Nintendo of Japan has announced that Wii U will be available to purchase on December 8th. The console will set Japanese consumers back 31,500 yen (£250) for the Premium 32GB premium version. The basic Home Type version will set you back 26,250 yen (£210). You also get 2 years Nintendo Network Premium (10% discount on downloadable software) with the Premium 32GB console..



  1. Will US accually get a system before Japan for once? Hopefully or hopefully the US date is very close. Thats super close to the holiday season, alot of parents do there shopping even before the month of dec. Hmmm


  2. In this way, if rumors are confirmed, the first to receive the WiiU will be the US, since sources claim that Nintendo is planning to release it at some point around middle November (probably on the 11th) in order to take advantage of Black Friday (that will be on November 23th).

    But it sounds very strange, since Japan is usually the first to receive Nintendo’s releases.

    Are we about to see a tradition being broken?


  3. 400 dollars are you freaking kidding me? no thank you nintendo im shocked after you said we’d be suprised at the price yeah im suprised. not a day 1 buy for me


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