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Ubisoft Designer: Wii U Has “Enormous Memory” & Is Perfect For 2D Games

According to Ubisoft designer Michel Ancel, because people have to actually try Wii U before being able to understand what it’s all about, Nintendo has a difficult job in terms of trying to explain its new console. Despite his concerns, however, Ancel is optimistic about Wii U’s capabilities.

Apparently, Wii U’s memory is enormous, and the console has almost no memory limitations, which makes it perfect for 2D games, including Rayman Legends and New Super Mario Bros. U, as they require a lot of memory for textures, drawings and so forth.

178 thoughts on “Ubisoft Designer: Wii U Has “Enormous Memory” & Is Perfect For 2D Games”

    1. You should not have been skipping English class moron. You just made an idiot of yourself. Hope Microsoft pays you enough to troll, wait the don’t you pay for xbox live smh.

      1. Uhm, his English was alright, yours however -not so much. Just saying.
        Also, don’t feed the troll, Internet rule #5.

        1. 2D games are much more demanding than you’d think… No less so than 3D games. Just because Ubisoft is focusing on the 2D aspect to promote Legends doesn’t mean it has a poor 3D capability.

        2. Here’s the thing though, 3D games take up polygons which is easy enough to work with, however, if you have a 2D game that uses actual art work as sprites instead of pixels and have a really dynamic lighting the system will need to work over time to process the character.

          Animation takes a lot more power than most genres so don’t knock it until you learn about it.

          1. Most 2d engines are actually made with polygons. God of war is the only 2d game on the ps brand I would play right now. Luckily nintendo has made a 2.5d powerhouse with a processor capable of doing what others could not. You could actually render most 2d games on its CPU.

            What is funny is if ms and Sony are not careful they may make consoles that are unfriendly to 2d games. Most gpus are geared towards 3d acceleration only. In the professional industry for example there are 2d or 3d pro cards.

            This is a good thing so now things like zbrush will not be wasted. 3d will kill out most of the bigger studios next gen. I’m fine with that since most people I know can do both.

    2. what he means is . its capable of making fucking EPIC looking 2d games easily.

      Remember how origins was so beautifull on ps3 ???? well i think he means he can make it look way better than that :) .

      the wiiu’s gpu and memory are next gen. whilst its cpu is on par with current gen.

      overall though the wiiu is next gen , even if its the weakest of the new gen .

      1. “Wii U’s GPU and memory are next gen.”

        R700 series is 2008, that is not “next gen.” Also, next-gen “memory”? What the SHIT are you talking about?

        1. well its memory is obviously significantly more powerfull than the best machine’s of current GEN.

          so it has memory which is a lot better than current gen.

          you keep trying to say the wiiu is previous GEN or some bullshit.

          its like saying the psp was a whole gen ahead of the ds.
          they were the same gen and the DS was the better console with the better library . disagree ??

        2. obviously the wiiu is next gen even if it was weaker than ps3 in every regard.
          doesnt mean it isnt ‘next gen’ it just means its absurdly underpowered .

          the wiiu’s main ‘next gen’ bragging rights are its online features like miiverse with facetime chat etc and its gamepad controller.

          graphics arent that important.
          as long as they are a tiny bit better than the still spectacular ps3 graphics.
          i will be very very happy .

            1. why?? they are way way way way better features than anything seen in todays gaming. and microsoft and sony will definately copy miiverse and definately copy facetime.

              watch the none specific action figure miiverse commercial from e3 2012.

              its awesome . looks really fucking interesting.

        3. The term “Next Gen” means that its a brand new system on the market that doe something new such as the Wii for example, it didn’t have the hardware that the 360 and PS3 had but it was considered next gen back then. Another example would be the Dreamcast, it used a memory card which had a built-in screen which you could take about with you and play mini-games on the go which was next gen stuff.

          Hardware is hardly relevant anymore when it comes to next gen consoles. So bashing a system just because of a chip that was made back in 2008 (Might I remind you that the PS3 used a chip set that was out ages ago before it used in the PS3 system yet it was classified as a next gen system) doen’t mean that its not next gen, a geforce 9900 can still play modern games like Crysis 2 at 30 fps at high settings just fine and its a 2008 graphics card.

          So every time you try and troll people with a hardware argument, you are just going to back yourself into a corner and your trolling would be for not.

        4. i fail to see how you know what gpu wiiu has i also fail to see 32mb ibm edram on a pc gpu from 2008 or any other year YOU INSANE MORON ,next you will tell us wiiu has a pc graphics cards like neogaf morons do we all know it has no card as its not a pc its a console and i fail to see how a gpu with32 mb ibm edram welded directly into kit is 2008 tech or a 2008 pc card IDIOT

          1. You are right on the money. The CPU is a huge upgrade also. It is closer to a i7 with its multiple threaded execution engine. Which means it can excute more code at a low ghz to keep rrod and yellow light of death from happening.

