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Nintendo’s Wii U Deluxe Set GameStop Pre-Orders Sold Out In Less Than Two Days

In under two days, GameStop sold out its pre-order supply of the Wii U Deluxe Set, which costs $349.99, includes 32GB of internal storage, additional accessories and Nintendo Land. The Wii U Basic Set, which costs $299.99 and includes 8GB of internal storage, can still be pre-ordered from the video game retailer. Claim a Wii U Basic Set from GameStop here.

186 thoughts on “Nintendo’s Wii U Deluxe Set GameStop Pre-Orders Sold Out In Less Than Two Days”

            1. Yeah but then he later said Nintendo will be forced to slash the price next summer because on e the hype wears off people won’t buy it

                    1. “The retarded version of smash bros” lmfao so what does that make smash brothers eh. They were inspired by them you know just like nintendo was inspired to use the fx chp after the contract with sony enterprise ended lol.
                      Do you only own ninendo products.

                    2. damn you dumb with the 3ds xl and wii-u out for this coming holiday season do you honestly think the ps vita will sell? the wii-u is the nail on the coffin for sony!

    1. Fuck….i forgot to check if my preorder from last month was valid…

      Aeolus – No-one will want to buy a current gen shit console like this, it’s going fail LOL


      1. yeah, when i went to preorder it on thursday, there was a line. i have NEVER seen a line to preorder something in my life lol.

        1. What can you do when all the evidence gets stacked up on you. When you get for a crime people always (well almost always) say it wasn’t them but in the end, they eventually plead guilty.

        1. It’s probably done a million already in global pre orders , and by the time its launched , it will probably destroy the vitas’s poultry 2.2mil on day 1 , LOL.

          The vita is the new Atari Lynx . doesnt even deserve dreamcast status!!!

              1. i can’t believe you don’t remember what you said two months ago, man i pity you. must be all that drugs you do. or you are just saying that because you know im telling the truth.

                1. Yeah, you’re full of shit. Predictable. Try again buddy, lying to make yourself come off as the savior to Nintendorks isn’t going to work with me until you prove I said such a thing.

                  1. you want prove go to my Nintendo news search up charts for nsmb2 and 3ds xl and right there you are saying “ha this game deserves 2nd place because watch dog ftw!!” derp derp
                    it was a week later after the 3ds xl and nsmb2 came out on the west.

                    1. I like how you come up with the most irrelevant “proof” yet, which in no way has anything to do with the proof I’m asking for.

                      Holy shit, you must be autistic.

        2. yeah i remember that too lol

          he also thought the vita would get games hahahaha

          next he’ll think sony can afford to make a PS4 LOOOOOOOOL

      2. Always remember this my friend: if you re-arrange the letters in his name and a “J” to the front, you get the word “jealous”.

      3. You do realize this is selling out because of dimwitted fanboys like you who always planned to buy one?

        I can assure you those preorders are not going to be entirely new customers. So don’t know why you’re feeling fuzzy inside like a retard.

      1. Indeed sir , the fact Monster hunter is at launch is japan , and games like COD and zombiu (which are in full 1080p 60fps) ar at launch in both regions , means this could be probably the fastest selling console of all time . even faster than the wii which is currently the ‘fastest’ selling console of all time .

          1. Indeed , It’s just a matter of buying a wiiu and buying all the games you like . And monitoring the ps4 and 720 situation . I really don’t think they are going to turn out to be that powerfull . they will have to be similarly priced to the wiiu if they want to shift unit’s.

            Nobody wants a $600 sub pc . people want something that their PC cannot do .
            I will probably get a ps4 , but the wiiu just looksfukin awesome!!!!

    2. I preorder the deluxe today and they said today was last day to preorder due to overwhelming demand. Sooooo glad i went today because i was about to wait til tomorrow.

    3. hahahaha yea a friend was saying that he pre-ordered his, next day his bro-in-law went in and they were sold out, my friend said he was so pissed xD

      1. You too my friend, i’m from El Salvador and i will buy this console outside here, here will cost more than $500 dollars… Y realmente me llama la atencion por eso estoy ahorrando para comprarla….

        Have a nice day dude

        1. Sí, yo también estoy emocionado por el Wii U. Yo también lo tendré que comprar fuera del país, porque acá en Honduras capaz lo venden al doble del precio. Con el PS Vita, acá la versión de $250 la venden a $450 y la de $300 la venden a $600 :/

    4. Well, so much for “It’ll never sell” quotes by market analysts who think it didn’t prove itself.
      Looks like the info dump on its games, price, and specs were enough to convince people that it had to have all of its pre-orders sold out by day 2.XD

        1. Nintendo could have given Gamestops a small supply of WiiUs in the first place if you want to be all tinfoil hat about it.

          Either way the system is doing fine, no need to worry.

