Xenoblade Developer Reconfirmed To Be Working On Wii U Game

The incredible development team behind the critically acclaimed Xenoblade Chronicles have confirmed that they’re working on a brand new game for Wii U. The news was announced during the Japanese Nintendo Direct conference. Sadly there isn’t any further information about the project.



      1. Hi,I’m a relatively new lineestr.I’ve been cutting back on my gaming-related podcast-listening, but 8-4 stays on my iPhone for obvious reasons.I don’t like Ragnarok Online or other asian games, but really who does?I like games like P.N.03, Bayonetta, Vanquish, Ikaruga, RE4, Resident Evil: REmake, DeadRising 2, etc.So when I found out you ppl were working on Shadows of the Damned I was really looking forward to your next podcast.Sort of disappointed when you didn’t talk about it in the first podcast after its release … but then I thought it was kind of cool of you to let [the market] have its way and just see what happens …and then [have your way with my ears] with a podcast with that music-making guy who has been making sweet love to my ears for the last couple of weeks.I didn’t play the Silent Hill games (tried it for 5 minutes and gave up), but I’m really happy ’bout preordering SotD so I would get the album as a download.… but1) the dlc [album] doesn’t contain all the AWSOME tracks from the game. Only a lot of great tracks. Oh, the horror.2) I’m sure I risk stepping on someone’s toes, but early on in the game, in fact the last line in the tutorial, and something that is cover in things like the Giant Bomb Quick Look, … sure , the game is sefl-aware in a very nice way, but … there are lines that are too much … rubbing it in the gamer’s face … and the Not according to the internet -line was too cheesey for even me,3) The gun aming isn’t perfectthat said, I’ll keep this really short,i) Holy shit this is a great game!! THANK YOU!ii) I don’t get how people either don’t mention the story or says it ain’t great. I’ll agree that it might not be the most original … but it is a great story. And while I can see why people don’t want a sequel, I think it’s open for one…iii) Any complaints about a passive Paula can be answered by a) She’s not a daemon hunter, b) [end game spoilers]iv) Penis jokes … We’re all grown up enough … and these ones are FANTSTIC!summa sumarumThank You!for a great podcast.Thank You!for your participation in this great game!/Commodore75


  1. That’s good. Most of my predictions about this conference came true so I’m still betting we won’t hear much about this game and Retro Studio’s until E3 2013.


  2. This Christmas will feel like good Christmases and Boxing days gone by. With Christmas Carols, toys, good food. families playing Nintendo land, mothers screaming at their husbands to turn Zombie U off! cause it will fraek the kids out. Nintendo gaming brings harmony.


    1. I think Xenoblade 2 will never happen, they will probably create the next xenosaga game with the xenoblade mechanics.
      Xenoblade was just an experiment, after all.


  3. YES. I’m currently playing the hell out of Xenoblade. I’m 90 hours in and at Prison Island Second Visit. I hope they can make another game as breathtaking as Xenoblade.


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