Aymeric Evennou, the International Product Manager at Ubisoft Paris, has told fans on Twitter that they should brace themselves for a new announcement sometime this week. Techland could be involved, which would suggest that it could be a new Call of Juarez title.



  1. Fuck Call of Juarez, GIMME BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL 2!!

    I suspect its either that leaked “possible prince of persia reboot”, that french RPG we saw yesterday (Ubi is based in the same place as the supposed developer), or *sigh* Call of Juarez -________-


  2. I’m drunk right now, stumped right now, trying to figure out how to get 4 chicks to sit on 1 chair? Oh yeah turn the chair upside down. Upside down!!!


  3. If it is a Call of Juarez, hopefully it won’t be as crap as the last game, that was just awful… Maybe a Assassin’s Creed 2 (2, Brotherhood, Revelations) collection for Wii U?


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