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Capcom Isn’t Planning To Bring EX Troopers For Nintendo 3DS To The West

Capcom’s Consumer Software Senior VP, Christian Svensson has told gamers on the Capcom Unity forums that they have no plans to bring the promising EX Troopers for Nintendo 3DS to the West. Svensson hints that one of the reasons for this is that the game isn’t part of the established Lost Planet franchise.

“No because EX Troopers isn’t part of the LP series officially (thus the difference in name) nor are there plans to bring it Westward at this time.”

103 thoughts on “Capcom Isn’t Planning To Bring EX Troopers For Nintendo 3DS To The West”

      1. Gosh One of the main reasons I dislike nintendo is because of their stupid region locking for the 3ds. Some people actually speak japanese in the west Nintendo.

          1. No, they shouldn’t buy a japanese 3DS. They have every right to buy the 3DS from wherever they want. I’m a huge Nintendo fan, but there is no defending their region locking practices in this day and age

            1. well its to protect the business’s in each territory.

              if my 3ds wasnt UK pal , i would be ordering all your cheap american games which are about £10 cheaper per game.

              but that would mean Nintendo UK would suffer as a business .

              it is quite simply to balance out the trade and to monitor sales and progress in each territory . japanese NTSC , american NTSC , and european pal .

              and who could forget African TGH . made that one up .

              but you get the point.

              1. Then that’s their problem for not encouraging equality in prices through all regions. I will not pretend to know much about business, but other companies no longer use region locking and seem to get along just fine. Their region locking is ultimately hurting consumers by not allowing them to enjoy the full range of experiences offered by their gaming devices. Nintendo remains archaic in this area. Such a shame, considering that the company in general strives to innovate and change things up in the gaming industry

                1. They can’t just make sure everything is roughly an equivalent price, the economy doesn’t work like that. If we payed £40 for a game, and then to balance it out the Americans paid $65, they wouldn’t be happy about that since it is about $20 more than they usually pay, and the importing thing doesn’t affect the vast number of players anyway.

                  1. Nintendo really never have a problem with inverse importation, so you’re point is invalid. Even Nintendo fanboys cant defend region locking

        1. I agree with you! Why should I be limited to my region? If I want to buy a game that hasn’t been released in my region, I’ll go buy it overseas (we have internet for that as well)!
          And I don’t like the American Dub of most games I’ve played so far (or all of them, unless they’re made in western countries, that’s the only western dub that actually pleases me). I beat Tales of Symphonia in Japanese, and I have no regrets! Let me play games in Japanese, Nintendo of America!!!

          1. all places have different economies and prices.

            take brazil for example there tax etc etc is different and more steep. thats just their governments fault.

            the sole purpose of Region locking is not to spoil our fun or to be annoying , its to try and keep sales within each region .

            again , In america games amount to about £8 cheaper than they do in UK or more. so i would just buy all my games from USA , so would everybody else and the gameshops and what nintendo is trying to achieve in the UK wouldn’t function properly.

            Australia and Brazil 100% would not buy their countries over priced games for example. and there would be no point in operating a games culture in Australia .

              1. Their is no way you can defend region lock, you’re an idiot if you say it’s a good thing. You’ll just get people trying to homebrew your console if you region lock it. If Japanese developers won’t release games to the west, then we should be able to import the games instead.

      2. Heh Heh I was being Dark Pit just for fun you know? And later I thought that being Dark Pit was being boring , so I changed my profile back to my orininal one:)

    1. Aparently us westerners Don’t like amazing shooter’s like this and we don’t like epic fighting games like project X zone .

      when are the japanese going to learn that some of us have soul’s to ?

      1. This seems to be a decision of the western HQ (at least for Nintendo it was like this, I don’t know about Capcom, though). Remember Operation Rainfall?

        1. well they should pull their fucking fingers out. not everybody just play’s cod and ignores the exceptional games that come from japan.

          if the last story and xenoblade would not have made it out of japan this year , this would of been an unplayable year for home consoles for me.

          I barely even enjoy the vast majority of western games compared to the quirky atrisitic masterpieces which japan churn’s out.

  1. I was really looking forward to this game and I have no idea what Lost Planet is. It seems as though owning a 3DS is becoming a bit pointless unless you live in Japan. Oh well, I can always just play old DS games. Or buy a Vita.

