Nintendo UK and Nintendo Europe have both confirmed via Twitter that the official ZombiU Premium Pack won’t come bundled with a copy of Nintendo Land. Instead, the package includes a Premium 32GB Wii U Console, ZombiU and a Wii U Pro Controller.

The ZombiU Pack is like the #WiiU Premium Pack but instead of Nintendo Land it includes the #ZombiU game and a black Wii U Pro Controller.



  1. Wow. Now it doesn’t have NintendoLand, Gamestation’s £350 price point is way too high. The package just lost a shitload of value. I think I’ll get the regular one and buy ZombiU later.


  2. I would rather have ZombiU than NintendoLand, and I would like a packed in pro controller, buuuuuuuuut, not for that price. With the American package, I’ll be able to get NintendoLand free, purchase ZombiU, and still pay less. I’ll just have to miss out on a pro controller, which isn’t really a big deal, since I probably won’t even need one for a long time. So, in theory it’s a nice bundle, but really, unless you just have to have a pro controller (which you won’t be using for ZombiU anyway), it’s not the best deal.


  3. Game are advertising the zombie u pack with nintendo land, this could be a mistake on there part but if you have per order with them on the basis you thought you would get both games they should honour it.


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