            The CPU along crushes the cell and the xenon. This is a power 7 chip. Not a power pc with embedded ram. This is the first console that can run photoshop with all the filters lol and ms word.

            Ms would have to use an i3-early i7 to beat this systems power. CPU wise.

            The tech for the current gen hd console uses tech from 2003-5 almost. The gt6600 came out when the ps3 came out. The ps3 can not even keep up with that card. So all the wiiu would need to beat the ps3 was a gt6600 and it would be roughly 1.5 times more powerful. We are talking about a series 7 raedon hd chip. With a few hundred streaming processors not 7… If nintendo pr wanted to be creative they could say its 100x more powerful lol. The tech isn’t about more it is about effiencency not wasting power and the customers money along with developers time.

            Plus gamers are in for a treat. We all are getting a true hd console this time. Not a 14 fps hype monster that never panned out.

            1. You need to quit posting video game tabloid bullshits, Amir. Every link you’ve posted is 100% bullshit and unreliable. You still lose again and again and again and again and again and again. Good day sir!

      2. NOT BY MY CALCOLATIONS ITS LOOKING AT VERY LEAST 2X X360 CPU and lets not forget a dedicated dsp and a arm co cpu its 5 cores so to speak 3x core cpu 1x core co cpu 1x core dsp 5 cores that battle off so to speak vs x360s entire cpu theres also 3mb edram catch vs 1mb sram catch of x360


        how do i know this because its flaming obvious to a sane person that wiius cpu is a broadway-fied version of powerpc 476fp at 1.6ghz 3xcore and a normal catch memory of say 1mb it would be better than x360s cpu by a far x360 runs os io and sound on the cpu wiiu doesnt and its cpu is still a step up vs x360

        i would exemate at 1.6ghz and the arm and the dsp vs x360s xenon is about 2x xenon basic math and basic break down shows this

            1. miyamoto!!!!! i expect better from you . i liked his comment , just the huge implied largely correct meaning he said was contradicted by bad spelling and grammar.

              it was like oscar pistorious and usain bolt having a race.

              p.s , keep nocking out those mario games which you hand over to eguchi san and have barely any direction involved.

              and make sure you neglect some of my favorite IP’s like F-zero , waverace , 1080 snowboarding etc etc etc .

              hurry the fuck up with zelda wiiu and zelda 3ds.



    3. Almost no limitations ??? the wiiu must have 100GB RAM and 1000MB Edram XD.

      no limitations ??? its the most powerfull console of all time XD!!!!!!!!

      dont worry Aelous . i am joking. i am sure your xbox connect 2 will be slightly more powerfull.

      Aelous = most contradictory troll on web .

      if you are defining a generational leap with graphics.

      then the 720 and ps4 are probably going to be a generation behind my laptop .

      the word ‘generation’ has ABSOLOUTLY NOTHING to do with graphics.

      psp twice as pwerfull as DS . ds had touch screen and dual screen = same gen.
      N64 twice as powerfull as ps1 = same gen .
      xbox and gamecube more powerfull than ps2 = same gen.

      720 and ps4 50% more powerfull than wiiu = definately same Gen .

      if the ps4 . has over 5.0ghz of cpu and 3GB of RAM i will be very very very suprised.
      thats gunna be some big noisy , expensive house turd. rather get a PC .

    4. In an interview with French website, Rayman and Beyond Good & Evil creator Michel Ancel opened up on all things Wii U. Ancel talked about the console overall and its techn, and managed to offer some tidbits on Rayman Legends.

      Fortunately, someone was kind enough to translate a large portion of the interview. We’ve posted a number of points from the discussion, including Ancel’s high praise for the Wii U’s memory.

      Read on below for the summary.

      Wii U in general

      – Ancel believes Nintendo has a tough job explaining Wii U
      – He feels the console is like having a whole new cooking recipe, and you can’t put words on it

      it” to understand what it means
      – Ancel sees Wii U as a core gamer concept since it brings new tools to gamers and games while not removing what they already had
      – Nintendo’s director was difficult for devs to understand at first, but it will ultimately lead to value

      Rayman Legends

      – In a way, the game is like a level editor that allows for playfield changes in realtime
      – GamePad player will be able to literally dig into the scenario like Dig Dug
      – Ancel appreciates the idea of asymmetric gameplay

      Wii U tech

      – Wii U has enormous memory
      – Almost no limitations with memory
      – Lots of memory helps with 2D games since they use memory for textures, drawings, etc.
      – Ancel says the Wii U is a surprising machine
      – It can display full HD on the TV while streaming a different image at 800X480 on the GamePad
      – Keeps 60 i/s framerate at the same time
      – Ancel also likes how Wii U opens LAN possibilities
      – Even though it’s rather powerful, the Wii U isn’t a traditional next-gen console with huge graphic improvements
      – Nintendo made different next-gen choices
      – Ancel isn’t sure if Wii U can handle his vision for Beyond Good & Evil 2 since he only has 2D experience with the console thus far

      basically the wiiu is next gen.

      any ‘hardcore gamer’ will want A = pc , B = wiiu , C = a 720 or a ps4 D = a 3ds.

      thats what i will have anyway . the the ‘next/current’ gen .