    1. That wasn’t true at all . The 3ds still has Tons of marvelous games in the west. If your trying to suggest the vita’s is better in anyway you are sourley mistaken . Luigi’s mansion 2 , fire emblem , code of princess , layton , paper mario , Animal crossing . nuff said and many others.

      the 3ds’s library will end up similar to the DS’s but overall it will be better .

      1. I’m sorry, but I have to agree with him. Everytime we get in the Hype for a game that resembles Japanese animation, it gets stuck in Japan. What does America has against Japan? Why should the region lock exist?!
        I know we’ll have great games for both America and Japan regarding the 3DS, but some of us want to play the games that don’t come outside of Japan (or simply play those games with a good voice acting, A.K.A. Japanese voices).

        1. I agree too.Japan get all the games while the europeans and americans get squat but the european get a little more than us.And if it isn’t that,we have to wait a long time for them to localize it.And the games that japan doesn’t get are terrible.

  2. Once again Capcom let’s us down. I thought maybe with the HD Okami I could have some faith, but nope their back to their former shitty selves

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      1. Yeah, but sickr does mention games like Playstation All Stars Battle Royale a lot since it’s direct competition to Nintendo’s Smash Bros.

        For a multiplat like this, I kinda want to know if Sony is getting the Western advantage or is it a loss to both companies and systems?

  4. Seriously Capcom? THAT was your excuse?
    You’re practucally rebooting Lost Planet anyway?
    Im sick of this shitty lazy Capcom that surfaced this generation.

    1. In fact, cut the bullshiting, we all know why this game and the majority of japanese games dont make it to the West.

      “oh my gaaawwwwd, its not ‘Merican? Probably sucks. Do you get an M4? Well that shitty and gay. Lolz, anime faggots”

      You know it. I know it. So who be BSing?

      Fucking Western gamers

      1. Hey,i am american and am not influenced by shooters and graphic whores.You have to realize that they’re are some of us here that try all games but people don’t care for us because of the graphic whores.

        1. continue*that overtake the western gamer’s population and gives all of the developers the impressions that we are like them.

          1. Well yah,but you can’t make jokes about it because it is very frustrating.And Europe also get more games than u.s and i can’t do anything about it.

            1. You do know that some racing games and shooters are fun right?Just because it isn’t on a nintendo system doesn’t make it bad.

              1. i know . i love Halo and forza and own them both . and resistance 1,2,3 and GT5 .

                i am just saying in the west , gamers vegitate playing these games even though they are largely uninspired and boring.

                in contrast , japanese gamers are enjoying Epic rpg’s and stylized games , which i personally find more fun than western games.

                a game like pokemon for me blows away skyrim .

  5. Capcom i was hatin on you for MML 3 then loved you for revelations monster hunter and project x zone,but if you do this one more time i’m gonna be hatin you al over.

  6. No plans “At this time”.
    They’d better reconsider sooner rather than later!
    Capcom has made so many mistakes already, and this would be another drop in their fail pail if they don’t reconsider.

  7. This the worst news i av heard from capcom. But lets wait till the end of the year. I have a feeling that they want to see the sales in japan.

  8. Wow… at least for now, they can’t even bring over the game that uses the same models from MML3… just thought it was an interesting observation

    1. And you make it sound like the 3DS is the only thing thats ever been region locked, grow up.

      Least the 3DS and Wii amd WiiU are backwards compatible

      1. But if you want to play a PS2 game or an XBOX you can just buy the consoles they’re cheap now, plus you’d already have a PS2 or an XBOX if you want backward compatible. If you want to play a JPN 3DS game you’ve to buy another 3DS… The 3DS, Wii and DSi is region locked, i can’t think on any other consoles that are region lock except some XBOX 360, but JPN hardly gets 360 games. So i don’t know how you can defend the 3DS’s region lock?

        1. “Doesn’t know Japanese”

          As if it’s really fucking mandatory to speak/understand it to play imported games. You don’t know shit.

