Graphics technology company Umbra Software is an official middleware tools provider with Nintendo for the Wii U console. The company has announced that a customized version of Umbra’s latest rendering optimization middleware is available for evaluations for licensed Wii U developers. Wii U’s version of Mass Effect 3, for example, is a title that uses Umbra’s rendering optimization.



  1. This is the second middle ware company I have heard about. Also the one I heard that checks your code for errors is another great company. Here is hoping the Wii U is a seven year to even eight year games machine. This am saying because third parties are on board like a beast.


  2. haha sega is a failure company and they dont know what they are talking about.The wiiu is weaker and if you’r waiting for a starfox game for wiiu then keep wt-dreaming HAHAHA.starfox is already a porn-furry game


  3. Please, people.

    Now I know there’s more to a console, but we already know the WiiU’s multicore with 8 GB of RAM.

    In comparison, the PS3 has 512 MB (256+256). And the PS3 put out the amazing Uncharted 3.

    Imagine what the WiiU can do?


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