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        Could you stop commenting so much? It’s obnoxious, and makes other Nintendo fans look like ”the weird kid in class”. Just shut the hell up already, learn some grammar, learn to punctuate, learn to capitalize, just learn to write in English the way it was taught in school, and after that learn to hold back your spamming finger, and your out of the world Nintendo fanboyism, mixed with anti-Nintendo jokes that you only reveal were jokes after like 2 more sentences.

        1. stfu your the one who is obnoxious. i will do what ever i want you cunt.

          look at your name , your the one who is just walking talking spam you prick.
          i am interested in nintendo always have been always will since snes.

          making out like your some wise , clever mother fucker . lol .

          you just proved you are a dick head.

          the internet is free speach. here i am on a nintendo website promoting nintendo i don’t think i am doing anything wrong let alone ‘making too many’ comment’s.

          none of what i say is anti nintendo at all . so stfu .

        2. you just proved that you are ‘the wierd kid in school’ with no life , no girlfriend nothing. i actualy have str8 A’s in English. when i am using a pen , i can write at university level .

          but when i am wasteing time on the internet , mostly when i am at work , i dont care about my spelling , grammar , capitals or anything.

          just as long as my point is made. Grammar natzi’s are the worst bro. they spend too much time nitpicking around the internet like pathetic little nerdy gimp’s . so well done for proving you are a nerdy little gimp.

    5. well the guy developing it is only working on a 2d game so ofcourse he’s not going to say its good for 3d since he doesnt know.

        1. i was joking. nobody knows what the wiiu is capable of yet.
          and useing launch games as an example is just stupid.

          is perfect dark zero or ridge racer 6 an example of what the 360 could do ??? no forza 4 looks about 5 times as impressive as those launch games.

          in a couple of years. games will be on wiiu and we will say HOLY SHIT!!!! how does this look so fucking good on the little wiiu ??????

    1. Yep, made by Konami, not WayForward. Konami should have something in the works for WiiU, they are working on a 3DS game, perhaps a console version too. I’d like to see new Parodious and Gradius games.

    1. exactly. if it’s “perfect for 2d games” than it must be able to handle some pretty impressive textures, regardless of what kind of ram it is. and textures go a LOOONG way. just look at skyrim on pc with user created texture packs and then compare it to the xbox.

      1. aeoluslikestosuckoffmonkeydicksandthemonkeyisicydeadpeopleandtheyalsoseemtobeidiots

        It looks like somebody sneezed at the screen. That’s what I dislike about this generations late games, they may look good from afar, but when you closer it looks like mushed cereal.

        1. exactly. in my honest opinion, texture quality is more important than polygon count when it comes to graphics. i mean sure, to even have good graphics you need a good polygon count, but when the textures aren’t very good, it doesnt matter. rage is a very good example of this. it doesnt have a very high polygon count but the textures and animation are phenominal, so it makes for a very pretty game.

  1. For any hater. The wii u is able to handle games that the PS4 and 720 will have. Its not gonna be the best looking port but it will still look good but since the system is more focused on ganeplay. It will be more of a different experience then a mere port. That depends on the developers if thye aren’t lazy about it.

      1. FUNNILY ENOUGH, you don’t know and can’t prove otherwise, either, rather unlike all those times you’ve iterated your opinion on the WiiU being a “current gen” console compared to upcoming offerings from Sony and Microsoft.
        Hypocrite? I think so.

        1. Wii U is current gen specs, the signs are everywhere. Eurogamer’s analysis of the “specs” are pretty much calling it that, virtually everyone has settled on that.

          Majority rule.

            1. Ugh, you’re really pulling that one? That was extremely poor comprehension of what the developer meant.
              Did the current gen start as soon as 360 came out? Hell no, it was still running on par with the other consoles. The Wii and PS3 were needed before this gen really took off and we saw a big leap in quality of games.
              Capon means exactly the same thing in regards to the WiiU. Its release doesn’t mean we’ll see next gen quality right away, a second next gen console will probably be needed to properly start the gen jump.

            2. Ummm Capcom said it would be the START of the next gen until the PS4 and Xbox 720 are released.

              They didn’t say that the Wii U wasn’t next gen, they believe it is but it won’t start straight away so the Wii U is still a next gen console.

          1. Uh, no, there’s as many reports saying that WiiU has much more power than the PS3/360 as there are that deny it. There is no majority, only your own opinion from what you’ve gathered.
            And with no word on other “next-gen” specs, you can’t possibly compare the WiiU to a standard that doesn’t exist yet.
            Indeed, because the WiiU is coming out first, it is setting the standard for the next gen. It may be lower than you’d like (not that you even actually know) but the 360 did it last time and held up damn respectably.

