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Nintendo & Kirby Set New World Record With Pink Chewing Gum

To celebrate Kirby’s 20th Anniversery, Nintendo managed to break a Guinness World Record. During PAX Prime today, a total of 536 Kirby fans blew chewing gum bubbles at the same time. Nintendo will also release Kirby’s Dream Collection: Special Edition for Wii on September 16th to commemorate the pink hero’s milestone.

Since debuting in 1992, Kirby has starred in 22 video games that collectively have sold more than 33 million units worldwide. His distinctive appearance and unique ability to inhale enemies and copy their abilities have made him a fan favorite for two decades.

According to Guinness World Records, the previous record was 304 participants, achieved by Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on Oct. 27, 2010. Participants in the Kirby-themed record attempt were instructed to chew their gum for at least one minute and then blow and hold bubbles for 30 seconds.

69 thoughts on “Nintendo & Kirby Set New World Record With Pink Chewing Gum”

      1. It is like saying the phrase, “Go suck on it!”, which implies that someone can, well, suck on a “wong”. But instead I said “chew”, a replacement for “suck”. And since this was a bubble chewing gum record, it was supposed to be self-explanatory. It’s fine, I know there are lower-minded people in this world.

  1. Congrats to them all! Room must of had a lingering stench of tutti-frutti or strawberry or whatever the flavor of most of those bubbles the 500+ people blew afterwards (at least the smell would be fragrant).

    1. Didn’t they make Zelda breathmints and Mario/Zelda cereal at one point in time?

      And Pokemon, well, they did a lot of things.

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            1. Its because i cant afford a gaming pc or a ps3 ;( thats why i have a wii and i shove the wiimote up my ass every night , and im too scared to play MA+ games so thats why i play kirby and mario.

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              1. I don’t know how you were able to afford any of that seeing as you lack an education. Seriously, go back and learn some grammar! Besides, the only thing the PS3 is good for is it’s exclusives. Otherwise PC > Consoles.

            2. Tell me when you wake up! (>O.O)>

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          1. Why would you take a troll’s word for it? What has he done that shows he’s worth believing? It’s clear from his past messages that he’s 11 year old with an xbox360 his mommy bought him. This is why he calls Nintendo fans children in literally ever blog post he posts in. Projecting.

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  3. Bing Bang Bop!!! Niceee! Nintendo is racking up the records. Wii Balance Board record, Pokemon game(s) sales, and now Kirby influenced bubble gum record!!! Bop Bam BOOM!!!

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