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Nintendo Confirms Wii U To Be Showcased In “Final Form” This Thursday

In just three more days Nintendo will reveal more information regarding their upcoming console, Wii U, including how it “will change the future of gaming and entertainment.” Nintendo has confirmed that the Wii U will be showcased in its final form later this week, September 13th, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. EST, during the Wii U Preview in New York City.

We are definitely getting much closer to the platform’s launch!

250 thoughts on “Nintendo Confirms Wii U To Be Showcased In “Final Form” This Thursday”

    1. The only thing I want to change from its current form is that stupid sync button… really should be behind the front cover door like the original Wii. It sticks out and it looks horrible being bright red. Other than that, the system looks fine to me……just make sure black launches and I am happy :)

                  1. Thanks Reggie….I told these people Wii U is a beast of a gaming machine and that Iwata, Yourself & I are already playing Nintendo’s next gen system the one that comes after the Wii U…cause we are VIP and we can do that bitches! hahaha!

                    *I approve this message with Nintendo’s seal of quality!*

  1. Nice! Kind of a restatement if you ask me, but I cannot wait! :)

    What do you guys think that they’ll talk about this Saturday about the Wii U? Specs? What’s in the package? Launch games? Super Smash 4 (a bit early, but one can hope)?

            1. Yeah, that’s Scribblenauts, which is a totally different game from Smash Bros developed by a completely separate team.
              Besides Sakurai has already said the two games will be different in play style, and feature compatibility.
              So stop using bullshit arguments to support bullshit rumours.

      1. SSB Universe is the rumoured title, which makes alot of sense, considering the U, and the fact its bringing together the different nintendo universes

    1. My personal prediction:
      • Price and release date
      • Black Ops 2 official confirmation, maybe a quick demo
      • Capcom/Sega/EA/that Crytek game get shown or teased.
      • Maybe some demos available of games like Darksiders 2 ect that we didn’t see at E3.
      • More NintendoLand news
      • And last, but not least, and a little unlikely, Retro’s game, maybe a SSB4 trailer, or name for WiiU and/or 3DS, or something new like Star Fox, Metroid (which could be Retro’s project)

        1. The rumour associated with that name was nothing like Sakurai’s official statements on the game, in fact it contradicted them almost entirely. Don’t believe in such obviously bullshit rumours.

            1. Never said it was a bullshit site, just it was a bullshit rumour. I read the same article you did but I used my brain and realised that it’s just a rumour and an unlikely one at that considering what we’ve heard already from the head honcho.
              So yeah. Long story short, don’t just believe everything you read willy nilly.

            1. Because you’re saying “OH MY GOD ITS CALLED MEMORIES, FOOO REEAAL!”

              It was rumour, it hasnt been confirmed, and it hasnt be debunked. Same with the Universe title. Its just a rumour

              1. First off i never said that, i just said that, according the stuff im getting from this site, that the game is called (rumored) memories, so back off. Second off, in stead of getting hyped for dumb rumors and otherwise, how about you wait for the real thing and be satisfied with that.

              1. How would you know its a rumor, it might be confirmed, though im not ruling out the possibility that it might not be.

              1. Gentlemen Miyamoto don’t like fights…everyone calm your selfs down Wii U will rule end of story! The games will be so awesome believe me! I’ll pull out a samurai sword and decapitate every one in this room if you disagree. My ninjas are Ready! Y’all remember “ninja assassin” movie? Okay well those are Nintendo’s Ninjas…we do not fuck around bitches!

                I approve this message with Nintendo’s seal of quality

    2. certainly no specs
      nintendo doesn’t do that
      some new features that haven’t been revealed yet i suppose and of course the release date and price

      i don’t expect a lot of software related info though

        1. Haptic feedback is one of our gamepad features….oops! I wasn’t supposed to reveal that just yet….sorry Iwata my bad one less thing you got to say now!

    3. certainly no specs
      nintendo doesn’t do that
      some new features that haven’t been revealed yet i suppose and of course the release date and price

      i don’t expect a lot of software related info though

    4. Price, date and launch games are almost certain. What’s in the box as well. Hardware, OS, UI, Online, eShop, etc. features and information is also very likely.

      Other than that, I expect them to show gameplay demos or footage of some third-party games that have already been confirmed and possibly announce a few more games from other companies. Black Ops II is very likely. They’ll probably announce a good number of digitally distributed games, Trine 2 and The Cave being there are enough evidence to expect that.

      They’ll talk a lot about Nintendo Land, New Super Mario Bros. U and Pikmin 3. We’ll probably learn some cool new details about those games. With any luck, they might confirm a more distant game, maybe even with images or footage, but don’t get your hopes up.

      But their main focus will be telling us how much we need Wii U and how much it’ll change our gaming.

  2. Guess that includes , price , launch date , launch line up , features .

    Nice. really want to find out how the wiiu is going to compre to the ps3 and 360 so hopefully they may reveal specs (doubtfull) .

    i just want solid confirmation tha this thing can easily outpeform the 360 that i have owned for 7 years . that is all . i am sure it will , but those people on the kirby forum need to remove the butt plug from their assholes and calm down . you know who you are .