            1. Show me these “reports” and precisely how they detail it as “much more powerful”. Hint: more RAM =/= “much more powerful”.

              The Wii U is barely over this generation. I don’t know what more you need. The only people, no, IDIOTS in denial of this are Nintendo fanbitches who don’t want a similar gap like the Wii. Guess what? It’s going to happen again and absolutely nothing you say can prove otherwise.

              1. By the same token, you show me reports that conclusively show the WiiU is not more powerful than current gen consoles.The only people, no, HYPOCRITES, who HAVE accepted that are people who, for some unknown reason, hate Nintendo and want them to fail. Such as yourself.

                1. I love how you skew what I said into your own little perception. I am not posting shit until you properly respond to what was said and not hurl nonsense never mentioned to support your collapsing *or already collapsed* argument.

                  You can start by fixing my quote concerning the Wii U’s power against the current generation. Thanks.

                  1. My apologies. Is this better?
                    By the same token, you show me reports that conclusively show the WiiU is not significantly more powerful than current gen consoles.The only people, no, HYPOCRITES, who HAVE accepted that are people who, for some unknown reason, hate Nintendo and want them to fail. Such as yourself.
                    In case you don’t understand, I’m only using the same logic that you use, by questioning the validity of my arguments while providing no validity to your own.

                    1. I guess Aeolus never heard before of iteration or mathematical induction, despite the fact that he claims that he knows a lot about software and hardware. After this comment he’ll type on google all these terms and try to come back with a fancy answer, which would be even worse than his first statement…Aeolus Modus Operandi in one paragraph…

                    2. I find it brilliant that in the article you link, there’s an entire section that’s labelled “Why specs don’t matter”. Did you read the entire article?
                      Sure, it backs your point that the WiiU won’t be as powerful as other competitors. But hey, then it goes on to say that means jack shit for developers, and why it should mean jack shit for gamers! Just shoot yourself in the foot, why don’t you?

                    3. It always doesn’t “matter” on Nintendo machines. Just like it didn’t “matter” for the Wii.

                      Shit casual games that will fund them will matter the most.

                  1. you fucking idiot troll.

                    so can i use ridge racer 6 and perfect dark zero as an example of the 360’s graphics ??? because mario galaxy 2 on the mother fucking wii has better graphics than ridge racer 6 on 360 XD.

                    should we use ghost recon shadow wars (launch title) or resident evil revelations to judge the 3ds’s graphical capabilities ???
                    revelations looks ten times as good as shadow wars does.

                    stop being a fucking troll and put your dick in a pussy

              2. your wishful thinking is not fact its next gen please accept this fact also accept that it will massivly out sell the competition and sony are irelivent a honest person not a fanbitch just posted

                i fail to see how gamepad isnt next gen FOOL i fail to see how 1080p 60 frames on tv set and 480p on controller at 60 frames at the same time isnt next gen FOOL

                now put that 7x 480p 6 x tv 1x controller power all on one tv set and not supporting the controller CLEARLY NEXT GEN FOOLISH FOOL

        1. everyone knows that wiiU will be the ps2 of this gen. It is obvious. Microsoft are SPECIALISTS in hardware. They know what is powerful. you are the one dreaming.

            1. ps2 was the WEAKEST :P why do sales concern you? are you a shareholder ?

              I just want games… not articles on how well a certain game is doing.

              1. the ps2 was the best console of its gen you fucking idiot.

                it was the weakest , but it had the biggest library of best games.

                as much as i loved my gamecube . it had 1/4 as many games as the ps2 did .

          1. The PS2 had the largest support and best games of any of it’s gen. What if it was underpowered? It was a fantastic console with fantastic games, and I still play it to this day. If the WiiU will be the same as it, bring it on!

            1. when did I say it had lack of support?! of course IT DIDNT! I had one too! it was just underpowered compared to gc and Box

              1. and that meant absoloutly nothing.

                the ps2 was way way way better than the gamecube or xbox. specs meant nothing.
                ok halo and metroid prime looked fabulous.

                but the ps2 didnt look much worse at all , virtualy the same graphics and it had ten times as many good games.

          1. Then have fun forking out $1000 for tech that hasn’t been perfected and needs thousands more spent on new TVs and sound systems to enjoy properly.

            1. When has there been a $1000 console under a major company?

              Why are you fanboys so dreadfully stupid? It’s actually really fucking stupid you come up with these ridiculously fucking high price points. The average price of any next-gen device is $500 MAX. With very few exceptions and for the ones that did so, were obviously doing things to throw the price overboard. Like the PS3’s Blu-Ray and Cell.

