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Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Coming To North America First Quarter Of 2013

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon was originally scheduled to launch this year, but has been pushed to 2013. Nintendo of America confirmed that Luigi’s Nintendo 3DS game will be released in North America during the first quarter of 2013.



  1. Cant wait! the original was suppose to be 3d like gamecube was suppose to come with a 3d tv to mount on the back too bad they didn’t go through with it. Thats why the gamecube wasnt so hot


  2. A ghost exterminator that’s afraid of ghosts. Kinda reminds me of courage the cowardly dog lol, well i can’t wait for the game to come out next year. Especially with all the extra time they’ve got for fine-tuning the game so that it’s potential is fully realized


  3. Any one else think for Super Smash Bros. 4, that Luigi should get his Vaccume as his ↓B like Mario has his F.L.U.D.D? And instead of pushing he can use it to suck enemies up like Kirby or Dedede.


  4. I’m still trying to figure out why Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon would be able to get on the Nintendo Network. Would it be for multiplayer, new mansion ,or what?


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