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Developer Says Wii U GamePad’s Screen Updates Quicker Than TVs

Developer Two Tribes says that there is no delay to gameplay when Toki Tori 2 is running on the Wii U GamePad’s screen. Collin Van Ginkel, the co-founder of Two Tribes, claims that during the developer’s test setups, the Wii U GamePad’s screen updated even quicker than their LCD TVs. Van Ginkel speculates, however, that the Wii U GamePad’s signal breaks down when players move far away from the Wii U console.

Two Tribes has said there’s no slowdown when playing the game on Wii U’s GamePad instead of television. What are some things that can cause slowdown for any game running on the controller?

“It’s even the opposite. In our test setups we see the GamePad screen updating quicker than our LCD TV’s if we send the exact same image to both. My guess, but this is pure speculation, is that the only time you may have missing visuals, and thus a delayed update, is when the signal breaks down when you move too far away from the console.”

84 thoughts on “Developer Says Wii U GamePad’s Screen Updates Quicker Than TVs”

        1. Fi: Master, I notice the title, Jr, on the end of the username. This suggests a 95% chance that the user is indeed a male.

  1. Delays my arse. If anything it was due to interference from other systems.
    Doubt anyones gona be standing miles away from their tv either.

    1. Despite the fact that the WiiU will have the function to stream everything what’s happening on the TV to the GamePad, it is very well to be expected that many people won’t want to sit right next to the WiiU itself the whole time. Especially if that highly advertised situation is the case where someone else wants to watch TV but you want to continue playing. I personally wouldn’t want to still keep sitting in front of the tv, but rather go lie in my bed and continue there. I usually don’t go and sit in front of the TV when playing 3DS neither, after all.

      1. When but if youre playing on the controller, it wouldnt technically he delayed, because everything is being streamed at the same time, on the controller.

    1. I think the tethered controller is only for the battery or power consumption. If not then I think there’s no point in coding the game over a wired connection then another code for the wireless signal. Well for debugging or experiment purposes maybe :))

    2. By the sound of ‘move further away’ it seems to be the wireless ones. If it was wired then I would be worried about the physics going on in their studio XD

          1. The article itself is a bit hard to understand. Especially since he does not specify what version of the controller he is using.

    3. Most likely the wireless. They wouldn’t have stated the lose of signal speculation if it was tethered. In addition, they only used the tethered version because they didn’t want people to steal them.

      1. If they had a wirless controller then they would be able to test signal loss. That’s why he was only able to speculate.

    4. What evidence aside from reasonable speculation do we have that there even ARE tethered dev kits?
      All of the tethers for the Wii U that I’ve seen so far, have been for anti-theft and battery supplementation during conventions, and nothing more, as far as I’m aware.
      Got a source I could view that supports the existence of a tethered dev kit?

      1. The leaked Rayman Legenda video that was meant for Ubisoft eyes only features tethered controllers; Ubisoft released a statement saying they were dev units and that’s why they were tethered, and the final WiiU would definitely be untethered.

        1. Okay, let me be more specific; what evidence is there to support the claim that the cable for the tethered units did anything more than provide constant battery support via being connected to the system? Do we have any proof that the cable was there to help enhance the steadiness or reliability of the controller’s visuals?

          1. Some devs were saying that tethered kits were neccessary while Ninty fine tuned the wireless functions, but that was months ago.

  2. Maybe because the controller was connected to the wire at E3 and that caused the lag? I am assuming with a battery pack in it, it will work fine.

    1. Pretty dickish from SE, although im not surprised, theyre not even a shadow Of their former self, back in the Square Soft days and early SE days.

      1. And yet their doing an ios game noone will buy on an incredibly inferior decice, and that makes sense how exactly?

        1. I wasn’t aware Square Enix was a sentient being, let alone a human (could be an animal, i duno what you’re into)

        2. Actuall the iPad 3 is more powerful than a PS3 in several ways… It’s not an underpowered system at all.

          In saying that I am by no means happy with this outcome either.

          1. … high? And dont say “its got a better processor”, because that doesnt mean jack, its all being used to run several things at once rather than 1 game, PC’s are bo different, you need a big CPU for a gaming PC but most of that goes towards everything other than gaming

            1. I remember reading an article that compared the two and the iPad came out on top… I don’t remember exactly why. In any case it’s hardly underpowered, especiallywhen the original TWEWY was on a DS.

          2. i am pretty sure the ps3 and 360 are more efficient than a shitty ipad :/. i havent seen ps3 quality gaming on no ipad yet. what i have seen is a load uf underwhelming shovel ware.
            the ipad is for gaming noobs.

    2. Are you talking about TWEWY?
      I thought they were making a sequel?
      Well, w/e. I didn’t get the chance to play the original so I’m not too concerned over any remakes for a system I don’t own.

  3. Well… that’s… for some reason makes me even more excited for WiiU. that’s good that it can outdo an LCD Tv in update and load speed.

  4. The question is, how far you can go away from the Wii U? It would be sweet, if i can start a game in the livingroom and than go to my bedroom and play the game a little bit, before i go to sleep :)

    1. My guess is there may be latency issues if you go more than 30 feet away.
      Most wireless signals still hold strong at that distance and beyond, though, but I’m low-balling my guess here since it’s a new, unknown piece of tech that is being introduced here.

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          2. Ban TheUNation for being a emmo-raging 5 year old!

            He hasn’t even posted on this topic!

            I thought you said you don’t troll?

            Intentionally trying to start shit with someone, like you’re doing here (when he’s not even here to post anything) is trolling, by the way. LMFAO!

  5. Very good news. I won’t be too far from my Wii U anyway. I’m so looking forward to this console. Toki Tori isn’t a graphics heavy game, I wonder how a game like Darksiders 2 may handle the smae situation. Leave luck to heaven.

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