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Analysts Give Their Opinions On Wii U

Video gaming website VGChartz has contacted a number of industry analyst to find out what they think to the Wii U now that Nintendo has revealed pricing, release date, and crucially, games. Most of the analyst seem impressed with what was announced, but there’s a few that expect a price cut next year just before Microsoft and Sony release their next generation consoles.

  • Wedbush Securities thinks the console will sell well through the holiday and could hit 7 million sold by March, but also warns that the company might have to cut the price before the 2013 holiday season to compete with Sony and Microsoft’s new releases.
  • DFC Intelligence thinks the price is a little too high to start with, and sees a price drop coming before the console is twelve months old.
  • Sterne Agee was impressed with the WiiU’s initial lineup, and thinks the console could sell one million units in North America over the holiday season, which would be in line with the original Wii console in 2006.
  • EEDAR was not surprised with the initial price for the console, but is surprised at a lack of depth in the game lineup.
  • RW Baird thinks that the company and console could have a strong holiday, but notes the console is not a “killer”.

110 thoughts on “Analysts Give Their Opinions On Wii U”

          1. lol cant you read? ” but also warns that the company might have to cut the price before the 2013 holiday season to compete with Sony and Microsoft’s new releases.” the keyword here is NEW. thats NOT the PS3 or the 360 clown. we’re talking about the PS4 & 720. clearly there’s gonna be a price drop for the PS3 when the PS4 comes out or even because of the Wii U. plus the Wii U isnt out yet for that to happen lol.

            1. Again, you’re not getting it. My point is: if you can buy a PS3 for $300-$400 (depending on which one you get), there’s no need for the Wii U to drop price if the older competition are still at that price range. The Wii U and PS3 are like a $500+ new PC and an old Mac with the same price.

              1. My response to that was completly explained in my last post. you seem to have selective reading. i clearly cover the PS3’s price & price cut lol. on top of that a new model & ps3 price cut are clearly being talked about. ” but also warns that the company might have to cut the price before the 2013 holiday season to compete with Sony and Microsoft’s new releases.” the keyword here is NEW. thats NOT the PS3 or the 360 clown. we’re talking about the PS4 & 720. clearly there’s gonna be a price drop for the PS3 when the PS4 comes out or even because of the Wii U. plus the Wii U isnt out yet for that to happen lol.

              2. keep in mind there no way you can convince people to buy a ps3 and a xbox 360 when you know the wii u you are getting a 5-6 years out of it and the xbox and ps3 you are getting a 2 years out of it due to there getting ready for next gen.

        1. PS4 and XBOX 720 will be around 400-500 dollars per unit. They would still be the cheapest console on the market, just like the Wii was 6 years ago.

                1. I’m not baseing what I’m saying as fact as you are…. You would know that if you read the comment before that… I’m baseing on what I think… How can I show a source on what I think in my opinion.. I have my opinion because people say both the new Xbox and ps4 are going to be the most ultra powerful system around… With that ultra powerful system comes an ultra powerful price tag.. Or they’ll sell it at a loss… Or maybe they won’t be as ultra powerful as people are assuming… That obviously has no source behind it

                    1. And I don’t like hypocrite ways of thinking… I need a source on my opinion otherwise is bull shit but you don’t need a source on stating something you believe as fact because what?? You’re all knowing?

                  1. IT’s like saying “I think want a sandwich for lunch.” do you have explain why you want a sandwich, OF COURSE NOT! do you have to give sources for why you want a sandwich? OF COURSE YOU DON’T! so why do you have to give sources for an opinion? for an educated guess, sure, but not for an opinion. make sure you THINK before you comment

      1. i dont think so! sony and microsoft love to overprice there systems remember ps3 was $600 when released microsoft was like $500 i dont see a price drop for nintendo unless sony and microsoft sell there next gens for less than $300 and i dont see that happening if ps vita is $250 to $300 there console is going to be double maybe even triple that price especial that sony adding 4k to there system which for me i think will kill sony! in the future

    1. I don’t understand this. The PS3 cost $ 249,90, Wii U with better hardware has to have the same price? These “analysts” nowadays don’t know shit.

  1. It’s all just speculation . I personally fail to see how the Enhanced successor to the wii can be anything but HUGE . The new wii is here !!!!! – everyone goes to the shop’ staight away………………….. Normal speculation would be – The wiiu has the potential to out sell the original wii .

        1. I doubt it will sell more than the wii. I don’t think it will flop but I don’t see it being more popular to the majority.

