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Kevin Butler Betrays Sony And Goes Nintendo

Kevin Butler, a marketing character used by Sony Computer Entertainment America, appears to have jumped ship to Nintendo, if this recent advert is anything to go by. Butler was synonymous with the Sony brand, but now Butler appears in a US television advert for Bridgestone which is some kind of tie-in for the Nintendo Wii.

121 thoughts on “Kevin Butler Betrays Sony And Goes Nintendo”

    1. Wow sickr now your trying to digging at the buttom of the barrel to bad mouth sony lmfao. Quite a few brain gymnastic to work around that logic that he betrayed sony. I saw 0 except you disperatly trying to tie knots with faulty logic so these nintendofags can jump for some unseen Victory circle jerk. Bad faulty logic. Oh sony and nintendo donated to japan tsunami that means theyre making games together smh see how STUPID that reasoning is.Bad journalism very unprofessional but hey it gets the clicks from zombtendo drones. And even if it were true ya can keep him hell be back for sony or even microsoft and well laugh back. Sickr very bad faulty logic you should apply to fuax news

      1. Ignoring the atrocious spelling of this anon, yes I can agree it’s overboard. But being worse than 9Gags community? Bahahah that is such a ridiculous comparison. People go there and probably believe most of the content is original. I go to Nintendo news to get updates and so far, I can’t complain. I guess sickr was just trying to get more traffic going on since he sees the arguments that break out. And seriously, what’s all the name calling? You fanboys are getting rediculous. I guess I am Nintendo fanboy too though, I’ve been enjoying their products since the NES

    2. Since this is the first post and the one everyone will see, sorry for riding on your coattails Sylver.

      But that title is linkbaiting at it’s finest. It’s like you’re opening the doors to make this already quite crappy community even more down the shitter. Stop this kind of nonsense and do proper reporting.

        1. He’s right about the headline baiting others to stay stupid things, but I’m not the one who made the headline.

          If you read the top over the headline, it stated “by Sickr”. I’m just a commenter.

      1. Um, I’m not the one who made the title. I just said “long live play”.

        I’m just a commenter who just said one thing – go yell at Sickr about the headline, I don’t even write for this website at all!

  1. Kevin Butler is a funny guy xD but he respects all lines of gaming, regardless of the system, even if he works/ worked for Sonys marketing

      1. 0exactly, it’s not like actors are tied to certain movie studios, so why should it even matter if kevin butler is doing advertisements for other gaming companies?

  2. Don’t like him and not more than Patcher. He keeps bashing the Wiimote then suddenly jumped ship? Don’t make me laugh. :|

    1. You do know that was an ad he was doing, right?

      In actuality he likes the Wii and the PS3 its just because he was working with Sony at the time so he couldn’t show any love for Nintendo… at all.

    2. You do know his name isnt actually Kevin Butler? His names Jerry Lambert and Kevin Butler is just a marketing character made by Sony, as a sort of “fake” head of Sony, to make advertisement campaigns.

  3. Dear sony drones,the ps4 will have bad graphics,second sony sucks and FUCK U,third sanadreas is a piece of shit(and i meen it no comment(s) for that),ps3 is better than 360 but not such better as wii,fourth:wiiU will dominate,final:everybody now is leaving sony because that company knows only to steal ideas!

    1. You make Nintendo fans look bad. I hope you are just pretending to be a fanboy. If not, you are embarrassing to say the least.

        1. As he said, you really are shaming Nintendo fans as a whole by the way you act. At least have some decency and stop criticising everything other than Nintendo, or saying they’re perfect even when they mess something up.

          1. Nintendo is perfect for now.DO U SEE ANY OTHER COMPANY WHO MAKES STUFF BY NOT STEALING IDEAS? noooooooooooooo!
            AND NINTENDO WON!

            1. All companies take ideas and make them their own. I mean, Sony and Microsoft make it pretty obvious at times, such as the PS Move and Smartglass, but even Nintendo has taken ideas. The GameCube controller’s concept comes from that of the Dreamcast’s controller and the Wii didn’t create motion gaming, but was inspired.

              The companies don’t just take it and say it’s their own, they see the idea, look at how well it’s going and then take inspiration from it for their own product.

              1. Miiverse was taken from xbox live but taken a step further. Achievements which the U will have is taken from MS…

            2. Woah, the idea Nintendo used for the Wii motion controlls was actually ripped off from a SEGA dreamcast dev. There is a demo video out in the net of him showing his designed controlled being used with ready2rumble boxing.

          2. Nintendo are far from perfect. A lackluster finish for the Wii, Operation rainfall… Xenoblade was easily in the top 3 games for the Wii. Lack of third party. Shit online especially smash bros. It had great first party games but other than that one of Nintendo’s worse consoles IMO.

            And before the fanboys flame me… yes i Know they sold the most this gen… but I am not a shareholder am i? It does not affect me. What affects me is having to buy a second console to get the third party games the Wii FAILED to get.

            Unation: I was playing since i was 3 years old and I am 24 now and I can tell you that you are an embarrassment to Nintendo of Europe, America, japan…. and to gamers in general.

