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Nintendo Announces Two Bundles For Wii U

Nintendo has confirmed that there will be two Wii U bundles a “Home Type” and a “Premium”, one with 8GB vs 32GB.  The Premium Wii U contains (Hardware, GamePad, AC adapters, HDMI, 32 GB HDD) and the basic Home Type contains (Hardware + Gamepad, 8GB). The premium also comes with 2 years Nintendo Network Premium (10% discount on downloadable software). Both consoles will be available December 8th in Japan

Premium Set: Black Wii U Hardware, AC Adapter, Wii U GamePad, Game Pad AC Adapter, and HDMI Cable, Stand for System, Stand for GamePad, 32 GB internal storage
Premium Set: 31,500 yen
*Also includes Nintendo Network Premium loyalty program, where you get 10% back as points on your digital purchases.

Basic Set: White Wii U Hardware, AC Adapter, Wii U GamePad, Game Pad AC Adapter, and HDMI Cable, 8GB internal storage
Basic Set: 26,250 yen

85 thoughts on “Nintendo Announces Two Bundles For Wii U”


        1. Not this time though, if you remember back when the Wii was launched it was released in Europe and America first before it was launched in Japan.

    1. HDMI still isn’t bundled with most XBox360 sets. I can’t speak for PS3 since I’ve never purchased one myself. As for the adapter… looks like they’re taking the 3DSXL route and making you buy your own.

      1. I can understand about HDMI cable not being included, but there has to be some cable included right? Or doesn’t nintendo like to include necessary cables nowadays(looking at you 3DS XL).

      1. So why are you on a website for people who like Nintendo?

        Plus, didn’t I hear that the 720 was using Gamecube chipsets and microsoft couldn’t get it running because of the chips… yeah Wii U will wipe the floor with microsoft’s face.

    1. The controller is basically half of the costs. I imagine the US prices will be slightly marked down, probably to $299.99 and $399.99 respectively. The Wii sold for $45 USD less at launch than in the United States, but Wii Sports was not bundled with it. If the figures stateside aren’t cheaper, they will at least be congruent.

            1. Cloud storage is a separate entity entirely. All cloud storage is is internet-based file hosting.

              Flash memory is on many levels the same as a hard disk drive. It holds several advantages though: it can copy and access data faster, has fewer ways of losing data, and consumes less power. Honestly, at this point, the advantages are small, but I consider Nintendo’s choice in SSD a significant step in future-proofing their console. I imagine the cost of flash memory will plummet in the coming years and the tech can only get better from here.

  2. Ummmm am I the only one here disappointed? For 400 dollars you get a 32 GB Wii U. For the same amount, you can get a 250 GB XB360 bundled with a game and 2 controllers. 32 gigs is seriously not much. Within a year I bet Nintendo will release a 50 gig or higher just like they released the 3DSXL. Also, there were no new games announced like everyone thought, and if the games weren’t announced in Japan, don’t expect to see them here in America. Wii U is the first Nintendo system I have no desire to buy.

    1. Nintendo Japan announced a second conference focusing on games, which will happen simultaneously with the North American, Australian and European presentations.

      The XBox360 set doesn’t come with rechargeable controllers, AC docks/adapters, a touch screen controller or HDMI cables, and uses hard memory versus the Wii U’s superior flash memory. Historically, Nintendo is far less aggressive with their home console releases than handhelds, so don’t expect a revision for the Wii U for several years.

      1. true, but a revision is different than a HDD upgrade. Nintendo is entering a new ball game, so I figure they will play the field.

    2. Yes, you are. Why? Because you’re a fucking idiot who does direct conversions. Tard.

      “Also, there were no new games announced like everyone thought”

      Anyone with a brain knows that the games are announced at the NYC show/the next Nintendo Direct. You’re a fucking idiot.

      1. LOL no I’m not gonna buy it. And you’re about as stupid as a tree. The games weren’t announced in Japan’s Direct. They’re not gonna be announced here. Unless you know it or not, wittle baby, Japan is Nintendo’s home. Stay tuned for more teaching from Snoober=]

        1. “The games weren’t announced in Japan’s Direct.”

          There’s a second one you dumb fuck. I don’t give a damn if you don’t buy it, at least there would be one less retard on Miiverse.

          1. In the MiiVerse??? Aww aint that cute. Already preping for some good ole’ Wii U fun!!!!!!!!!!! But you being in Miiverse adds a retard to it as well so lets do the math wittle fewa. 1-+1 is 1. So nothing is being lost. =] This has been a Snoober Production.

