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European ZombiU Premium Wii U Package Doesn’t Include Nintendo Land

Nintendo UK and Nintendo Europe have both confirmed via Twitter that the official ZombiU Premium Pack won’t come bundled with a copy of Nintendo Land. Instead, the package includes a Premium 32GB Wii U Console, ZombiU and a Wii U Pro Controller.

The ZombiU Pack is like the #WiiU Premium Pack but instead of Nintendo Land it includes the #ZombiU game and a black Wii U Pro Controller.

92 thoughts on “European ZombiU Premium Wii U Package Doesn’t Include Nintendo Land”

      1. Also, if you’ve never used Zavvi before, like me, then use this code at the checkout: ZV15625875. It gives you 5% discount, so you get the whole premium ZombiU set for £285!

        1. That. Zombie U bundle looks better than the Nintendo land one. Lucky fuckers.

          On another note, NoA really fucked up with that Delux bundle, if the western audience loves shooters, why not cater to that audience?? The only thing that cones to mind is because BO2 is releasing about the same time. Smh.

    1. Let’s trade then. The America Deluxe only gets Nintendo Land, I’d prefer to get Zombie U. Europe definitely got the best Deluxe edition

              1. We uses norwegian kroner, i just use the word dollars here so it’s easier to understand. Yeah norway’s inflation is horrid.

            1. Help me understand this? Why the hell is it so damn expensive in Norway? Are all the people there millionaires so the retailers jack up the prices because people can afford it? I from Florida USA and I need immediate clarification on Norways economic’s. Please, someone reply…………………………PLEASE…..

              1. Well i don’t really know why it’s so expensive,it just is. It could be something like taxes wich the goverment takes 25 prosent of.

                It was also alot more awfully expensive to buy games in the 90s to early 2000s,
                some games could cost up to 170 dollars.

                The last time games cost anything remotely like that here was the launch window games of ps3 which was around 150 dollars and also on the topic of ps3 it was priced at 1054 dollars at launch.

                Our electrical bills are usually at the 1700 dollar’s mark, so yeah, expensive country.

      1. I WOULD preorder mine but GAME’s website is being a fucking cunt, and i need to reset my password, but it wont let me because i need to apparently “challengeAnswer” whatever the FUCK that means….

        1. Luckily for me i have ‘games dojo’ across the road from house , which is an independant break away of Chips .

          They do tournament’s and stuff in store . I went to pre order my wiiu an hour ago , there was about 15 people in the store pre ordering :) .

          Games dojo is the best game shop i have been to . has all retro and everything , second in price only to CEX .

          1. I know but u already put a secure deposit on the WiiU online, and i wanted to check it, and make sure it was for the right bundle. I also need to cancel my AC3 preorder for the ps3 seeing as im getting the WiiU version

        1. Yeh its primarily in English , but i think if you go to the options it has the other main European languages aswell . If a wiiu is sold in france i think it is set in French , but you can make it English . Just like the games with language options!!

      1. But external hardrives are unreliable and is really slow for transferring data since they are USB 2.0 , Internal hardives are always better.

          1. Ignore him. He’s just using a copy/paste list of things ‘wrong’ with external devices that actually aren’t true. They just get used so much you may think they are.

        1. Reggie has said why . Becuase the price of HDD’s are depreciating everyday. so if they put a big hard drive in , it messes with the value of the console . and the price keeps changeing .

          This way the hardcore can plug in a 3TB and casual ARE NOT forced to pay extra for something they don’t need.

          winner .,

        2. Internal hardrives also increase the risk of getting a hardware failure. They also didn’t include an internal hardrive because it would up the cost even more.

        3. In fact, people who modified their Wii’s an had everythig on an external HDD, said load times were actually decreased, even to the point where it was significantly faster.

    1. It doesnt need a 32GB HDD because the disk reading speed isnt a piece of shit, so no need to install games. If someone buys digital, they’ll buy a external HDD anyway. Stupid cunt.

  1. Wow. Now it doesn’t have NintendoLand, Gamestation’s £350 price point is way too high. The package just lost a shitload of value. I think I’ll get the regular one and buy ZombiU later.

      1. It just seemed much better value when you were getting the premium set, Nintendo Land, ZombiU, and a Pro controller. Now they’ve taken NintendoLand, a £40 game out of the bundle, it just doesn’t seem as good value.

        1. Well there never was a NintendoLand and zombiU bundle, and nowhere else is getting a bundle like that, with the pro controller.

        1. Hmm…i dont know actually…im going to guess so, but we all have friends and family an i think thats the point to get them involved

  2. I would rather have ZombiU than NintendoLand, and I would like a packed in pro controller, buuuuuuuuut, not for that price. With the American package, I’ll be able to get NintendoLand free, purchase ZombiU, and still pay less. I’ll just have to miss out on a pro controller, which isn’t really a big deal, since I probably won’t even need one for a long time. So, in theory it’s a nice bundle, but really, unless you just have to have a pro controller (which you won’t be using for ZombiU anyway), it’s not the best deal.

  3. Game are advertising the zombie u pack with nintendo land, this could be a mistake on there part but if you have per order with them on the basis you thought you would get both games they should honour it.

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