More New Super Mario Bros U Details From Game Informer

Most of you will be aware that the latest edition of Game Informer features a whole host of new and exciting information for both New Super Mario Bros U and Nintendo Land. Some of the content we have already covered including the return of the Ice Flower power-up, and also the Super Mario World themed map. Here’s a few new juicy details:

  • Three Yoshi variations
  • Pink Yoshi: inflated with a GamePad/Wiimote shake
  • This can take Mario even higher than the flying suit can
  • Pink Yoshis don’t help in horizontal movement
  • Large surface area useful for collecting a bunch of airborne coins
  • Gold Yoshi: shake the controller to light up the immediate area
  • Also stuns nearby enemies
  • Gold Yoshis show up in the Fire Snake Caverns
  • Blue Yoshi: can shoot bubbles
  • Can ride the adult version of Yoshi in numerous levels
  • Yoshi can still eat breaks
  • Collect five to fill a meter
  • This rewards Yoshi’s rider with a power-up
  • Camera pans out a bit in co-op
  • This helps you see hidden star coins and pipes that you normally wouldn’t come across in single-player
  • Boost Mode: Place up to four floating platforms at a time
  • Use the GamePad touch screen in Boost Mode to pop friends out of bubbles, stun enemies, make it easier to reach the flagpole, manipulate environmental objects, swat Paratroopas
  • Turn on Boost Mode by powering up the GamePad – that’s it
  • Players will go through pre-selected packs of levels in Boost Rush Mode
  • Collecting coins makes the auto-scroll faster
  • Limited amount of lives given at the start of each pack
  • Dying doesn’t reset the clock


  1. They’ve added a bunch of features to increase the difficulty. I like that. Sounds like a pretty good game so far. Only 2 more day til the reveal. Leave luck to heaven.


    1. I was always wondering what your footnote meant. I recently learned that “Nintendo” translates to “Leave luck to heaven.” You have made my day.


  2. Whenever I see someone say “Nintendo don’t have any big games for the Wii U launch’, I immediately think of this game and smile out of pity for those poor naive fools that don’t understand this games potential sales power.


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