            1. This is exactly what I am trying to say. All companies make mistakes, they do things wrong, but that doesn’t make them any worse than the other.

    2. wow u really r something the ps4 isnt even close to coming out and ur already judging it. actually nintendo has been stealing ideas already. like they stole. achievments from microsoft they stole to touch pad thing from apple with the touch screen controller. and they even admitted that most of their ideas r from past companies ideas like they were inspired to copy. and also the wii u doesnt support unreal engine 4 (which is the highest graphics gameplay mechanics for console). and the xbox 720 and ps4 will. nintendo always rushes theyre consoles like think about the wii. one of the worst online shit ive ever used wii remote and nunchuk suck as controllers and they fricken break easily and randomly turn off for no reason. so who cares what u think ur just a nintendo sell out who is only judging other consoles like the buttpirate u are when those consoles arent even anywhere near out yet

        1. Wow u care so much about my name I did that on purpose cuz its my YouTube account prick. And I don’t care what u think u retarted Nintendo buttlicker

        2. Man ur pathetic I did that on purpose cuz its my YouTube account cuz u know they make weird names on that and plus. Go suck a dick and lick Nintendos ass prick.

    3. as much as we appreciate patriotic comments in favor of Nintendo, such a judgement on a console that has yet to release is exactly what the Sony fans have been doing since the wii U was announced. dont stoop to such a level, because you are representing Nintendo and their fans.

  4. Mmmmm you taste than Sony fanboys/girls *breaths in deep* that is the taste of victory for Nintendo… and it tastes soooo sweet.

    1. The playstation three will cost….five hundret and ninty nine U$ dollar$

      1. Right now I’m drinking the tears of all the little fanboys and girls of sony and it tastes just like aged wine… mmmmm, victory never tasted so sweet

            1. who cares if i am a kid or a teenager or an adult.THE MAIN THING IS THAT NOW SONY IS LOSING AND U SONY DRONES ARE CRYING VERY BAD!

                1. Shhhh, you’ll wake the fanbabies.

                  Also, I support Nintendo.

                  Get lessons in learning when a person is supporting a console or GTFO.

  5. He didn’t Betray Sony and jump to Nintendo. He’s an actor. He goes where the job takes him. Sony and Nintendo aren’t nations or ideologies. They’re videogame systems, and you CAN promote both harmoniously.

    1. Actually, that’s untrue. During his time with Sony, he wasn’t allowed to say anything good in public regarding the competition and part of his job was to slander the other companies.

      1. I didn’t know that. I mean, I figured all actors representing a product have some kind of clause which restricts their involvement in a competing product, but the fact is that he’s an actor. If they tell him to go to XBOX next, he’s not betraying Nintendo. He’s just doing his job.

        1. Yeah, I know that he’s an actor and he’s just doing his job, I was just pointing out that he couldn’t really express his feelings about other companies. (:

  6. Bridgestone tires for mario kart wii u ?!

    But more interestingly, I think he had a character in mod nation racers or something like that.

    The ironing is delicious.

  7. At the rate gaming is going, it will replace religion hahahahahah.

    We don’t need Sorny or Microshit drones on our side anyway unless it’s to promote the great N…;D

  8. sonydrone who tries to find love and later relize he turns out to be gay and doesn't know about gaming

    now look at this first they steal our idea with the playstation move and now they steal our guy watch you guys and see how the wii u will fail. PS4 FTW!!!!!

          1. What he fails to realise is that he is wishing Death of a company comprised of people that need salaries. So the can eat Wash there ass, and sleep in a safe environment. Im not gonna wish death on a Company if I buy a bad product. Especially if that product/company Has cause me(or) lead me Physical/bodily harm, Or gave away private info thats why I dont put personal Info on shit. You Acting Like a Sony PS Tool and an XBoT would.

  9. That’s a sensationalist title. Linkbaiting as it will.

    That’s some shameful stuff man. Seriously, what was on your mind when writing this?

    Maybe this blog deserves the shitty community it has.

    1. “Kevin Butler does a quick advertisement for Nintendo” would have been a less demeaning and more resonable name for the article. But as always, sickr does things the hard way. This is coming from a Sony/Nintendo customer.

  10. Nintendo should make a commercial where Kevin throws the names Sony and Microsoft to the Great Mighty Poo and takes care of their shit.

  11. Kevin Butler is just a character created by Sony. The actor portraying him is named Jerry Lambert he is an actor appearing in multiple TV shows and films. He has also appeared in multiple commercials for companies including GEICO, Holiday Inn, and Bridgestone.

  12. The advertisement in question clearly states during the commercial that the contest is not affiliated with Nintendo and the consoles are provided by a third party.

    This is not news at all.

  13. Who cares? Kevin Butler is highly annoying. I can’t stand those commercials. I don’t care where he goes, so long as he goes – preferably away!

  14. He’s an actor, so what’s the big deal? Judging by the comments I’ve seen here, some people need to learn to separate fantasy from reality. Leave luck to heaven.

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