          1. Im sorry, but if i buy a fucking game, i kind need to know whats going on. Especially seeing as the games that dont get localised have a heavy amount of dialouge. Whats the point in playin a game that you cant even understand. Even something simple like times when you have to choose various options, you wouldnt know what to pick. Can you imagine playong something like Pokemon in Japanese? That would be ridiculous. How about you go live in Japan, because clearly, being able to understand a fcking language isnt important.
            You talk utter bollocks. And you also fail to understand the purpose of region locks. If everything was region free, id buy all my games from america, and in turn, hurt my own country’s economy.
            You have no simple understanding of anything. You basically think, “oh what does Nintendo not do? Oh they have region locks? Well i can use this as ammo”.
            No, you cant, because it makes no fucking sense. It not a random generalisation or false statistic, MOST AMERICANS CANT SPEAK FUCKING JAPANESE

            1. Speak for yourself, not for the hundreds of thousands (perhaps millions?) of gamers who import their fucking games and expect to play them without some sort of restriction. Your opinion does not represent them.

              Also, Pokemon is one of the most common Japanese RPGs to import, so looks like none of what you said really applies nearly as much as you think it does.

            2. Also, you’re trying to defend region locking? Nintendo is literally one of VERY FEW companies who still pull that shit. That isn’t going to “hurt” any fucking economy so don’t try to come up with utter horseshit to defend it.

              1. In a nutshell, TheDragon is literally defending Nintendo’s wallet. Wow, what a fucking loser. This is most embarrassing and obvious fanboy I had to face today.

                Region locking literally only benefits Nintendo’s wallets from currency exchange rates, and that isn’t much of a goddamn issue for cartridges, which the majority of 3DS titles are.

                For everybody else who wants these games that will likely never get localized, you’re as good as fucked.

                1. I didnt say anythinglike that.Region locks prevent any countryloosing money in their economy. If everyone couldimport gales so easily, the British gamingmarketwouldpretty luch die, because America gets it ALOTcheaper, thatsfact. And if ran a business and sold your product, only to find out people were technocally ripingyou off, you wouldn standforit.

                  Its a BUSINESS. Region locks if a company feels region lock is neccessary, then they can use it. And if it botheredpeople that much, theyd buy a 3DS from Japan


                    You don’t seem to understand how region locking ultimately pisses off the gamers and wouldn’t be worth scaring off whatever following that company had. That link is a great example.

                    Nobody should be forced to spend more money on a Japanese 3DS to play Japanese games. Enough of your fanwank bullshit. You care about Nintendo’s wallet, probably a spokesperson or some shit supporting their greed, I don’t care what business it is, your consumers will matter more than your fucking company, if there are no consumers, you’re NOT GOING ANYWHERE. Why piss off gamers by doing this? To save a couple fucking dollars on what’s likely overpriced in EVERY territory?

                    That’s smart; actually no, it’s really stupid. Microsoft is probably the only company who can legitimately get away with it due to having such a small Japanese market no matter what they try to do.

              2. You do realize that Video games are a huge part of the UK economy. If region locking didn’t exist a person in the UK could buy an american copy of a game for about £10 instead of the regular £40. This would damage both nintendo’s sales and the retailer’s sales affecting the overall economy.

                1. If it was so damaging, everybody with multiple divisions in regions would be doing it. Logic will tell you that’s clearly not the goddamn case. Nice try, though.

                  1. Also, region-locking is by no means “necessary”. They could easily go Sony’s route and start price-fixing things globally.

                    But it’s Nintendo, they’re not witty enough for that. My bad.

                    1. I am by no means defending the Region lock because it is rather annoying (Even though I know how to speak Japanese ;) ) But, business wise, they are actually quite witty and making a lot more money out of it. Last time I checked, Nintendo over the past 30 years? Have only had one loss (Or something like that). You can’t narrow mindedly say they have terrible business sense when they make shit loads of money (except for last financial year which was there mistake).

                    2. Except, they’re taking more and more losses than they usually have. A good telling sign that they clearly don’t know what they want to do.

                      Region locking for all intents and purposes, is a greedy tactic.

  9. i sure if they did release this game to the West no one would even buy it now that High Voltage is still working on something for 3ds… besides who needs a fuckin stupid cartoon style shooter

  10. Oh well. At least we’re getting Project X Zone. Namco Bandai said that the game won’t be localized until the game sells well in Japan.

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  12. Why Crapcom why? You guys are like my favorite 3rd party developer and yet these last couple of years you have really let me down. Why? Maybe it’s time for new management.

  13. I’m gutted about this. The game looked like a mix between Burning Rangers and Phantasy Star Online, two games that touched my gaming soul back in the day.

  14. This has nothing to do with the game, but when I first saw the guy in green, I thought he was America or Canada from ‘Hetalia’….

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