc.)
                – No need to swap cartridges
                – Virtually un-losable for the following 2 points:
                – Tied to the system (ie. your 3DS breaks or gets lost, Nintendo lets you redownload your games)
                – Games can be backed up on another SD card or computer

                In the end, all you’re really losing is your ability to swap games… but the eShop provides demos so there’s hardly a need for that.

                1. re: Tied to the system (ie. your 3DS breaks or gets lost, Nintendo lets you redownload your games) –
                  Tied to the system is correct, but If your system is lost or broke you cannot re-download unless in case of a broken 3DS if you get that one fixed. You cannot go out and buy a new 3DS and re-download. You must have the 3DS you originally downloaded your software on.

    2. Ditto. Then I’ll stay busy playing my huge backlog of games, replaying games I own, and limit my downloads to my favorite franchises and maybe some games with really good reviews. I will be way more picky with my purchases, unless they drastically lower the prices.

    1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

      its a joke isnt it ? my local shop charged me £35 . apparently the sun shines out of americas A hole .

        1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

          shit currecy ??? the pound is thr worlds strongest currency so dont start shoving your USD in my face .
          minimum wage in uk is worth more than US , etc etc .
          but i may move to USA one day . Adam richman has me totaly convinced . not that i am fat . i just like the look of that food.

        2. You want us to go Euro, and go over to a dying currency? Seriously, Portugal, Greece, Spain, Ireland. That is reason enough not to go Euro.

        3. lol first of all, that has nothing to do with the currency itself, second of all, why should someone move to another country just because they get charged more for a video game in their current country…

  3. If you think about it, digital copies are more expensive than physical (disregarding the obvious reasons of packaging, shipping, etc.) because eventually one will have to buy SD cards to store games on them.

  4. siegfried von schroder

    i ve been to a friends of mine house for 3 hours,he showed me his dicktendo collection and he played ocarina of time in front of me.later he let me play the game and it was the gayest game i ever played,the most worst game i ever seen,the the the….That game was the end of the world of 1998

      1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

        that is just the most retarded video ever . why are you comparing a mediocre gamecube game to the best game of all time ??? are you stupid???? ocarina came out in the 90’s and it had the best graphics and biggest most detailed open world in gaming .
        try ocarina 3d . the graphics on that are completely remade and they look absoloutly beautiful .
        who ever made this video deserves to be punched in the phuking face sooo god damn hard .

      2. So your video consists of
        1. A minor flaw because of graphical limitations which don’t even matter.
        2. A complete lie, or just really bad taste.
        3. Saying a Sonic Adventure 2 is graphically superior than a OoT, when they have completely different styles.
        4. Saying a glitched up mess with boring Knuckles missions has better gameplay than OoT.
        5. Saying SA2 has better music than OoT, when they are completely different styles.
        6. 26 seconds of Napoleon Dynamite without any sound.

        Yeah, that really proves your point.

    1. Nintedward . Wiiu . 3ds . 1991 .

      your just an idiot . kill yourself cancer breath .
      ocarina of time is considered by every single gaming critic to be the best game ever created of its time .
      best game of all time = Ocarina of time . no game has ever been so perfect for its respective release time .
      NO GAME !!!

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  6. Okay, I’m sorry MNN but this is not news and this is definitely of no interest. I can’t even understand why you took the time to post this.

  7. I prefer physical copies just because I never have enough space on an sd card but I keep them all in one bag full of tic tacs and 3ds and ds games with my psp ar cards and chapstick and Im a DUDE!! I keep it all in a cross body bag

  8. This is a non-issue…Even if you want to buy a download copy and for some reason can’t use a credit/debit card directly on your 3DS, you can buy eShop cards in store to top-up your account with the $40 required to buy the game…I don’t really see why they thought they had to provide download cards in the first place

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