      1. next time just preorder the console becuase the next shipments may not arive untill 2013 preorder is good advice too future gamers

    5. Entirely as expected – this pleases us even if we are in the UK!
      We expect our own game stockists to sell out entirely shortly, however.

        1. (-.-) ……what do you think…. of course not he is making the Aeolus clan to shame (even though there already are making a fool out of themselves).

      1. nothing wrong with that unless you have mini-pepole running about with dirty hands. memory is expandable and the Dock is’nt inportant

    6. Nintendo do this every generation, they ration consoles at the beginning to create the appearance of a mad scramble for the systems. I’m not saying they’re not selling, but we have no idea how many pre-orders GameStop had; could have been 10, could have been 10,000,000.

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    8. Wii U = Pre-orderes sell out within 2 days

      Xbox 720 = Pre-order stock at 120,000, only 2 were pre-ordered within 10… weeks

      PS4 = Pre-orderes sell out within 7 months

      That is my LOOSE prediction of what it will be like

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    10. aeoluslikestosuckoffmonkeydicksandthemonkeyisicydeadpeopleandtheyalsoseemtobeidiots

      So, other retailers still have them in stock? I hope I’ll be able to pre-order one a month before the launch.

      1. waring there wont be any stock left in 1 month before release all 100% preorders are up first then non preorders soo you may wait till 2013 untill 2 wii u shipment comes in

    11. There was actually ONE more deluxe Wii U set at my local Gamestop, but Aeolus got to it before me. He was grinning hysterically. True story.

    12. And to think, I went to my GameStop at 2 o’clock on Thursday and he told me to wait a few days and come back because they didn’t have the actual SKU in the system and “There’s plenty of time.”

    13. I wonder what the situation is in Canada for it. Glad I was first at my store to preorder my deluxe version. I know I was first because I was the only one at the store when they opened it. I was rather surprised to be the only one there…

    14. To whom it may concern: I just called my local GameStop and they are available. Try to find a “small town” GameStop, or one that is not in a mall or a popular places. Just call first

    15. Way to go Nintendo. You only produce enough consoles for the people with no life who were able to pre-order it in the first 2 days. It’s a fucking pre-order. The whole point is so that you don’t have to worry about it getting sold out. A company is supposed to make enough of a product so that the pre-orders themselves don’t get sold out. -_-

      Oh well, at least the Wii U doesn’t have any games anyway I guess. Once Pikmin 3 finally rolls around, I would hope I’ll be able to get one.

      And don’t you tell me to get that fagotty white console that’s a total rip-off.

      1. Nooby pls, I had this pre-ordered about a year ago.. Most people actually pre-ordered to pre-order for this one…. Yepp, I have no life.

    16. Glad I don’t have to worry lol I was the first pre-order at my shop. Was done less than 20 minutes after the conference ended.

    17. Whew! Yesterday I had a funny feeling, so I went to my local gamestop and pre ordered. I’m cool with the manager and she told me that I ordered just in time. She said that they were selling like hotcakes. Just called my local gamestop to confirm this news, and was told that they aren’t accepting anymore pre orders for the deluxe version. Glad I followed my feeling… :-D

    18. Just a side note. I know some people are disappointed, but no company should offer unlimited pre ordering. Why? Because people can always cancel. Then, the retailer is stuck with unwanted stock, and the company is losing money by their product sitting. When the 3ds first came out I read that many retailers were upset because it wasn’t selling, therefore, taking up precious space!

    19. This morning I went to GameStop to preorder the deluxe wii u set. Sold out. Then I went to pre order at bestbuu. Sold out. Then I Reyes toys r us and I finally got it.

    20. I was lucky, the guy working at gamestop had preordered the delux edition and changed it to the basic edition, so i was able to get the last preorder of the delux haha, was super nice. He said they were limited to 20 delux units for their store, but im not sure about the basic set…

    21. Reblogged this on hypersonic55 and commented:
      All I can say about this is wow, I knew that there would be eager Nintendo fans out there wanting to obtain the Wii U, but the fact that the deluxe set (the more expense Wii U bundle) has gone sold old anywhere in just under 2 days is insane. This to me shows that there definitely is some genuine interest in Nintendo’s new home console and it also shows an early sign that Nintendo’s next console could sell absurdly well like with the Wii back in 2006.

    22. I was a bit late but atleast i preorder the white wii u which is the same just its white n less gbites but maybe we could sd cards for it

    23. I just left Gamestop and paid $529.96 for a Premium Wii U, Assassin’s Creed 3, New Super Mario Bros. U, and Zombi U ! ! ! Can’t wait till November 18th ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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    25. I pre-ordered mine on the 13th, the first chance I got, I had called my gamestop and the guy told me, hey do it today or you prolly won’t get one, he was pretty much right on that one

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