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Professor Layton And The Miracle Mask European Release Date Confirmed

Archaeologist and puzzle-solver Professor Layton is set to return in an all-new adventure that will take players deeper into the professor’s past than ever before: Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask. The latest title in the popular series of puzzle-solving adventures will be available across Europe from 26th October 2012, exclusively for Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL as a packaged game available from retail outlets and simultaneously as a download via the Nintendo eShop.


52 thoughts on “Professor Layton And The Miracle Mask European Release Date Confirmed”

      1. can you tell the future? tell me more? and people will still buy it… espec passionate tech people… aka Non nintendo gamers

        1. if by “tech passionate” you mean idorts who buy any menial update as soon as it hits the market, yes, people will buy it

          AKA people who are more concerned with the means of viewing the experience than the experience itself.

          though we live in an economy where less and less people can afford to splurge on insignificant things such as this, so there is no chance this thing is going to be successful for at LEAST until they can afford to make them cheaper

          1. idorts?

            Who is the idiot now? ;) and economy? I am earning a good salary. The people who are moaning about the economy are those who:

            1) Clearly never studied at school/college to get good Grades and therefore get shunned by employers.

            2) Have shit priorities when spending money. E.g. spending money on gambling, or choosing video games over food and drink.

            3) Lazy shits with lack of motiviation to succeed, like point 1

            the list goes on. The economy is not THAT bad. Getting tired of people saying ooooh people cant afford it anymore. I still see people splashing out money on pointless things and they are not wealthy.


              “Who is the idiot now? ;) ”

              Everyone is complaining about the economy. Fucking everyone. Don’t try to pull that bullshit. College students SPECIFICALLY complaining about this more than the average person. The economy is bad. There’s no denying that.

              “The economy is not THAT bad.”
              It isn’t. But it’s bad ENOUGH to not waste thousands of dollars for a marginally better TV that most companies won’t take advantage of. It’s like getting an i7 for gaming.

    1. Quote: “Sony hasn’t announced a price yet, but we’d be really surprised if it debuted under five figures.”

      Let me just pull that 5 grand out my ass.

        1. Nappa: Vegeta, what does the scanner say about the tv’s price tag?

          Vegeta: its over NINE THOUSAND!!

          Nappa: WHAT?! NINE THOUSAND!?

                  1. lol saying the c word clearly shows you are a troll and have no respect for women.

                    As expected from a virgin who munches on orange wotsits all day long in his basement.

                    1. Zzzz,

            1. The Super Gameboy and Gameboy Player are outdated piece of machinery for playing old games, not current gen. Emulators are buggy, not mainstream and illegal, and I doubt the average gamer would know how to get a emulator working through a console or a TV, I sure as hell don’t.

              Facepalm. Your move.

              1. not ilegal if you OWN the cartridges. Heck it even says so on the NINTENDO website :P Check it now… go on!

                my money still went to the devs behind the games.

                getting an emulator to work? takes 5 mins if you bother to check on youtube ;) emulators are designed to be easy to use!

                1. You were implying that DS and GBA games can be emlutaed through a television screen. Whilst this is possible, most people won’t bother since it involves hooking your computer up to the TV. This is not required seeing that TVs would make these games even more pixelated than what they are intended to be, and any decent monitor can display DS and GBA games fine, and almost all but the worst processors can run them.

                  Emulators should only be ever used in my opinion for:
                  1. Games which are almost impossible to play in any other way (e.g. Earthbound)
                  2. For competitive Pokemon (using normal methods to make Pokemon is simply too time consuming, and back ups are used, making them somewhat legal)
                  3. For fan made mods such as Kaizo Mario, the Mother 3 fan translation and the countless Pokemon rom hacks.

                  Other than that, the real deal using a console or handheld is better in 99% of circumstances.

    2. Yeah, this will totally take off!
      Just like blue ray!
      Because people love dishing out way more for a marginally different experience!
      See how well the PS3 and Vita did?!

      Wait a minute!!!

      1. Haha xD this tv would literally fit nowhere in my house…or id have to more ALOT of stuff around, and mount a 10,000 tv on my wall…

          1. I only have a 22inch LCD, its works perfectly, and id rather spend the money on games that a tv (although i would like a new one, my current one has a few dead pixels -.-, plus its a little old)

                1. lol so you rather play wiiU on a 22 inch tv than 50 inch? good one…;)

                  and tiny cock? seen it? wow I am glad to see you came out finally mr basement dweller :P

                  ps: not tiny at all. Bet you never seen yours covered in all those rolls of FAT ;)

    3. who gives a shit about a 4k tv ???? you , me , microsoft , anyone ???? nope.
      nobody cares.
      this thing will be like sony’s 3d games for the next 8 years.
      nobody cares.
      sony rushing ahead of themselves.
      seriously video game developers have barely made any NATIVE 1080p video games yet. they arent ready to jump to 4k. not for another 5-6 years at least.
      native 4k video games would b very very very expensive to produce and take very very very long to make.
      all 4k will do is make the ps4 unafordable , and nobody is going to buy a 4k tv for about 6 years. they willl stick with 40 inch 1080p for now.

      sony are idiots and deserve to go out of business.
      lets hope the 4k tv is as big a success as their latest ps vita console.

      1. “sony are idiots and deserve to go out of business.”

        Fanboy talk. Competition is good unless you want Nintendo to be complacent and not bother with innovation?

        1. Havent you heard the news? Nintendo dont give a shit about what microsoft and sony do. They dont wanna get into a spec war with them. What part of that do you drones not understand?

          1. of course Nintendo cares. why do they suddenly want the Hardcore crowd? it’s because Sony and MS and PC have them. the only thing Nintendo have is the fanboys. Casuals have a smartphone or tablet now for CHEAPER games.

            Yes cheaper games and no… they dont give a shit about DEEP EXPERIENCES like RPGs… they just want a quick fix on the train or something

            Also, why is Nintendo making a controller that looks almost exactly like the 360? dont be naive. Of course they are competing.

  1. Cool, loved the other games, although depending on the WiiU’s release date and price, might not get it at launch. Damn you Nintendo, why must you release so much good stuff at once

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