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The World Ends With You Sequel Teased In iOS Remake

A couple days ago, director Tatsuya Kando promised that Square Enix is working on new developments for The World Ends With You but didn’t specify what they are. Based on an image that was first seen toward the end of the credits of the iOS version of the game, a sequel to The World Ends With You is supposedly confirmed to be in development. Which platform(s) do you think the sequel will be for?



  1. For me this is a simple answer 3ds baby! But I’d also be happy with a Wii U version, only problem is it would mean buying a new damn system and I has no moneyz. Lol. But please square enix no iOS, no, don’t do it. And no Vita either, as much as the vita intrests me I don’t have enough money. Y I NO RICH? XD.


    WHAT THE HELL? What is your secret mystery woman? You have Mr.Mew but you look nothing like the real Shiki, she was nerdy. It can’t be her in the future or else she’d look older and the facial structure is wrong. Is it her child? I don’t think a sister, but it could be.


      1. You can tell that its more circular even without seeing the whole thing. And also her eye color is different if you want something more concrete, Shiki’s eyes are green, this person’s eyes are brown.


  2. although I’d Be incredibly suprised If the game WASNT on 3ds, I do hope this will be an actually game and not some 7 chapter DLC of smart phones


    1. But i wouldnt see surprised if SE released it on everything but the 3DS, they have a habit pf pissing off and beyraying their fans. FF moving to sony, then moving to xbox too, then making the games shit, then not even talking about KH3, then abandoning Versus 13 to make 13-3, that just got announced, truely they are a wonderful company -___-


      1. Correction on the 13-3, its actually a spin off, kinda, where you only play as Lightning, with a new battle system, customisation, open world…which actually sounds kinda cool…we’ll see Square…we’ll see.


      2. lol this made me laugh. how is putting a game on multiple systems instead of just one betraying fans? Final fantasy 13 was actually great(13-22 was the problem) better than most final fantasys


      3. It pissed tons of people off, its all people went on about in forums ect.

        And 13 was…ok, but not great. 13-2 was alot better but still meh. But this new one is just a totally different game by the sound of it. Its even got a Majoras Mask like Doomsday clock, and you can spend time to use special moves ect, sounds pretty cool


    1. I’m curious, how do you figure a prequel? Shiki made Mr.Mew, which is seen in her left hand so I don’t think it could be before Shiki’s time or during her lifetime because she loved that stuffed ‘pig’


    1. The Vita won’t work, it lacks a second screen… Unless they change the combat to match the iOS port which is gonna piss a lot of people off, the combat system was half the reason the game was so loved.


      1. Think about that, how it would look, how it wold play… it’d be awkward and uncomfortable… in my opinion, anyway. The screens would be too small and too close together.


      2. What makes you guys think there will be a second screen at all? Have you guys even played the Solo Remix? It works with a single screen. It definitely isn’t a better game, but they still used single screen combat.


      3. If you go up a couple replies and read my first reply I specifically say:
        “The Vita won’t work, it lacks a second screen… Unless they change the combat to match the iOS port which is gonna piss a lot of people off, the combat system was half the reason the game was so loved.”
        So yeah, I did mention that possibility, and why it was a bad idea.


  3. I hope there’s a sequel because The World Ends With You is one of my favorite games of all time and having a sequel or a game like it would be wonderful!!!


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