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New Mutant Mudds Levels Coming In Roughly Six Weeks

Jools Watsham has confirmed via his Twitter account that all 60 Mutant Mudds levels have been tested and completed and should be available in roughly five to six weeks. The additional levels will be available as a free download pack from the Nintendo 3DS eShop

All 60 Mutant Mudds levels tested/completed. Looks like this game is nearly ready for eShop prime-time!

Nearly = 4 to 6 weeks btw. Mudds needs to go through Nintendo testing and then get in the queue for update/release.

30 thoughts on “New Mutant Mudds Levels Coming In Roughly Six Weeks”

    1. you’r a cock .

      just bring on Times square . i am sick of this slow news now . Just want to see the article ”Wiiu to launch on november the 11th @£250 , and it has better graphics than jesus’s face”.

      1. nintedward do you know were and when they will post the event on 9/13? I mean like on youtube after its over or what? Because I rather watch it then read a bunch of blogs about what happened.

          1. it’ll probably be on nintendo direct or even g4 might have some coverage of it. and btw g4 usually streams everything online, so you dont have to watch it on tv or anything

      1. usually this sort of thing will be live streamed on ign but its in the middle of the week so you will have to watch it from your school or work

  1. They’re taking their time. They seem to care about their PC users much more, even though the 3DS gamers got them to that PC release. Bloody rediculous. Six weeks for something we should have got a month ago?

      1. wii is so cool with motion sevsitine ness and the wii-motes with fun games and its so inovative you candownload genesis turbo grafix 16 nes snes n64 and gamecube games from virtual console and the 360 has great graphics and great games that are changed and ps3 they used to many new hardware and its overpriced there having trouble with blu ray and the discs have glitches who wants so called real world grafics and games like lets count sand and lets sit or lets do boring stuff so will most likely get wii and get 360 later but defenitly wii

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