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Animal Crossing 3DS Launching First Half Of 2013 In North America

Nintendo of America has given a launch window for Animal Crossing 3DS. The Japanese version of the game is titled Animal Crossing: Jump Out!, and will be released in Japan this year. The game will most likely be given a different title for when it launches in North America during the first half of 2013.



      1. true. even if its a couple of days late i will be happy.
        its annoying that they somehow find it hard to change region locking.
        you know shin megami tensei and nano assault havent been released in UK yet. annoying because they both look awesome.
        on the bright side tho , the last story just came out in usa and its been out i UK for about 8 months. same with xenoblade. and pandora’s tower has been out in UK For months, i hear it may not even be coming to usa.
        does nintendo not understand UK and USA gamers have almost exactly the same taste in games except uk likes fifa and usa likes madden ?. idiots .


  1. The irony of the situation, is that the first animal crossing took so long in getting to US that it was on the next generation system. It missed a whole console. We all hearken back to the ‘ol gamecube game, but it was an n64 game in Japan. That’s like Wild World getting delayed to the 3ds from the ds in Japan. So we have that going for us.


  2. Please tell the USA Animal Crossing: New Leaf’s release date soon! My friends and I can’t wait and are very anxious. Please release hopefully on or near April 1st, 2013. Thanks!


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