              Good luck playing your shitty overclocked 360 missing out on real next-gen games. Then preaching the tired “gameplay over graphics” bullshit. The Wii didn’t have either across the majority of its titles. That’s why it sucks.

              1. The PS3 was $1000 at launch in Australia, the 360 $600. The Wii was a much more affordable$400, and you know what? It did so well because it was cheap, accessible, and despite the piles of shovelware for it, it had some seriously great games. It hardly “sucked”,as you say.
                If Nintendo is having the same approach with the WiiU, releasing a cheap, accessible, fun console, then I see no reason why it should fail at all.

                1. What the FUCK does Australia have to do with the MSRP in RELEVANT territories? I can come up with a heap of countries with insane price on consoles, how the hell does that help your case? What’s funny is the PS3 had a STARTING CONFIGURATION at $500.

                  Yes, the Wii did suck. There’s always the same list of 12 titles regurgitated to hell and back from fanboys, while there are a fuckton more on PS3/360. The Wii simply does not compete library-wise. It was a fad, and only casuals interested in that fad were buying it. Along with the fanboy sheep, of course.

                  1. Oh, so who cares, as long as YOU’RE not forking out a grand for the console, what does it matter how much it costs elsewhere?
                    Considering the Wii was my first Nintendo console and before that I owned a PS2, that’s not true.
                    You always make these grand claims of the PS3/360 having better libraries but unlike the “fanboys” you so detest not once have you suggested ANY.

                  2. It is not relevant to this discussion. Your pricepoint over there means nothing to the territories that -matter-.

                    What the fuck is there needed to suggest? Do I need to be overly verbose and list every fucking title above a 75 metacritic to prove a point? If you had any taste in gaming, you’d KNOW what these titles are to begin with. Stack the libraries together, the Wii is plain and simply crushed.

                    1. Dude seriously, if people want to be fanboys to Nintendo, just let them. It’s sad you’re still on here constantly whining and bitching about people liking Nintendo. Just accept that people like them and grow up. Sure they focus more on casual / younger games, but who cares? As long as people like them, they shouldn’t be attacked over it.

              2. Uh, unfortunately us Australians have to deal with $1000 consoles. But it isn’t the companies fault. It’s the damn economy. :(

      2. You constantly say the system is shit and will fail. You dot know that and you can’t prove that.

        Hypocrisy at it’s finest.

  2. Even though it sounds good…people don’t want to hear about something that is “perfect” for 2D games.
    Its like saying that the Wii U is a superior uppgrade to the SNES…
    …which in some ways it seems good but in the “competitive” world out there it doesn’t…
    Please Ubisoft, say something similar about games in general…specially online…

    And everything depends on online on Wii U…concerning that’s the main problem with the Wii…

  3. 2D FUCKING METROID. NEEDS TO HAPPEN. DAY ONE. And holy fuckin spec roller coaster Batman! So many sources clashing information wise is insane! Goddamnit, at this point ps3 power would be fucking awesome(imo but know its a more) if pc games can appear on current gen tech I’m sure they can down port from the other 2 systems to the WIIU.

  4. PS4’s 4k rumour is what makes me laugh, not stories like these. PS fans will be making one hell of an investment in their console, if Sony expects them to spend thousands on a 4k display, in order to get the best graphical capability from their new console.

    1. an investment worth paying for since 4k will be the norm in the future like HD is today.

      several years ago nintendo fanboys moaned that HD is pointless…. yet here we are waiting for a HD CONSOLE :p

        1. what economy? I have a well paid job. The people who moan they have no job are either lazy or haven’t tried hard enough to find a job that pays well…and the final thing having shit priorities like buying alcohol and tobacco over food and drinks (most of my mates did that at uni and they all ended up in loads of debt lol)

          1. And that’s super lucky for you, but not everyone has the money to go through tertiary education and get qualifications for a high paying job, or to buy a suit and look fancy for a job interview, or have enough of a grounding to be deemed “employable”. It isn’t always laziness, poor priorities or a lack of trying. Sometimes it’s just really bad fortune, and there’s not a lot anyone can do about that.

            1. hardly super lucky. I grew up working class I just worked hard so I can afford the necessary stuff and luxury stuff.

              I dunno if you live in the uk but in the UK the majorty of people are fucking lazy and they always point at the economy :P I know someone who lives in a pig sty of a house… yet has an 70 inch tv but no sofa…. LOL

              Education is also free in the UK. So is medical care. If you are American you can blame Obama for that :P

              1. Actually I’m Australian, so free healthcare and free educationup until university.But that doesn’t help everyone.I’m middle class and I’m so lucky to have parents who work good jobs and earn decent income, and I know I could just as easily be living with uneducated unemployed idiots who spend more on booze than on securing my life and future. You gotta be grateful for your position, not everyone has access to it.