    1. FUCK THE SPECS! Just the concept and what they can do is more than enough 4 me! Plus they already reased the specs. They’re at, though the sight may be closed down…

      1. They didn’t release any specific specs, they talked about the kind of hardware it was using and where they sourced their materials from but otherwise there was little mention of actual numbers, which are the telling factors.

      2. i am 100% blown away by th concept of the wiiu .

        It would be nice if i knew the wiiu can completely outpeform the shitty old 360 that is rotting in my little brothers room that is all .

        i am 99.9% this will be the case . its all but confirmed .

      1. i know it will do !!!!!!!! i just want fears to be quashed .

        for me it is IMPERITIVE that the wiiu can at least slightly out peform the sub HD grandpa’s .

        Knowing that the wiiu is more powerfull than the previous generation is good for the enthusiasm , you know ??

      2. HD TWINS?!?!?!?! THE XBOX AND PS3 CANT EVEN RUN GAMES AT 720p LET ALONE 1080p! (I think its like 680p or some sub hd format that my crappy laptop can even produce)

        1. did you break your capslock key?
          most games run in 720p
          quite a few run in less but these usually apply some kind of antialiasing to cover up the fact
          3d games running in full HD on xbox/ps3 are indeed very few but there are a couple.. as a consequence they tend to have very low poly counts (comparable to an ipad game -> high resolution but low poly count and less overall effects because the hardware wouldn’t take it)

    1. i presume clock speed’s will have been finalised. i have this article in ONM uk , by steve lycett of sumo digital (sega racing developer) . And he says that the development kit he had has been replaced by a vastly improved one.

      1. Yeah, I can’t imagine they’ll have changed the specs much at all, besides which we don’t really know what they were to start with, and Nintendo never releases official specs, so it’s much more likely to be a change on form factor, or perhaps some added or removed functionality.

  3. I will pre order the system once the release date is announced. Hopefully after the release date comes out I can go to gamestop or best buy and pre order it

      1. I said pro controller thank you. The pro controller doesn’t have rumble but wii u (gamepad) does. I want them to put a rumble function into the pro contoller.

    1. if by that you mean they’d change the appearance of the console then i can only say that this would be extremely unlikely

      not with all the pictures and marketing material they’ve already released ;)

  4. Fuck yeah.

    The more I think about it, the smarter Nintendo is by releasing it now – instead of waiting and making an even more powerful system. We’ll get beautiful “Nintendo” games, eventually. And when Sony and MS are showing off their new systems, Nintendo will be showing their 2nd & 3rd year Wii U games – very smart.

    I think Nintendo will hold their own very well this generation. Still will buy the other two consoles (from Sony and MS) but my Wii U will still have a spot in the living room… without a doubt.

      1. Al u are a very smart man…*I approve your message with Nintendo’s seal of quality!*
        That is exactly what we’re doing. Hahaha!

  5. If they give a price for the USA and Japan and then say ‘the UK price will be set by the retailers’ I shall cry, as I did when the 3DS was released.

      1. That’s exactly what will happen dude…and it’s not their fault. Our lame ass EU regulations state that it’s “unfair” to put a fixed price on an item. I think Nintendo actually got into trouble because of this during the Gamecube era…

    1. It’s actually Optimus Prime. Him and Reggie are going to combine to form Reggie Prime.
      “Nintendo fans!, Transform and BARREL ROOOOLL!”

  6. The WiiU’s body is ready.

    The WiiU’s Zero Laser is fully charged

    Power level, 9000


    Well that was fun….

      Vegeta in z Kai(because GT was shit):Fuck that I’m 1,000,000,000 and Kakarot’s is 100,000,000,000.

          1. WiiU is a beast of a gaming consoIe! I’m already playing the next gen system that we at Nintendo are making….yeah the one that comes after Wii U. How’s that you ask? I’m Miyamoto bitches and I can do that!

            *I’m Miyamoto bitches and I approve this message with Nintendo’s seal of quality!*

  7. Dear Reggie-san…

    Prepare to drop the A-Bomb in New York, New York… while I drop the A-Bombs in Kyoto and Tokyo!

    Satoru Iwata
    President and CEO of Nintendo, Co., Ltd.

  8. I thought at E3 2012 we where supposed to see it’s “final form” lol, anyway I’m super excited for this conference :D

    1. You know whats worse? Im working till 4pm that day :| although i am in the UK so depending on time differences i might just catch the begining when i finish, i duno

  9. So, are they live broadcasting this or do we have to wait after the event is finished? If there are any surprises, I’d rather live through them as they happen since news sites will have misleading titles for whatever is announced to get more hits.

    1. I’ll be at school :/ but I’ll sure as fuck will be on my EVO 3DS while there! Or I might wait for school to end so I’m not going ape-shit in class/public. I’m HYPEED to the MAAAAAXX!! Just being able to fucking preorder the damn thing will set me off!!! Its so close!!

