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Unannounced Wii U Game Should Be Revealed Thursday During NYC Nintendo Event

Remember that unannounced Wii U game that was teased in August? Well, apparently, it’s going to be revealed this Thursday during Nintendo’s Wii U Preview event in New York City. GameTrailers Editor-in-Chief Shane Satterfield claims that the game should come out this year, and we should find out what it is exactly on September 13th.

67 thoughts on “Unannounced Wii U Game Should Be Revealed Thursday During NYC Nintendo Event”

      1. My guesses are:
        – black ops 2
        – resident evil 6
        – Borderlands 2 (probably not)

        I dont think its going to be anything that we havent heard about already

            1. It just owns xD its a FPS RPG, so imagine…Diablo/Fallout/And a really good FPS game, and its 1-4 players online, and 2 player split screen, its amazing

      1. i would b happy- big game=. bigger online community for nintendo+ a really big communiy online FPS- hopefully it has splitscreen

  1. If it’s a first party I hope it is something not even close to Mario, Kirby or Star Fox. If it is a third party..I hope it’s not a shooter (I love shooters but I’d love something different)

    1. Metroid would make my day, but it’s not likely because of the level of details and puzzles I believe they would like to put in the first entry of Samus in an HD console..not to mention the plot.
      F-zero would be cool, but I don’t know if it would happen so soon though.

      So…I have no idea xD

  2. Hmmmm at very best it’s the rumored Retro titles. At very least it’s Black Ops 2 which would be kinda disappointing but I suppose over good for the system.

    1. i think it’s retro’s new game since they were suppose to show it at E3 but got held back, I bet it’s because of some technical problem which by now it wouldve been solve, beside why wouldnt they show it? they almost did at E3 RIGHT,RIGHT????? -_-

      1. That’s only a rumor, you should never get your hopes up based on a rumor. Truth is no one knows what Retro is doing, except that they’re doing SOMETHING. Could be anything.

        1. as much as I love starfox and would love a new entry into the series, I would rather have Retro work on an entire new IP of their own and no more remakes for them, well not anytime soon at least..

  3. Could someone please tell me the address of where the wii u preview is going to be? I’ve searched and searched but I can’t find the exact address

    1. its press only invite only. so doesnt help u much. just trust sickr to keep u posted. Hey sickr i really hope u got an invite your deserve one. best news provider on the web and i mean that

    1. i think they’ve announce it already that RE6 wont be making it to WiiU since it was far in development, I hate to say but hopefully they can port it over afterwards.

  4. If there’s One developer I can trust StarFox with, its Retro Studios, Please show your game on the 13th. Trust me, Nintendo needs all the hype they can get to take advantage of their 1 year (Possibly 2 year) Headstart. (;

  5. Do people even know the word UNANNOUNCED?!

    It means we have not heard anything at all other than it’s a game we don’t know about!
    CoD my ass, that’s as big of a surprise as the shit that comes out of my ass.

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  8. Any of these would be the shit:
    Mach Rider (Rockstar)
    F-Zero(Amusement Vision)
    Star Fox(Platinum Games)
    Ice Climbers(Treasure Co. Ltd)
    Super Mario RPG 2(Square Enix)
    Or 1 of these other franchises
    Project H.A.M.M.E.R.
    Fatal Frame
    Wave Race

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