            1. Hello lovely gentlemen (or lady),
              I would very well like to inform you that Nintendo has another Nintendo Direct in Japan later in the day. That, according to Iwata, will feature first and third party games new and old.
              Thank You,

            2. You’re an idiot. Please attend to this link (, which clearly states “Nintendo has announced an additional Wii U Nintendo Direct that will take place in Japan at 11 p.m., which will be hosted by company president Satoru Iwata. The event will cover the first and third-party Wii U software lineup.” Now to address your math skills. “1-+1 is 1” this is incorrect. 1-+1=0. because the second one is already positive and the first one is positive and you are subtracting the two. 1-1=0, now please return to your first grade math teacher and tell them why he/she should be fired. Also you’re claiming that its too much for too little, look at the original Xbox360, it was US$399.99 for the 20 GB Pro edition at launch and it took them about 3 years to produce the 60 GB version of the Xbox 360 Pro which was $299. Now look at Wii U at launch 32 flash GB which is much more reliable, and the thinking is all hardcore gamers who would buy the Wii U would already have an external hardrive for their XBox360 or PS3, so it was actually quite the smart retail decision. This is because it also works fine for the casual buyers who would be used to an iPhone per say which starts at 16, 32, and 64 GBs, but casuals will most likely buy 32 at most. This has been a TrashyLover216 production. =D

      2. You are dumb!
        Calling names what are you five?
        That’s why all these wars start cause of people like you! And Wii U will not come in first! I was right 3 gens in a row when kids like you cursed me out on Nsider!

  3. People who are complaining about the 32gb should calm down and take a chillpill. The Wii U supports usb hard drives and usb thumbdrives. There’s a point they kept it at only 8 and 32gb. We all know everyone is going to complain. Why not just get a 2TB hard drive and connect it to the Wii U? Some people never think. Idiots.

    1. I got news for ya pal, I had an 80 GB PS3 and didn’t have much games and within a year found myself frantically deleting data. When 360 launched, I remember people complaining about 20 gig launches. Seriously it wont take long to run through the data.

      1. Bull. I have a 80GB ps3 and i could fit about 5 full games on there, and music. If you’re one of these people that wants to keep every game they downloa on the harddrive then good news! The WiiU can use any external HDD

  4. Can you double-check the differences between the Home and Premium versions? I watched the stream too, and while my Japanese is not perfect, I’m pretty sure that the Home version will also include AC adapters and HDMI cable. The Premium will have the bigger HDD and also a charging stand for the pad.

    1. yeah it is hard. hmmmm OH I KNOW! Wait for 720/PS4. They will be around 400 and I bet you money they will both be <32 gigs and will have controllers not over a hundred bucks.

      1. Really they will be $400, huh? Tell that to sony who produced a $600 console last time. And your math skills really are atrocious “<" is the "less than" symbol. You just claimed that the PS4 and XBox720 will have less memory than Wii U. Remember that faithful time in elementary school when you learned to draw teeth inside the "” symbols and the side that the teeth were pointing towards was always the bigger one? No? Ohl, okay, than again please report to your first grade teacher, she’s got some explaining to do!

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  6. it looks ok. If it has 2 GB RAM memory, it means 4 times xbox 360’s memory. It will run very fast I think. I will buy this console, because it finally looks that Nintendo made a console with better tech specifications than his competitors!

  7. Very nice setup… Cpu gpu combo also. The system ram can be used like the 3ds also. 8 gig scratch space using sdd not slow hdds. At $350 ill get two so I’ll have two pads and one to take with me to play local LAN games.

  8. So the premium set is about £250… I’ll get that as long as they don’t bump up the UK price like they did with the 3ds XL.

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  10. johnr754. Not anonomyus, PETERIUSS.

    Remember when someone said that one of the Wii U sets would be $150?

    Lol. But my hands are on premium. It’s also nice it’s released near Christmas time.

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  12. Mmm the premium bundle is tempting. It depends though…if I’m able to DL stuff like movies for example then the premium bundle might be for me. Then again, if it supports external HDD, then it might be cheaper to get the home with that.
    Oh and wasn’t it said that the Wii U doesn’t have a HDD? Or maybe I’m wrong or Nintendo added a HDD.

  13. Seems rather stupid of them to make a certain colour more expensive then the other. Why can’t both options have the two different colours? and what would this mean down the road when nintendo releases special colours which im sure will happen.

  14. So the sexy black Wii U is the premium console. No choice but to get the premium. I have a question about the HDMI cables. Does that mean the console won’t come with the red, white and yellow cables? I think I need those for my TV set. I hope I don’t have to buy a new one, but I will if I have to. Leave luck to heaven.

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