                1. I am grateful but I hate people harping on about game costs. Gaming is an expensive hobby.

                  Cool that Aussies get free stuff ;) poor Americans haha

        2. plus if you go on neogaf there is a link to a game using 4k… the gaming industry is the richest entertainment industry in the world rivvaling Holywood. I am sure they can spend cash on the future of computer game visuals.

          1. You wanna go buy a 4k tv for 25k in the next couple of years to get the best out of your PS4 then go for it. 4k tvs wont take off anytime son. Most people are happy with their full HD 1080p tvs.

              1. funningly enough when HDtVS came I bought one and never regretted it. If i have the money why should I stick to old tech? I love tech so naturally I want to progress with tech and so should Nintendo. They did well up to the Wii which was god awful except for the usual first party games.

                WiiU will need to climb a steep hill if they want anyone outside of Nintendo fanboys to take it seriously like the golden years 1985-1996 The N64 was severely limited.

          2. Except there a more gaming companies worried about the cost of dev next gen will bring. Especially when the gaming industry is a small a very small percentage of entertainment when compared to the world. There is what, 6,7 billion people on earth and this gen alone only managed to cater to about 200million? Yes there a lot of people who live in places that don’t have games and live in poverty but the film and music industry is a lot more accessible and popular. Especially when you get a game like crysis, probably the best looking game to date and only manage to sell 1 million copies.

            The only way video game companies will mindlessly sink money into a game, especially something that supports 4k, is if it will cater to the big picture (yes a “casual” game) and be assured to sell well to regain costs of development.

            Long story short, gaming might be 3rd to film and music but their audience is very small compared to the two

            1. actually the game industry is the RICHEST industry in entertainment.

              The film industry is full of up their own asses actors who are boring as fuck. Gaming is the best industry and I am proud to be a part of it although nintendo fanboys make gamers look bad.

              1. I wouldn’t say it’s the richest, when you look at a movie such as dark knight rises raking in like $300million in its first days and having movies like Harry potter to produce 8 movies and not lose any momentum in profit it’s hard to really say that the gaming industry is the richest escpecially when you have studios closing and games getting sales fatigue on sequels. Plus throw in apples iPod/iPhone in regards to the music industry, when you get music enthusiasts such as me, I have about 20gb of music which all has been paid for in about 90% of physical copies with the rest digital I would say the music industry pulls in more then gaming.

                That being sad though, in terms of recognition, I would say, at least with Mario that he is more world wide recognizable icon compared to most other entertainment medium idols.

                1. 300million…. angry Birds made more than a BILLION! Yes not the best example but the game industry is the richest industry. Period.

                  The film industry is nothing but sequels and 3d rehashes of old movies like Jaws, star wars etc

                  1. And still that’s what I meant by my first post, you won’t get a dev sinking money into a game unless it’s comparable to angry birds (a casual title) where they know the audience is bigger then just a few million.

            2. Yawn…90s bullshit all over again from moronic fanboys who know nothing about game development.

              Just like how “3D” games were vastly more expensive upon the introduction of PS1 and N64, right? Oh, they weren’t…and most certainly won’t be now. It’s a real chewbacca argument from Nintendrones.

              1. Why do you say wii u is a fail and call other people hypocrites about other systems when you don’t even have one but constantly talk shit about it?

      1. The only reason we want it now is because it’s what will draw developers and improve performance a bit.
        It isn’t because we want to fawn over the graphics like a bunch of star-struck, shiny-thing-loving raccoons.
        The majority of Nintendo fans have always been about game-play first and foremost. Graphics is just a nice bonus to us, one we expect to rank up in this gen for the sake of getting more developers on board.
        If HD wasn’t required for making up-to-the-gen games, we wouldn’t care about it one way or another

      2. In the future… Yeah, exactly, when it’ll be affordable and properly developed tech. I don’t understand why people need to have the latest tech regardless of how well it works with their lives or how much it costs. If you wait just a few years the tech will be more reliable and cheaper. Early adopters of pointless technology always strike me as stupid.

        1. properly developed? they are ALREADY showing it! and it’s already in stores! I am sure it went through quality control.

          “Early adopters of pointless technology always strike me as stupid.”

          Hardly. The first Wii console has GC support :P the first ps3 had BC support. I bought a HD TV because I have the money to. That quote sounds like the quote from a butthurt lazy peasant who either relies on mummy or daddy to get him what he wants. Bitterness is not nice Sam.

          1. Actually I had to earn my own keep, I bought my Wii, my laptop, my phone, my clothes from age 17 on, and my holiday to America, all with my own hard earne cash, and I also pay for my phonebill. I’ve hardly been spoonfed. So no, the quote comes from someone who is a hard worker and who understands and knows the tech industry.
            Consoles are completely different from the rest of the industry, they rarely have minor developments in hardware, instead they sit around for 6 years and then have a jump to new consoles.
            TVs, on the other hand, are always being fine tuned and perfected, and when new tech comes around, it’s not worth buying early, because it will have flaws. Better to wait a year or two for the companies to get the income and interest to tweak the performance and make sure everything works well and lasts long.
            Early adopters couldn’t care less, they just want the newest shiniest thing so they can have all the best things in the world. Which I think is selfish and disgusting, and as I said, stupid.

