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Ace Attorney 5 Confirmed For Nintendo 3DS

This weeks edition of Famitsu has confirmed that Ace Attorney 5 is in development for the Nintendo 3DS. The magazine confirms that Phoenix Wright will be the main character in the game and he will be accompanied by a new partner – a mysterious girl in yellow clothing. The publication says that the girl will be a central figure in Ace Attorney 5.



    1. i hate to keep saying this . but the ps vita is really really really fucked.

      its supposed to be aimed at ‘harcore’ gamers right ??? wrong . the 3ds is stealing all of its potential customers . why ??? because the game library is better , deeper and more ‘hardcore’ in the sense that there is tons more good stuff to play.

      just endless amounts of games coming for 3ds . bravely default , code of princess , monster hunter 4 , luigis masion 2 , castlevania , etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc………….

      meanwhile . the ps vita is geting some over priced watered down ports , an AC spinn off , a SHIT cod spinn off and potentialy a gimped version of PSO 2 which will look and play better on PC.

      the thing is dead. and no , persona 4 golden is not enough.


      (drops off chair fainted)


    1. True. I mean, what happened to Ace Attorney vs Professor Layton?
      Even if Ace Attorney 5 comes out in America eventually, its going to take 1 year, and its also going to go out of print in a month because only five copies of that thing will be printed…

      … Because you know… “Stupid Americans don’t enjoy puzzle/adventure games. They only like shooting things.”


    1. The Only Games i Like From Capcom …. Ace Attorney , Megaman/ “X” , & Okami … Besides anything else they Make i think its Crap


      1. Still, within that time you were waiting for an answer, you could have done some of your own research by reading a summary on google, or by watching the first chapter of the first game on YouTube in your free time. Don’t be lazy. :/


  1. While I’m personally glad Phoenix Wright is back on the spotlight, its a little too bad that Capcom didn’t give Apollo Justice a second chance. Maybe it was because AJ AA is arguably the most controversial game of the series for various reasons. This will surely piss off AJ fans.


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