Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has announced that the Wii U features 2GB of memory – 1GB for system memory plus 1GB for games. The Wii U also uses its own optical disc format which can hold up to 25GB of data, and the system has a 22.5 MB/sec disc read rate.



  1. All this fucking time with those lying ass rumors! Iwata K.O’s them in 1 goddamn minute. Speculation DONE. IT’S MORE POWERFUL; CHOKE ON IT DOUBTING ASSHOLES. NOW, FOR THOSE GAAAAAAAAAMMMMMEEESSSS.


  2. That’s a pretty decent disc read rate. Quick.
    I wonder what kind of RAM they’re using. Probably something fast like GDDR5 or just DDR3. Who knows.


    • Those fake posters are gonna be scrambling to save their reputation after getting caught with their pants down!!! Some of them even denied the Power7 watson cpu despite IBM confirming it in twittter!!! LOL @ the rumors saying Wii U will only have 760MB of RAM. It’s
      reminds me of the 3DS in a way. Looking at the PSV I really can’t see
      much of a huge diffrence compared to the 3DS. And, yes the
      rumors also f-up and said 64MB of RAM instead of 128MB and an ARM11 dual core CPU that according to documents run the very least 800MHz instead of 266MHz. (they scrambled again saying that the system uses 32MB and forgot to mention it BS)


      • STOP DOING WHAT THE PEOPLE U SAY U HATE ARE DOING SPEC LYING THERE Saying 3ds low ur saying high your both wrong

        3DS dualcore custom arm 11 is 268mhz the gpu runs 1to1 with the cpu the gpu is also 268mhz its a 1to1 balanced system theres 6mb of gpu buffer ram and 128mb of fc fast ram 32mb for os 96 for games


        • I didn’t say I knew it ran 800MHz or 1GHz….I just said doc said the processor typically ran that speed.(the links) The 3DS may run as low 500MHz(to conserve power) as far as I can guess but those rumors should be put to rest and state that the 3DS’ CPU ran those typical numbers and not trust IGN’s rumors.


      • Good!
        Here’s hoping the PS4 matches it in this aspect, at the very, very least. If it does and the price point for both it and the Wii U is around $400 due to such tech, I’ll likely get both.[as long as the PS4 doesn’t drop support for PS3 games, that is…….]


    • minimum 2 x but we need more info its going to be more than that

      huge edram GPGPU design modern gpu compute shaders 3mb edram catch to cpu 3x cpu and 1 x gpgpu gpu working together thats a whole lot of threads

      the disc speed is 2.5 x ps3


    • PS3 has 256MB dedicated to video and 256MB dedicated to the system. So the Wii U technically has 4X better in system and Video RAM compared to the PS3. One also has to account how much embedded RAM (probably 40MB of 1TSRAM vs 10MB for 360, and none for the PS3) the Wii U has. The Wii U also has a true GPGPU, is awesome wayyy better than the one my 360 has. Overall, good news and puts the Wii U at the very least 3.5x-4x more capable than the x360 (which to me is the better of the two current gen HD system).


        • I have an x360 and I am not jumping into conclusions. You’ve been known as very anti-Nintendo on the site(that’s why your defense of the Xenos is not surprising) as I am known to dislike Sony (MS I like…but not as much as N). The GPGPU architecture of the 360 is a much earlier version of what the Wii U will have. Plus, the Wii U will probably end up having 40MB or more of embedded 1TSRAM (they own MoSys) which is 4x more than what the x360 currently has. But thank you the 360 is one impressive machine compared to the PS3.


  3. iv worked out the disc load speed its 2.5 x faster than ps3s bluray i bet some of that ram is also a disc cacth like gamecube for even faster loading say 4 x ps3 it would only need 32mb or so to do that i hope so


  4. im guessing 1.6ghz -ish cpu and 800mhz-ish gpu ,,,,based on desktop ati gpus from that family and the cpu speed of powerpc 400 s and powerpc 476fp,,, both powerpc 32bit 400 series that a tri core next gen broadway would use as powerpc 750 no longer exist and all customers to IBM would move from powerpc 750 to powerpc 400 if they wanted to carry on with the same cores and instructions or/and allow back play of code

    wii to wiiu expresso is tri core powerpc 4– broadway + custom catch etc


  5. This is very good news. People, today the trolls are going to come out in force try to dampen the excitement of Nintendo fans. Don’t respond to them. Let Nintendo do your talking for you. Leave luck to heaven.


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