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Metroid Revealed For Wii U’s Nintendo Land

Based on a couple of leaked pictures that are from Game Informer’s Wii U cover story, a Metroid attraction will be a part of Wii U launch title Nintendo Land. The attraction is called “Metroid Blast” and bears a resemblance to the Battle Mii prototype, which was showcased during E3 2011.

159 thoughts on “Metroid Revealed For Wii U’s Nintendo Land”

  1. Looks like they really polished the Battle Mii demo and made a pretty decent game out of it.We’ll have to see it in action though. Nintendo Land is getting better and better the more I hear about it. Don’t sleep on it. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. I had a feeling that Battle Mii would be in some launch game. And looks like it will be part of Nintendo Land. But I can’t help but wonder how a true Metroid game would be on Wii U. Maybe we’ll see one eventually.

      1. Hopefully a return to the first-person style with the GamePad acting as the scanner, weapon/visor changer, map, so on…
        Either that or perhaps… this could be stupid but… maybe a cross between Other M and Prime? Where on the main screen you have the 3rd person view, but on the GamePad you had a constant 1st person view, allowing you to see the game from both perspectives at once… just as something a little more original.

        1. that sounds awesome to be honest. it would also be cool if they could add an option to use the gyroscope to aim rather than an analog stick, i hate aiming with an analog stick lol

          1. Mm, after the gyroscope aiming with the bow/slingshot in OoT 3D I prefer it immensely to analogue sticks and even pointers.
            I don’t know how that could contribute significantly to gameplay though. I guess the GamePad screen could function more as an information base, like include the HUD and map everything, along with a first person view, like Samus looking through her visor and being fed information, but when you want to aim and shoot and stuff you hold down a trigger and all that extra stuff goes away and you get a clear view for precision aiming which you then control with the gyroscope or the second analogue stick, with the other two shoulder buttons acting as missile or regular shots. Then the top screen is completely clutter free for the third person perspective, allowing for the melee combat and platforming Other M had as well as the first person exploration and finer gun combat the Prime series had.

            1. thats what i was thinking as well. i mean i would much rather use an analog stick to conrtoll the camera while in third person, but when you hold down the left trigger you look at the controller and commence the shooting. whats also cool is that you could keep the third person view on the tv and if you glance up at it you can see enemies that are behind you/ out of your field of vision etc. just ideas like this make me seriously confused as to why people don’t understand the potential of the wii u. lol

          2. you can use gyroscope to aim on unchartered vita and it works really well, it would be awesome on metroid wii u.

            1. i haven’t tried uncharted yet. i actually haven’t really touched my vita for a good long time lol. maybe this’ll change once assassins creed comes out for it, but yeah gyroscope aiming is pretty awesome lol

        2. I made the exact same comment a few weeks ago on a “Future Blast” (an article trying to predict how Metroid game would be on Wii U). I’d give you the link to the page, but it’s in Brazilian Portuguese =/

        3. It looks so beautiful and fun. Can’t wait. I just really hope it’ll support Wii U Pro Controller so that Nintendo will finally have their own true dual-stick game, which’d be pretty cool to see.

      2. Well no SH!T there’s going to be a Metroid Minigame! Theres even an F-Zero MG. So its common sence to assum this.

    2. It looks so beautiful and fun. Can’t wait. I just really hope it’ll support Wii U Pro Controller so that Nintendo will finally have their own true dual-stick game, which’d be pretty cool to see.

  2. The Only Pokemon Champ

    The more and more I hear about Nintendo Land
    The more I feel convinced its worth it
    I mean this alone is pretty nifty
    Can wait for Nintendo remove the cloak from their other Land Attractions

          1. The games themselves are not, but the franchises make perfect sense and frankly I’d be hard pressed to come up with alternatives.

      1. The attractions have already been shown, but you never know, maybe those arent the only ones. Theres alot of big nintendo franchises missing, like Star Fox and Pokemon.

      1. Ugh, no one knows that, it’s such a hopeful rumour people have taken it to be true.
        And it doesn’t change the fact we got no 25th Metroid anniversary specials but Zelda did, and now Kirby is celebrating it’s 20th.
        Though I suspect they wanted to do Zelda due to the double release of such big games (rerelease of OoT and the uber-hyped SS), and having two anniversaries in one year would result in overshadowing one way or the other. Hopefully in 5 years time we get something amazing Metroid related to make up for it…

        1. Yes, Metroid didn’t get an anniversary celebration (which i’m pissed about). But does anyone else see a connection in the fact that two of the 3DS Ambassador games were Metroid and Metroid Fusion? Probably just a coincidence though. What surprises me is that Nintendo and Retro apparently aren’t doing anything for Metroid Prime’s 10th anniversary this year. It was Retro’s first game after all and it’s not every day that a studio’s first game released is a universal success.