  2. peteriuss evil back up clone

    all you ninty fags will be eating cum when de NExt Box is anounced and the PS4 ass holes think da wiiU is de nex gen lulz

      1. peteriuss evil back up clone

        Fuck you I’m no baby and I’m certainly not a troll I’m just a realist.. Fuck all you ninty fag boys btw…

        1. Personally I dont really care if ps4 and 720 has better graphics than wiiU cus my pc will be way better than all 3 anyways with that said im getting a wiiU for exclusive nintendo games..

  3. “surprised at a lack of depth in the game lineup.”
    Ive never seen a better launch line up in history. Fail.
    “the console is not a “killer”.”
    I didnt know they could see games that are coming out in the future. Fail.

    1. The fact that the launch lineup consists mainly of games that have been out on other systems for a while or will be out on multiple platforms does not really impress me.

      However, there are a few unique titles that do look like they might be worth it.

      That said, this is not unusual for any console launch. Games take time to develop and more support, more unique titles, and other exclusives will be revealed as the next generation rolls on.

  4. Hmm, you takin notes, Pachter? This is real analyst criticism, not just mindless bashin for no good reason.

    Haa but all jokes aside, I have respect for the guy. It’s just fun to tease him :P

    1. Aeolus likes to suck off monkey dicks, and the monkey is Icy Dead People, and they also seem to be a idiots

      Really, you have respect for Pachter? Why, nobody else does, and you shouldn’t too, he throws crap around that even opposite console fanboys would laugh about. He does not deserve respect until he brings up a good analysis like these one’s (While I still disagree with some of them.).

      1. nahh I’m a very respectful person. And while I do disagree with him on many things, he is entitled to his own opinion. So I respect that much

  5. I’m going to wait for the price drop like I dd with the 3DS. I honestly thought I was goin to have to wait a year or so, but damn, about half a year in and the 3DS was incredibly affordable. If the WiiU doesn’t follow suite, then I’ll wait until the next Zelda game to purchase.

    1. price drops happen when sales are down there will be no price drop anytime soon so you’ll be waiting till fall of 2014 for a $50 price drop .happy waiting

  6. They’re all pretty reasonable observations. Although I do think the launch line-up is deep enough. There’s a ton of variety ranging between genres, core/casual, AAA titles and new IP’s that all use the gamepad and other accessories in intuitive ways

    1. Agreed, although there isn’t that killer title that just represents the system, like a Metroid, or Star Fox, you know the rest.

  7. Pretty fair analysis. The console isn’t going to erupt, due to next gen not starting properly for a couple of years, and the mass array of super high quality titles wont show up till 2013, but the price is great, its got something there to make people buy it day 1, unlike previous consoles.

    1. Yeah, I agree. Most of the comments were pretty sensible except the comment about the price of the system.

      I think that the Wii U’s price is actually great for this next gen system and the contents inside the box.

      1. The price was indeed great, 300 for a basic, only another 50 for a deluxe, sweetness (US dollars for those not in US)

        Personally I think the analyst who said it’s a bit of a high price is an idiot. The PS3 sold for 600 USD at launch, the idiots that think the Wii U is priced to high are just that, idiots.

  8. Aeolus likes to suck off monkey dicks, and the monkey is Icy Dead People, and they also seem to be a idiots

    Even though it’s better analysis than what Pachter and his 2 twin brothers have said, it’s still a load of BS since they don’t play videogames themselves, and look at humans like robots that’ll go to the cheapest, most popular, and so forth console. I have no respect for analyst businesses never will, and I’ll laugh when they get obsolete since I have never heard of an analyst before analysts started bashing the Wii U.

    1. Aeolus likes to suck off monkey dicks, and the monkey is Icy Dead People, and they also seem to be a idiots

      Oh, and why does everyone expect a price cut so early on? It’s a way better price than what the 3DS had, and it’s like 50$ more than the current gen, how can you complain about that. People will cherish this price point when the others reveal their 500$ consoles.

  9. nintendo is not playing around the wii u price is for ps4720 the price will not drop unless they match the u price either way nintendo wiipeats

    1. lol the wii was succesfull it sold enough

      and lol again lol lool ol ol ol olollol ololol

      the ps4 wil be 600 like the ps3 and wil sellrlly poor the xbox 720wil keep rearded dvd discs with 8 gigbyte max again and costs 400

  10. This is just stupid. How the hell is the Wii U expensive when the system is more powerful and the same price as a new PS3? If bullshit is all you need to become an analyst; then, sign me up.

