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Iwata Says New Super Mario Bros 2 DLC Stages Are Still Coming

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has assured Mario fans on Twitter that the new downloadable stages for New Super Mario Bros 2 are still on the way. Iwata asks fans to patient, and he promises he will share more information about the New Super Mario Bros 2 downloadable content soon.



      1. this is my nintendo news. a website designed for 3ds owners to pretend they have a vita and claim they like the 3dsxl even more.
        look = i have a vita , but i like my 3ds xl more.
        even though i dont have a vita and i dont intend on buying one.

        funny isnt it ?


      2. yeah, it’s not his fault the Vita is collecting dust!!! Honestly, system has no real games that intrigue gamers around the world.


    1. well they promised the dlc as e3. they officialy anounced it. so it would be really stupid if they just said ‘not any more’ , the game is massively popular and dlc is the ‘in thing’ in gaming atm. and nintendo will make a fortune of NSMB2 dlc.
      so i dont know why iwata is saying ‘its still coming’ , we know mr iwata just stfu and take our money.


    1. disagreed. collecting all star coins and getting a million coins is genuinely dificult.
      running through the game without doing anything is easy and forgetable.
      i think you missed the point.
      those star coins without a guide are a bstad to find.


      1. 1 million coins should get us one free DLC level, and for each additional million coins another DLC level. That would be cool but it will never happen.


      2. hi there your right moi i dont want coin caps or play coin caps eather i like too have unlimited coins or unlimited play coins


  1. ill get the dlc even though i beat the game and got my 1,000,000 coin a couple minuets ago. now its time to go for 2 million


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