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Umbra Software Is An Official Wii U Partner

Graphics technology company Umbra Software is an official middleware tools provider with Nintendo for the Wii U console. The company has announced that a customized version of Umbra’s latest rendering optimization middleware is available for evaluations for licensed Wii U developers. Wii U’s version of Mass Effect 3, for example, is a title that uses Umbra’s rendering optimization.

99 thoughts on “Umbra Software Is An Official Wii U Partner”

  1. Too bad this page is subject to trolling. Oh well, at least we know who the unemployed people are.

    This is great. Adding this to my list of 3rd Party Support.

    1. well, i personally thought this was a no-brainer lol. i mean a TON of games use umbra. and what happened to the rating system?

                1. No one was obsessing, just making comments about it. You feel the need to cry like a little girl because you know how poor the graphics are. I love Nintendo, but I won’t make excuses for them. Fanboys, like yourself, never learn that.

                  1. funny you say that….when all nintendo fans have been doing recently is comparing visuals like AC3 to the ps and 360 versions…

                    1. Well that’s funny – the only thing I’ve seen Nintendo fans have been doing recently was rage at Square Enix (rightly so…) for getting everyone’s hopes up for nothing with The World Ends with You. Just because there was one or two articles on here about ACIII graphics doesn’t mean everyone’s obsessed. I for one, am more interested in seeing how the Gamepad will enhance that game.

                    2. Only to denounce claims that the Wii U isn’t next gen like Sony and Microsoft fans try and say.

  2. This is the second middle ware company I have heard about. Also the one I heard that checks your code for errors is another great company. Here is hoping the Wii U is a seven year to even eight year games machine. This am saying because third parties are on board like a beast.

    1. The electronic and hardwired software components of a system that make a machine run. E.g your Brain and the heart. The heart is your CPU-pump, while hour brain is the CPU-GPU.

        1. Your xbox/ zune / windows phone-dumb glass / Kinect are weak. Plus they are run by matrilineal roman empire girlfriendish men.

        2. Wii U GPU and CPU can run both the ps3 and xbox at the same dam time. In case of the xbox it won’t even RROD when the Wii U is running it lol.

  3. Now this is unreal (no pun intended). I’m glad that Umbra software is an official Wii U partner. I’ll look forward to their rendering optimization on Mass Effect 3 for the U.

    1. siegfried von schroder


      1. Roy’s boyfriend… give it a rest will ya? It’s already getting too freaking old saying your same bullshit! The Wii U is a powerful console and has bigger RAM than your inferior XBox 360. Nintendo’s new console is next generation. Google Wii U and see it for yourself. From now on, I’m ignoring your dumb ass, Siegfried von Scrotum. Good day sir.

                1. siegfried von schroder

                  why assasins creed for wiiu version will have the SAME graphics as ps3/360 and same with sega all racing tranformed?

        1. Thetruthandnothingbut

          You’re not worth the effort since you’re determined to not believe any evidence brought forth.
          You’re like a Specs Zealot; nothing other than what your PC-race masters have taught you is good enough.
          It’s easier to just laugh at how wrong you are and keep letting you convince yourself that the Wii U isn’t worth getting.
          At least by letting you believe that, we’ll be keeping your stupid ass OUT OF THE WII U SYSTEM’S COMMUNITY, because you won’t be getting one.
          So, yeah, congratulations! You’re no longer relevant! Think what you want, hate what you want!
          The rest of us are going to enjoy our time playing games on the Wii U while you waste your pathetic little life here, trolling the few who haven’t yet saved the money for one until they finally do purchase it.
          You’re gonna be stuck in an endless cycle of trolling dumb-assery while the rest of us get our game on.
          Enjoy that, you elitist wuss.:P

    2. siegfried von schroder

      You say that wii is a 6th generation.Really?Then why the wii version had splinter cell the sixth generation?

          1. Why should anyone take the time and effort to find link and quotes to make your argument fall flat? I know how trolls like you work. When you’re eventually made to look like a fool, you’ll move on to some other topic to bash Nintendo with. So it’s pointless. If you refuse to educate yourself…enjoy staying in the darkness of your closed mind

        1. Last week Eurogamer reported (or rather, deliberately mislead) on Wii U’s graphical capabilities. It said that Wii U graphics were “on par” with PlayStation 3, however, it turned out that Sonic Racing developer Sumo Digital was talking about graphics in the game, and not for the system. Now it turns out that even that wasn’t actually true — according to Sumo, the Wii U version of the game will actually look better in some areas.

          “The Wii U has way more memory, so we can take advantage of that with less compression on elements and textures, so it will look all lovely and shiny,” said Steve Lycett from Sumo Digital.

          Technically, this means that Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed will look better on the Wii U, at least when it comes to texture resolution. The rumored Wii U specs indicate that the console has 1.5 GB of main system memory, which is about 3 times more than the PS3 and Xbox 360.

            1. You dont need to prove it to the trolls. They go on about the same shit every post. Wii u will be awesome. I know it, you know it, f@#k the trolls!

              1. Sega has great relationship with Nintendo so i can trust them!wow wiiU 3 times more powerfull than ps3 meens that the console will be a beast

                    1. i am gonna buy for sure the U.I HAVE already money at the bank saved for it.WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIU GO!

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    4. siegfried von schroder

      haha sega is a failure company and they dont know what they are talking about.The wiiu is weaker and if you’r waiting for a starfox game for wiiu then keep wt-dreaming HAHAHA.starfox is already a porn-furry game

    5. Please, people.

      Now I know there’s more to a console, but we already know the WiiU’s multicore with 8 GB of RAM.

      In comparison, the PS3 has 512 MB (256+256). And the PS3 put out the amazing Uncharted 3.

      Imagine what the WiiU can do?

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