          1. I hope Retro makes another Metroid game, their games are my favourite of all time, but not yet. Its been too long since we saw Star Fox, that game needs to come back. All for a 2D Metroid too. Fusion was amazing.

              1. I think Fusion was my first overall, and then it was Hunters, then Prime 3, which is my favourite game of all time, hands down. Then i played every other game and loved them all, besides the original because i didnt know what i was doing and Other M because of a number of reasons but thats for another day.

              1. Other M’s combat is definitly Team Ninja, it plays just like Ninja Gaiden, which is the reason i didnt like it :| story was ok, although Samus’ character was…meh. But what killed it was the gameplay…i hated going from being fully in control, to just tapping left occasionally and hold 2, it was boring, amd enemies to WAAAY to long to kill, it became monotonous

      2. We don’t know that. All we know is that they are working on a game, not necessarily a Metroid game. In fact, I doubt it’s a Metroid game that they are working on. My personal theory is that they are working on an F-Zero, or another racing game.

        1. i would rather an f-zero game :) . you know i still play f-zero GX on my gamecube/wii today . and i bought it on launch day.

          one of the most challengeing , visualy impressive games i have ever played.
          60fps of pure unrivalled speed racing .

      1. Honestly, I hardly see this as a troll. I have to agree, it sucks that Metroid didn’t get an anniversary celebration.

    1. Yeah, we didnt get a celebration. We made our however, thats the power of Metroid. Sure there wont be an Uncharted anniversary, does anyone even remember the Crash Bandicoot aniiversary? Probably not.

  3. Anyone else read “Metroid Revealed” and get really excited then read the rest of the title and feel very disappointed?
    Though I have to say, NintendoLand is starting to show signs of promise… It won’t be a day one purchase for me (Pikmin, Legends, ZombiU, AC3 and NSMBU take higher priority) but I might pick it up if nothing else comes along too quickly to steal my focus. It looks like the kind of game I could rope my parents into playing with me, that’d be fantastic…

      1. When I started to type this post there were only 2 other comments visible, I had no idea your comment even existed when I hit “post comment”.
        Sorry, I guess?

        1. when i play games like ocarina of time it shows up on the far right side so you can’t see part of the sceern any help? and also is there a full sceern option? and one more problem im useing firefox and controls don’t work, i don’t know if its different on firefox but how do i make it work? sorry for so many questions

    1. “Anyone else read “Metroid Revealed” and get really excited then read the rest of the title and feel very disappointed?”

      No, since I’m not a picky bitch.

    1. They just didn’t reveal or show any gameplay or pictures of the other minigames than the showcased 4. It’s Yoshi, Balloon Fight, Pikmin, and Mario left. Correct me if I’m wrong.

            1. I’m sorry if I happen to have time to make sure my typing is grammatically correct… I find it makes my posts easier to read, and I come off as generally smarter or more understanding. One is more likely to read, understand and agree with a well-constructed comment than a comment that’s littered with grammatical errors…
              But that’s just my opinion, to each their own.

              1. no fuck you guys. although i have more than the ability to type gramatically correct . i refuse to . i dont have the time to sit around checking on my forum spellings. thats just sad.

                bite me mother fucker .

                1. I always type with correct grammar to begin with, there’s no need to go back and correct. Much faster and same outcome.

    1. It isn’t called stealing if they own that property. Then again, it’s a minigame compilation based on Nintendo’s 1st Party games. Meaning no Kirby, no Pokemon, no Fire Emblem, and no Mother. I just hope they have them as DLC.

      1. How so? Kirby, Pokemon and Fire Emblem are all first party games of Nintendo’s. Now it is true these don’t have exhibits in the game but it’s not because they aren’t first party.

        1. Actually,, Kirby, Pokemon, Fire Emblem, & Mother are 2nd party Nintendo games, Meaning that they are published by Nintendo, but developed by another company/developer (Intelligent Systems, Ape Inc. Game Freak, TOSE, ect). I analyzed the 12 minigame line up and hypothesized why were the 4 franchises were left out of the game.

  4. I Already knew this. was shown weeks ago of them playing the game too. and Metroid is kwl! just made summit for fun! god stop dissing it! Still going get a Metroid game. Can’t make every single game -_-. like see u all make one. dissing summit u aint tried. and I thought the Zelda game for Nintendo Land looked good too

    1. Yeah, it’s sort of reminding me of how I always came back to Sports Resort to play the Swordplay, Aeroplane, Frisbee and Table Tennis games… There are bound to be some really enjoyable games in there, and so far I really like the look of the Zelda and now Metroid one. As long as you can play them single player, too…

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  6. As Battle Mii turned out to be a Metroid attraction I 100% bet that the Chase Mii shown at E3 2011 will be the Mario attraction, especially as the Mii’s had Toad hats on and it was all Mario themed.
    Also I remember in Battle Mii from E3 2011 the Mii’s were dressed as Samus or at least had her helmet on or something like that.