  11. Not bad, but still way off base. The Wii U has the best launch line up ever. With more coming after that. And that’s even without a “killer” app. (It’s not like the last NSMB game sold over 20 million copies or anything).

    I see this console selling a lot more than 1 million copies during this holiday season. Even if Nintendo do decide to cut the price to counter the launch of PS4/NextBox., they would’ve already already gained a strong foothold on the market. The release date of Wii U is very strategic on Nintendo’s part. Leave luck to heaven.

        1. Most system launches are not all that great. I would say the Wii U’s launch lineup is on par with the Dreamcast, PS2, and Vita’s launch.

          The facts that most games on the Wii U’s launch are either old games or games that are multiplatform are a few reasons why I would say the launch lineup isn’t too great.

          The only people I think who would really be taken by the full lineup are Nintendo only gamers and people who are relatively new to gaming.

          That said, as someone who owns all consoles and systems, I still plan on getting the Wii U. I am excited for it to a degree but I’m not getting multiplatform games on it just yet, especially when I have either played them already or I will be getting them for systems I have a good sized friend list on and have already played previous installments of the games on.

          I already have my Wii U Deluxe paid off and 3 games pre-ordered (NSMBU, Pikmin 3, Scribblenauts Unlimited).

          1. Well how mant titles did the PS2/Vita have? I don’t think Vita had a good line up.

            Wii U’s line up is very impressive. I just can’t wait for when it’s released.

            1. Both the PS2 and Vita had about 30 new games available on day 1 in North America.

              I’m not saying the Wii U’s launch lineup isn’t good, I just wouldn’t go as far as to say it’s the best ever. As I said before: Maybe it is the best ever for Nintendo only gamers, or somewhat new gamers.

          2. Cool. I understand completely. I’m a Nintendo only gamer. So everything here is new to me. I missed the Wii generation so even the NSMB series is new to me. Got some Wii games to catch up on as well as the Wii U games so I’m gonna be pretty busy with games.

            I’m finally getting back into gaming after a little hiatus. So I’m pretty excited.

              1. Thanks. And let me clarify for any trolls that may be listening. I’m a Nintendo gamer because I choose to be. I have nothing against the other 2, as a matter of fact I loved the PS1 & PS2.

                1. Yo don , do yourself a favour when you pick up the wiiu !!!
                  buy , mario galaxy 1 and 2 , xenoblade chronicles , skyward sword , smash bros brawl and if you can afford it , metroid prime trilogy.
                  maybe Donkey kong country if you can afford.

                  Seriously , those are some of the best game ever made on any machine !!!!

                  1. I’m picking up Skyward sword first. That’s a must. I’ve got to have my Zelda. Then Xenoblade. I love rpgs. Then I’ll go for Mario and No more Heroes. And I’ll definitely get that Metroid Prime trilogy. Come on, all 3 Prime games on one disc? No brainer.

                    I’m going with Skyward Sword and Darksiders II for Christmas then I’ll get the rest throughout next year. I’ll keep buying 1 Wii game and 1 Wii U game at the same time.

                    1. Yeh man !!! Skyward sword is the best game of the last 7 years , hands down . Xenoblade is the best RPG of the last 10 , metroid prime trilogy is just jaw droppingly good and in my honest opinion Super mario galaxy 1 and 2 are the 2 best 3d platformers ever made even with the nostalgic past .

                      I have 100% all those games , better than anything out there bro !!! have fun !!!

                      probably a lot better than all the wiiu launch titles that are coming , lol .

    1. Only the future will tell us.
      I already expect sony to launch a way more powerfull console someday, but I don’t know about microsoft. They will probably want to bundle kinect with their new console and they won’t be able to make it way too powerfull if they want a good price, so wii U may be at the same level of the next xbox. Sony alone wont be leave the other two consoles behind.

    2. When you think about, WiiU is releasing with major hit games from every region:

      Japan has DQX, monster hunter, 2d Mario and just dance.
      US: cod, AC3, 2d Mario, ME3 and madden
      Europe: I guess same as above but FIFA instead of madden.

      Should do very well

    3. Wedbush and their wayward son Michael pachter have said some some what nice things about the Wii U. The other unknown ignorant anaylsts leave much to be desired.

