Nintendo Wii U

Scribblenauts Unlimited Is A Wii U Launch Title

Developer 5th Cell has confirmed its upcoming action puzzle video game, Scribblenauts Unlimited, will launch alongside Nintendo’s Wii U on November 18th in North America. There is no release date announced yet for either Europe or Australia. If you pre-order a copy from GameStop, you’ll receive an actual rooster hat. Claim Wii U’s version of the game here.



    1. I’d be more for another star fox game. Its been long enough, we got a HD console now, the WiiU is perfect for that type of game, and two of the endings suggest that there is more story in the works; that there can be another game if not two


      1. Technically, assuming the great nephews offer grandchildren of a half brother or half sister, he could be of any age, 1-100.


  1. I was wondering if anyone knew if Rayman Legends will be a launch release title too?
    I was going to preorder 4 games from best but two of the games(Scribblenauts Unlimited and Rayman Legends) have different release dates(Scribblenauts has it for dec 31st and Rayman Legends has it for 12/4) and I want them all shipped out together so not sure if they will change the release date once the games DO come out to reflect the release date


    1. These are the games Im getting
      New Super Mario bros
      Rayman Legends(Can anyone confirm if this is a launch game release, different sites have different release dates)
      Epic Mickey 2
      Scribblenauts Unlimited(This game still shows a date of Dec 31st on most sites)
      sonic all star racing transformed


      1. Oh so only for EUR its released on the launch date? Its weird because Best buy has it for Dec 4th here, but has it for Nov 18th


      2. so for the US its mario, scribblenauts, epic mickey and the sega racing transformed that has been confirmed US launch date release games? I guess I will just wait til the release date no point in buying them now especially with all of the confusion about release dates


      3. Yeah, just wait. I didnt no sonic and all stars was a launch O_O



      4. yeah I doubt these games will sell out on release day anyway mind as well just wait.I already pre ordered the system which was the #1 priority the games wont sell out, maybe best buy or toys r us will have one of those buy 2 get 1 free promos


    1. That’s impossible… They only get a limited amount of pre-orders because they only let people pre-order to the amount of shipment. So if they get 2 Wii U consoles, only 2 people will be able to pre-order. They haven’t event got a shipment yet, so therefore there will be no more pre-orders before launch. Unless Nintendo decides to ship more over, but they are already having problems making them so that’s super unlikely.


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