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Here’s The Darksiders 2 Wii U Box Art

Developed by Vigil Games and published by THQ, Darksiders II is out now for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. And a Wii U version of the game is scheduled to release later this year.

67 thoughts on “Here’s The Darksiders 2 Wii U Box Art”

  1. It would have looked good if only that wii u logo wasn’t their … Wii u logo represents Shit,inferior vession,shitty gimmicks , crappy version

    1. “the Wii U logo design looks to childish”

      Are you REALLY that fucking insecure. “BLUE IS CHILDISH, A DERP A DUR”.

      1. Look at this sensitive Nintendrone he said that he didn’t like the Wii U boxart but said he’ll love the console and you get all emotional and worked up about it!

        1. Look at this dumb ass and his desperate plead for attention.

          Yeah, no, stupid shit is still stupid shit.

          I thought you would easily identify a piece of shit, being one yourself, of course.

    2. Looks alright the way it does now, though maybe they’ve couldn’t done blue and black. Blue lettering on black background for the logo

  2. I wish Nintendo went with a new logo rather than recycle the GC one. Oh well, maybe the next Nintendo will have a new logo.

  3. I like the boxes except for one thing… WHAT IS IS WITH THE FRIGGING YELLOW? It’s never been used in any other Wii U branding and has no reason to be there. Oh, and the other problem with it is… IT LOOKS FUCKING HORRBILE!

  4. I see a lot of Sony drones and whiners complain and bitch about the Wii U’s blue background with the yellow arch strip. If all of you guys hate the Wii U design, you should also hate Best Buy, Ikea, Blockbuster, Warner Bros. Pictures, X-Men’s Wolverine, Butterfinger candy bar, Long John Silver’s, Bing, Capcom, and Sonic the Hedgehog logo. The entire world loves it… hell, even the 1980 game show Chain Reaction. U mad, suckas?

    1. I have yet to see a single post of yours on here where you’re not acting like a 5 year old kid, cussing and calling people names, being a complete brat and annoying everyone on this website.

      Your time here is very likely short. Enjoy it while it lasts, kiddo.

        1. Says the kid who goes around calling people “fucking fairies” and rages like a 5 year old when someone doesn’t suck Nintendo’s dong as hard as you want them to.

          Enjoy your time here while it lasts kid.

            1. No. I don’t go around cussing people out just because I don’t agree with them.

              You do. You have done it to me countless times. I state an opinion, politely and rationally, you swoop in ass-first and start name calling and cutting me down simply because I don’t worship everything Nintendo does every time. But keep doing it, kid. Keep up with the cute little “Iceman” and “Vanilla Icy” stuff too. All it’s doing is making you look like a 5 year old (seriously, “Vanilla Icy”? You think that’s clever do you?) and buying you a 1-way ticket to being banned.

              I’ll be watching kid. And your time will run out VERY quickly if you keep those antics up :)

    2. Ban TheUNation for being a emo-raging 5 year old!

      You’re comparing two completely different things: stand-alone logos, and something that needs to be on a variety of different style boxes. The fact that you don’t realize that just makes it even more pathetic.

  5. Shut up about the yellow, it makes it pop out, catches peoples attention, its hardly ugly, ALOT of companies use the blue and yellow colour scheme.

    Anyway, seriously, this game is epic, buy it, its also a very long game, talking 20+ campaign, 50+ if you want the side missions ect, as well as a new game plus mode

    1. Blue and yellow and not frequently used. Blue and gold are. I’m a 10+ year designed with studies in typography, colour theory, design principles and standards of practice, and have worked for several Fortune 500 companies; needless to say, I know my shit. And while art is subjective, I can tell you that this combination is horrendous. Having those colours on a stand-alone item is one thing (if done right). Having them on sometime that has to interact with various other pieces of artwork with different styles, colours, etc. is a completely different thing.

      They are jarring, overtly contrasting, and exude a sort of “children’s toy/nursery” feeling. A near powder-blue with bright yellow? Screams “Sesame Street/Big Bird” to me, not “Nintendo is all about winning back core gamers and being more adult-centric”.

      As a designer, I would have gone with a darker blue, with less green/aqua and more blue (like the interface buttons on the iPhone for example), and combined it with an even darker gray. Or gone monochromatic (i.e. let the blue part be white with a light gray gradient fading up to white), having the yellow line be a silver type colour, and let the Wii U logo be the blue they love so much.

      It would have looking orders of magnitude better and would lend itself to the various different box arts much better. Then again, Nintendo has always been sub-part design wise. The Wii’s interface was absolutely horrible. Functionally, it was great. Visually, it was an abortion. The most recent XBOX 360 dashboard is easily more sleek, just as intuitive, and much more modern/high tech looking. And from what I’ve seen of Wii U’s GUI, they haven’t learned anything. The whole “socializing” interface screens we saw in the preview video look absolutely terrible. I’m hoping they improve it drastically before release.

      1. They are all stand-alone logos, for one thing. In other words, they don’t have to be at the top of every product at the store. The gritty style of this box art does NOT go well with the kiddie-looking powder blue/aqua & yellow combo. The only people that think that looks good are probably the same people who though their MySpace page looked cool with animated GIFs and flashy banners & mouse cursors all over the place. Or badly designed flames or something stupid like I used to see all over the place.

        There’s a reason not everyone (like you) is a professional designer.

          1. You keep using that term. I don’t think it means what you think it means.

            It’s not a double standard, as I didn’t rage out and call you names and insult you. If I said “shut the fuck up U-maxi-pad watcher! You are a fucking fairly and a failure! Fuck off” like you do, THEN it would be a double-standard. Maybe you should learn what things mean before trying to use them against other people, kid ;)

    1. As opposed to people who comment on liking it? They are less pathetic just because they like it, are they?

      So in your world, people who don’t share your opinion are sad and need to get a life.

      Got it.

  6. Siegfried Von Schroder

    I am gonna get the Wii U version of the game, so it will show the publisher that 3rd party games do sell on nintendo consoles.

      1. What case? You haven’t made one.

        And one person buying a game doesn’t make a case for anything. Come back when the Wii U version of a game far outsells the other consoles. Then you’ll have a case to rest.

          1. Ban TheUNation for being a emmo-raging 5 year old!

            Translation: “I don’t have a valid point, so I’ll just post nonsense like I always do and maybe Nintendo fanboys will rally behind me!”


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