            1. Some valid points and then you pissed on your credibility. by saying

              “Which I think is selfish and disgusting, and as I said, stupid.”

              Hardly. If I have the money which I earned myself. I can spend it on what I want… be it games, or chariety. Fuck charity though. So much is given to Africa but none of them get help. The charity organisers pocket the money. Technology and entertainment and gifts to loved ones is a much better investment. I feel sorry for them but oh well. Life is a bitch :P

        1. Germany is a third world country run by Lesbian Merkel and her minions. Hitler was evil but he was the best for his people. He restored Germany from world War 1 and the Crash.

          I hate it when people try to forget Hitler. Hitler is a part of Germany’s history whether you like it or not ;)

          1. Calling Germany a third world country is a really offensive, stupid and ignorant thing to do. By definition it’s not a third world country so instantly you are wrong. I hate it when people don’t let people forget things, so what if he’s a part of history? You may want to remember him but i don’t and so do someothers.

      1. except that Nintendo didnt make that many 2d games compared to the amount of third party support from Konami Capcom, Square etc.

    1. Basically what this article is sayin: Dont judge unless/until you’ve experienced it.
      This could be perfect or a revamped or new 2D sonic game

  5. Having only a wii and pc this gen (never had to worry about specs as I have sunk a lot of money in it to keep it top notch), I think they said memory was the biggest problem for games on consoles this gen. If ubisoft say it has “no memory limitations” then go onto say that it’s perect for 2d games it sounds like they are saying that 3d will not be a problem as well.

    If the rumor about the os is true aout it using 512mb which is insane for a console (insane in a good way) then I can at least see it having at least 2gb of ram. 512 for os, not to sure how much resources the pad will use so I will say at the most another 512 (a wild guess) that will leave the rest for the game. 1gb (maybe even more) is good for a console. But this is just my opinion.

  6. me think dat nintendo is dah best cos sony steal nintendos ideas and microsoft is many gay. the wii u needs more powerful like ps3 though me worry that graphics won’t be guds.

  7. isnt the guy referring to wiiu from a rayman developer stand point, so the loads of memory very good for 2D WAS IN REFERENCE TO HIS GAME NOT LACK OF 3D.. i love how many ignorant FUUKS there are on the internet…… talk about morons he has clarified that 1080p 60 fps on tv set and 480p 60 fps on controller at the same time whilst supporting all ability’s and online =CLEARLY NEXT GEN neither x360 and ps3 can handle 30 frames @ 1080p on tv set in game let alone next gen visuals @ 480p on a controller at the same time

    1024x600p =ps3 x360 on tv no other screen wiiu = 1080p mand 480p same time thats a HUGE MASSIVE difference

    1. Capcom is a well known company with very talented developers and artists. They said wiiU is NOT next gen. You say it IS NEXT GEN. Who should I listen to? clearly not you “Wendy”

      1. lol so were is this mythical boundary line you speak of sony fanboy capcon remind you fanwomen also said wii couldn’t handle resident evil 5s logo LOL at your source last time i checked the 3rd party industry got bitch slapped by king nintendo so il take what they say with 9 tons of salt and a shake of vinegar

        please explain to me NOW RIGHT NOW IN ENGLISH how is 120 frames and 7x 480p NOT NEXT GEN

        please explain to me how gamepad isnt next gen

        please explain to me how wii motion plus used in wiiu games isnt next gen when no one else on the planet hAS 1600 DEGRESS PER SECOND MOTION TRACKING


      2. Capcom din’t say that,they say next gen begins when all 3 console’s are on the market!!.there is a update on wiiu daily,go chek it your self!

  8. THE WiiU isnt next generation THE ANTI NINTENDO FANBOYS SCREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>lets take a look will the sony/ms fanboys wisdom hold up in my little education lesson<<<<<<<<<< doubtful i think there always full of zhit ps3 was going to out sell wii, psp was going to out sell DS ,and psvita was going to out sell 3DS, lets see whos the gamer and whos the fanboy…………

    fact,1, wii motion plus still totally unmatched by anyone or anything on this planet .its 1600 degrees of lag free precision motion controls over 6 x the motion sensing per second of move or kinect as there both 300 degrees lets aLso ad there out dated laggy WRONG camera based systems CLEARLY WiiU is next gen motion ?????

    fact,2, gamepad as in wiiu gamepad clearly next gen streaming,clearly next gen controls ,clearly next gen screen twin screen use and interaction clealry above ps3 and x360 graphics tothe controller screen clealr un matched in any way clearly next gen TO A SANE NON FANOY OF MS OR SONY

    fact,3, 1080p to tv set @ 60 frames and 480p @ 60 frames to controller screen lag free thats 7x 480p 120 frames and 2 screens all supported in real time at the same time reminder ps3 and x360 only do 600p @ 60 frames 1 screen in COD and 30 frames and 720p 1 screen battlefield fps