  7. My heart skipped a beat when I read ‘Metroid Revealed For Wii U’. I was then instantly disappointed by Nintendo Land. I’m going to go cry and eat ice cream now. ='[

  8. Sickr,

    The same Game Informer article also had info on a minigame for Nintendo Land known as Balloon Trip Breeze where players utilize the touch screen of the Wii U GamePad in order to draw a breeze that allows users to compete with other Miiverse users for the highest distance reached.

    More info is on the same page.

  9. I don’t know why many people criticized Nintendo Land. Of course it’s a shame we didn’t get a Metroid or Zelda game, but we know it’s a matter of time for them to come, and that Nintendo Land is a great way to show off all of Wii U’s capabilities. I’m on the hype for Nintendo Land, and I know I’m going to have lots of fun with it!

    1. i think nintendo is holding off the announcements of those titles for the e3 that the next ps and/or xbox come out-to steal the thunder from these othr companies. i hope they do. the wii u is shaping up to b an awesome system- im liking the 3rd party support (and i can see this snowballing into more and mor 3rd party games) with major companies like ea, treyarch (come ON Black Ops 2!) and of course, Ubisoft. i thought this e3 was good, with major titles like pikmin and an addition to the countless mario sidescroller games that started it all (4 ninty and therefor, videogames in general), as well as this- Nintendo Land! It was smart for Nintendo to not go all out at once. if they announced zelda AND a 3D Mario game AND the next Super Smash Bros. game all at once, theyd be gaining alot of ppl at once and after that their sales would probably drop entirely. plus the games that come out late are gonna b much bettr than what they would be if rushed. so all in all, i think this year’s e3 was a major success.

      1. Oh god, thats got me thinking. If Nintendo shows off Zelda, Metroid, and a Smash Bros 4 teaser at the very end, they’ve got E3 ’13 in the bag!

    1. Im honestly considering buying this game…or at least getting a bundle with it. Especially with each game having multiple levels. Will be lots of fun with my friends amd family

    1. Mario, Takamaru, Samus, Yoshi, Olimar, Luigi, Donkey Kong, Link, Balloon Fighter, Captain Falcon, Mr. Game & Watch and Animal Crosser: Haters gonna hate!

  10. Still think it should be bundled. If the game is really meant to show off what the Wii U could do, what better way to get people to play it than to package it with the system?

  11. I find it amusing that Nintendo fanboys will buy literally ANYTHING that Nintendo puts out , Please nintendrones , tell me why this game is worth buying? This game is just a baby party game that should only cost $30 and only has childish mini games in it , whats so special about that? is because it has NINTENDO written on it?

        1. Hi Nessy! <3 I see you still haven't acquired proper grammar yet, have you at least improved on your lame unoriginal insults? :3

    1. Why bother explaining the appeal of a fun game to a retard like you?
      You’ll just go right back to whatever gore fest you usually play while thinking you’ve said something that will drive us away from getting the Wii U.
      You’re not worth the effort.

    2. Because not everyone has the same taste? I know when I usually have friends over, nothing beats games like these, they’re perfect social games, just because you think you’re mature (when you aren’t) doesn’t mean this game is for kids.

    3. Yeah, because nintendo fans didnt post their hate or disapproval of this game as soon as Nintendo’s E3 conference ended. You’re fucking stupid. I dont buy everything Nintendo sells, just the majority of it. I didn bother getting a wiimotion plus until Skyward Sword, and it was the only motionplus game i bought (i although i do want to get Red Steel 2).
      I can bet a shit ton of money that no-one here liked Wii Music, and wanted to strangle Nintendo when they showed that.
      We fully admit Nintendo made and possibly make bad decisions. Powerglove, Virtual Boy, Super Scope, even the classic Zapper was faulty as fuck. We KNOW when Nintendo does something we dont like, and we fully admit it, but jus because we’re like something theyre doing, doesnt make us “fanboy that’ll buy anything Nintendo brings out”.

  12. Wii U is the perfect system for a HUGE Mario Party title. And the tenth game in a series should always be great! I hope they make one.

      1. Still a game you pathetic pier of shit. The point of video games is to have fun.

        It doesnt matter anyway, you’ll still buy it, why else would you spend hours on this site?

      1. It still could very well be Mario’s game.

        If Metroid Blast changed alot from Battle Mii, then whose to say that Mario’s game won’t be, like, a hide ‘n seek game, or an obstacle course?

        Actually, I’d like the latter alot…

      2. Chase Mii was a different concept, it was 4 people chasing one person as Mario, rather than 1 person playong as 2 characters chasing 4 others.

        1. Which is how it would have evolved. Battle me is a little different from this Metroid blast.

          Alas, only time will tell.

  13. Umm really random question but to anyone that played with the wii u , Is the touch screen like the iphone or is it like the DS?

          1. Is that your only comeback? Really? That’s the sort of comeback I expect from a child … I don’t like you any-more Nessy </3 Your acting childish. :(

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