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        1. At least my school had Flash, they only updated it once every three months or something but they still had it…

          Also, when my friends discovered proxies, some idiot went on YouTube just when the head IT technician came into the room. Then it just became a giant pain to find others, since they blocked the word “proxy” in searches. We found ways though :)

      1. You’re such a bad student.XD
        I did the same sometimes, though, so I can’t really blame you.
        High School, at least, didn’t really teach me much that I could use IRL.
        I mean, what boss in a minimum-wage job these days demands that you know Calculus?XD

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  13. why the source links go to other articles from this site that have nothing to do with the topic? What a scam article… For shame mynintendonews.

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  16. Where the hell do you watch this press event at? I can’t seem to find any site saying they are going to have the stream. Everywhere just says that the event is on the 13th.

  17. Calling it right now; the moment the announcements are done, and an article about it is up on here regarding the specs, trolls are going to FLOOD it with negative remarks on any aspect they can latch their mad little hater claws on.
    Because their own lives are so boring and unimportant that they have to come on here and heckle others to get their jollies.
    The smart gamers on this site, at that time, will entirely ignore them no matter what they say about the specs, and will go on with their lives looking forward to the fun times ahead that the Wii U will bring.

      1. Meh, I definitely recall such a thing said for the E3 models, unless that was referring to the controller.

        Hopefully they add Ethernet and a HDD option for the rumored multiple SKUs.

  18. im hoping for the addition of an ethernet port if there are indeed small changes

    and as for games…the showing and or announcement of the following:

    Nintendo vs capcom
    new 3d mario game
    retro studios game
    at the very least a few screenshots of smash bros

  19. 9am to 3pm U.S. central time. 8am to 2pm in Mountain time. I will be in school the whole time :( but there are the to time zones I found out.

  20. my top 3 guesses for games they’ll also announce this day
    1. a new, HD Mario adventure game
    2. a handful of new 3rd party Wii U titles
    3. the secret Retro Studios Wii U title

  21. I’m guessing hardware is what they meanby final down. Since I’m guessing by the constant leaked hardware exporesures that’s tmwhy each one differs Cuz they’ve been changing it. Hope its powerful enough it 1080p n 60frames for three screens

  22. My wallet, body, and social life are ready! Can’t wait to hear all the news. I hope they spoil us with good announcements. My fear is that I am the only one that is excited for New Super Mario Bros. U. Everyone’s like “I need a title to get excited about.” when I can clearly see that New Super Mario Bros. U is an improvement over one of my favorite video games on Wii. Nintendo is giving us a great first party title so I wish people would just shut up and give it a chance.

    1. Tyler, bang on there, i also like mario games, I can help with the time news, for UK people its starts at 3.00pm BST which is tough for school kids.

    1. And a copy of Inception just so when you thought they couldn’t blow your mind anymore.. OH SHIT! Its a an announcement inside of a conference inside of a press event inside of a videogame co. Is your mind blown yet? Well imagine all that and we still aren’t sure if its EVEN. FUCKING. AIRING. *dramatic music* *shivers* *head explodes*

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          1. Lol that comment was to cover up your mistake U MAD? You gonna cry that you didn’t get that Mario game for your birthday? HAHAHA

          1. Its a clone. Ive changed my name to gaming fan. It was gamer in previous posts but I was getting called a clone so I changed my name.

            1. Haha yeah. I saw. Whoever this clone is, is really quite sad. He’s so illiterate it isn’t fun– what am I saying? IT IS FUNNY! XD

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      1. Lol shut up who gives a fuck? It’s called typing on a phone , i can’t be bothered fixing my fucking spelling.. Besides , only faggots like you use grammar as an argument.

    1. hey bitch, go take your bullshit somewhere else. If you want to talk shit about gaming companies, take it to xbox and playstation but here, plese stick to the article funcking dumbass

    2. Hey bitch, if you want to talk shity crap about gaming companies take it to microsft and sony but here, stick to the subject fucking dumbass

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  25. They need to announce the price and release date for sure this thursda… But I hope we get a preview of the retro game which I hope is metroid and or ssb 4 cuz the launch looks promising but wat after the launch really they need to show the haters that Nintendo Wii u is here to stay

    1. Well there’s Aliens C.M, InjusticeGods Among Us, Project C.A.R.S. SSMBU, 3D Mario, Mario Kart, Zelda HD, DiRT, Ghost Recon Online, some form of Kirby and Donkey Kong, hell theres bound to be some form of “Rythym” in the future. And a slew of multiplats and exclusives that will get the PS360 DRONES in a frenzy. Just sit tight Nintendo has got this!

  26. I need to get a day off thursday from school. any ideas?

    Im either favoring for, i have a big quiz and need to study


    Im not feeling too good- but then id need to go to a doctor :/

    1. Too bad you go to pre school and can’t go home to watch your little Nintendo kids show , little baby needs his diaper changed?

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  31. hi there there was a rummer on the internet saying nintendo wii u supports 4 game pad tablets nintendo usaly have big surpizes in store

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