    600p is 2x480p so ps3 and x360 are doing 2x 480p one screen @ near 60 frames

    wiiu is doing 7x 480p 120 frames 2x screens 1 screen wireless BUT IT AINT NEXT GEN

    now apply wiius power to one tv set and no second screen WAKEY WAKEY DO I HAVE TO THINK FOR YOU HARDLY CORES AL THE TIME !!!!!!!!!!!!!! THINK FOR YOUR SELVES

    1. thank you very much!!! thats the stone cold fact of the matter.

      ite irrelivant how powerfull sony and microsoft plan on making there machines and how pricey they want to make them.

      the wiiu is leaps and bounds ahead of current gen. not to mention its almost 7 years newer.

      obviously its next gen .

      trolls spend ther entire lifes trying to say its not next gen . LOL¬¬ .

      aparently the 3ds is a whole generation behind the vita. even though the 3ds is the better more innovative system.

      an overpowered mess with no support VS the 3d darling of gaming ???? 3ds takes the cake .

      1. the 3DS gpu also has a higher clcock speed than psvita gpu it also has local fast high bandwidth ram dedicated to it and its main ram is also fast ram

        psvita uses standard dram and the gpu has no local fast high bandwidth ram yes vita is more power but its lacking the bandwidth to do anything with it and its screen is high res

        and who releases a sigle screened gaming hand held when the competion is in its second gen with dual screen and goes 3D and who puts a LAG FEST non stylus touch screen on a gaming device IDIOT SONY DO

        1. i know :) . the 3ds has a 400mhz GPU . the xbox 360 has 500Mhz.

          resident evil revelations looks better than most ps vita games especialy considering the 3ds can render that quality in full stereoscopic 3d!!!!.

          i find my 3ds XL more impressive than the vita.

          the 3ds’s graphics are held back by the 3d which uses up a lot of CPU and a lot of RAM . but i like that. the 3d on the XL is absoloutly stunning.

          the vita has better graphics than the 3ds overall. but is not some huge leap. and the fact that 3ds can display graphics like kid icarus and resi rev ( which are totaly totaly better than wii or xbox 1 graphics ) in 3d . is amazing and very satisfying.

          i dont really give a shit about the vita’s graphics. the 3ds’s 3d graphics are different , very good and appealing to me .

          i know some idiots calnt see 3d properly . but i can!!!!

          1. wrong idiot wrong the 3DS gpu is 268mhz as is the dualcore arm 11 there all clcocked at a 1to1 ratio

            3DS runs cpu and gpu at 268mhz its clcock speed to gpu is higher than psvita THATS A A FACT


  10. got to LOL @ sony and ms fans a CORE GAMER would embrace controller evolution and generational controller up grades no way in hell a real CORE GAMER would turn there nose up at control evolution that in its self proves beyond all doubt that ms/sony fans hide behind the word hardcore when in fact it doesnt belong to them AT ALL dualshock is out dated and casual end of argument

  11. This is very good to hear. I like the “almost unlimited memory” part. 1 week away from the price reveal. i can’t wait. Leave luck to heaven.

  12. aeoluslikestosuckoffmonkeydicksandthemonkeyisicydeadpeopleandtheyalsoseemtobeidiots

    Goddammit people, somebody hack this site and implement some anti-troll system, like a flagging system, or just a dislike and like button, anything, really. Every 3rd person is a fucking troll on this page, I swear even sickr is part troll, he didn’t read an article he posted, and he linked to the Pokemon rip-off. This probably the only Nintendo only news site that updates fairly regularly, so do something against the trolls.

  13. Hey… I’ve just had a thought… You know what game needs new memory?
    Half Life.
    Half Life 3 consoles version Wii U exclusive people!

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  15. 3DS GPU AND CPU RUN @ 268MHZ ITS A 1 TO 1 RATIO SYSTEM THE 3DS SPECS ARE ONLINE HAVE BEEN FOR A VERY LONG TIME theres 96mb fast ram and 6mb local fast ram to gpu acting like EDRAM idiot fanboys oh by the way 3DS has a 10 TO 1 userbase of psvita vita is clearly DEAD……

    wiiu is clearly rendering at 8 x 480p vs a x360

    xbox 360 1024x600p near 60 frames 1 tv screen

    wiiu is doing 1080p 60 frames and 480p 60 frames thats 7x 480p resolution and 120 frames thats 7 x x360 in resolution and 2x the x360 in framerate thats clearly 8x 480p in a direct comparison

    try all you like hardly been core ms and sony fanboys psvita 2.2 million sold 3DS 19 million sold

    end of discussion

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