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Fluidity: Spin Cycle Is A Nintendo 3DS Game Without 3D

Nintendo has previously said that not all Nintendo 3DS games will have stereoscopic 3D and it turns out that Fluidity: Spin Cycle will be one of the first. The game apparently disables the stereoscopic 3D due to the nature of the game which sees you tilt the Nintendo 3DS, which in turn causes the world to tilt, and moves your water body through the game’s stages. Fluidity: Spin Cycle will be released later this year on the eShop.



  1. i bet if a developer just made a game without 3d, they could make the graphics a lot better. not that they’re bad, but they could do better with what the system can already do.


    1. i was going to make this comment.

      sterescopic 3d is cpu and RAM hogging.

      if they didnt use 3d , resident evil would look much closer to a 360 game.
      no joke. although that game already looks better than wii and xbox 1 graphics.


      1. yeah, im still confused as to how they made revelations look so damn good. i mean yeah there area few hang up and limitations here and there (only one person can go through a door at a time, an it lags really bad going through the elevator) but it looks fantastic.i would love for it to be re-released on the wiiu.


  2. Bing Bang Bop!!! Dont use 3D anyways!! Maybe I put it on for cutsceens(like in LoZ Orcarina of Time), but not for the game itself. It is too distracting for gameplay. Bop Bam Boom!!!


  3. It makes sense, there’s no point to have 3D in a game if it can’t be enjoyed or used at all. That’s the unfortunate down side to the tilt function, but at least they didn’t try using it anyways.

    Though I did like the way Monkeyball solved this issue, tilt functioning was an optional control style, so there were still 3D graphics so you could use it when using the circle pad as a control style.


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