    4. I agree with the first one. Having the price dropped by the end of next year is just logical, specially because at that time both Sony and Microsoft might have unveiled their upcoming consoles.
      The second one doesn’t know what he’s talking about. The price is fitting for a next generation console, and the games are priced as the same as current gen ones. If the price goes down, it’s for the reason listed above.
      I completely agree with the third one, but the fourth one fantasizes too much. What does he mean by lack of depth in the lineup? Most of them have an intelligent and fun way of showing what the GamePad can do. His argument is invalid!
      Finally, the last ones implies that the console is not a “killer”. Well, we’ll only know that after time passes. Until them, we can say nothing.
      It’s good to see that not all analysts are trolls. Some of them made sense.

    5. Well i have never been so less excited about a nintendo new release. I guess that playing mario with a tablet just doessnt inspire nor impress me, so I’ll jusr stand by this time and wait to see how new games do

      1. @ AlanGCM you are probably here in America butthurt that yet Again the Seattle RROD disk Scratcher xbox shall be handed its ass by yet again better and smarter technology. Remember the Camry is a more reliable car than the newest Lincoln sedan lol.

    6. I don’t understand how the console is too expensive for some people, it is only a bit more expensive than the 320GB PS3. I think $300 is a very fair price for the base system, and an extra $50 is perfect for extra memory and a game.

        1. I am European myself (British to be specific), and even with the increased price I still see it as somewhat fair. My comment does not warrant your type of language however.

    7. When all these analysts discover that the Wii U can play the same kind of titles you see on PS4/720, they will change their tune about the price, and it’s “lack of depth” and not being “killer”.

      Look, we all know the Wii couldn’t run modern game engines, like Unreal Engine 3/Cry Engine 2/Frostbite etc. It made a big difference in graphics. We also know the PS4/720 will be utilizing the next generation engines, like Unreal Engine 4/Cry Engine 3/Frostbite 2/Fox Engine. This time though, the Wii U can run those engines, so worst case scenario is that it can’t take full advantage of the engines, while PS4/720 could. That’s a much, much smaller gap in graphics. In fact, it’ll be barely noticeable. We’re talking Uncharted 1 vs Uncharted 3 differences. That’s no where near as noticeable as say Call of Duty on Wii vs PS3. That’s good news for Nintendo, and just makes the Wii U that much better of a choice.

      1. the gap between cod wii and the hd twins is not even a eighty dollar upgrade Imo many people bought overpriced gamecubes considering their 6th gen controller wii is more 7th gen but most people lack intellect

    8. I fail to see the reason for a price cut. I know I’m not the only one who remember the price of the PS3 & 360 at launch. I don’t see those companies charging anything less than $400 for their next consoles.

    9. if nintendo ever gets third party respect microsony will be exposed for being third party reliable because they don’t. have anything else except overpriced graphics copying and a 6th gen controller

    10. Games sell consoles.Nintendo have not rolled out the big guns. The usual 3d mario, zelda but have you noticed no word on mario kart. A Monolift soft game. A retro game. Smash bros

    11. I am getting a Wii U, anyways, because my Wii has been used up and I want something new and better. The Launch line up is better than the 3DS line up and I only play like 1-2 games at a time, due to my busy schedule and limited money, so I am satisfied with the launch. The Wii U and my older game systems will keep me busy.

    12. Reblogged this on hypersonic55 and commented:
      To be honest as much as I hate to say it (being a Nintendo fanboy and all), I can see where some of these analysts are coming from. The Wii U so far looks like it’ll be a pretty interesting console when it arrives in November. It seems to have created a lot of buzz in recent times especially with both bundles going sold out a lot in America and few places over the UK too. But some don’t remain convinced, from fans to developers to analysts, some don’t believe that the console is anything special and while I love Nintendo and will probably will obtain a ii U at some point I can’t help but hear what some of these analysts are saying here.
      Wedbush Securities and DFC Intelligence do raise a pretty god point about the Wii U’s price and how it may have to have to cut after a while. And considering what happened to the 3DS I wouldn’t be too surprised. Now obviously the 3DS was a handheld console and didn’t have the software line-up that the 3DS did. But I was one of the people that bought the 3DS long after the price drop because the games that I wanted were available and much better than the 3DS’s launch titles and I believe I may do the same with the Wii U. The Wii U’s asking price I think is okay, though a tad unfair when converted from the price it costs in US dollars. I have no doubt that the console will sel well over the Christmas season because most things that come out around that period always do well, but after Microsfot and Sony get their acts together with their new consoles Nintendo may have to drop the price of the Wii U to make it look a little more appealing to casual audiences. The Wii worked well ecause it was not only a great gaming console with new gamig expeinces, but it was also very affordable and I think the Wii U needs to be in the same affordable area too in order for sales to continue after the holiday season.

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