Gabrielle Shrager from Ubisoft Montpellier has shared information about the multiplayer modes in ZombiU. Shrager says that ZombiU offers a local Asymmetric Multiplayer mode, rather than online modes, and that the single player mode of the game is deeply integrated with an online app that makes you feel less alone in the dark foreboding atmosphere of ZombiU.

ZombiU offers a local Asymmetric Multiplayer mode rather than online modes. So you can play with your friends using the Wii U GamePad and the Pro Controller in your couch. What is the multiplayer mode about: The ‘King of Zombies’ has organized his own sadistic London games to entertain his bloodthirsty subjects… Play as King Boris on the WiiU tablet, crazed boss of a violent gang and self-proclaimed ‘King of the Zombies’, and beat all survivors…one by one! Or play as a Survivor and attempt to outwit the King of Zombies and his brain-dead ‘gladiators’!

With SURVIVORS VS KING OF ZOMBIES, ZombiU features one-on-one competitive multiplayer modes, which tasks one player with controlling zombie hordes (Infected Units) using the Wii U GamePad, while the other player fights to survive in FPS view with either Wii controllers or the new Pro Controller. The multiplayer features 3 exhilirating game modes including assault, deathmatch and survival modes.

SURVIVORS VS KING OF ZOMBIES, is full-fledged multiplayer experience, with deep gameplay that will provide many hours of fun. The Wii U allowed us to create an exhilarating experience that can be shared by a hardcore gamer and a more casual player-friend or family member, without the latter becoming completely outmatched. Unlike the campaign, which offers a solo Survival Horror FPS experience, the ‘King of Zombies’ player uses the Wii U GamePad at a more relaxed pace. The gameplay is more about overall strategy than any gamer reflexes honed over years…so it’s more immediately accessible. Our multiplayer modes are also a bridge for new players to get into the game before they acquire the courage to face the Infected hordes alone, while offering a more traditional first-person shooter experience using the Wii U Pro Game Controller or Wii Remote and Nunchuck. Even survival-horror fans will love blowing off some steam with a little running and gunning!

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    • I agree. These modes sounds awesome, but so heartbreaking that Nintendo still is not embracing online gameplay. No first-party titles have it. How great would it be just to play online multi-player Mario? It’s not asking for the moon.


      • Id love nsmbu with online multiplayer because I don’t have anyone to play with that is really good at the game. Especially since the people I know that are getting the wiiu live four hours from me.


  1. Well im not buying this for multiplayer or online, not a fan of online anyway other than Borderlands, Mario Kart/Burnout, COD (back i the day), so no biggy.


  2. Whilst this does sound fun, this game could really benefit from a cooperative online multiplayer mode of some sort, but I’m sure the single player, and the rest of the game, will be fine :)


      • Hopefully, I will definitely buy the sequel if that’s the case. But Left 4 Dead more of a wave based FPS with zombies rather than a survival horror, anyone who complains of the game being like L4D if it ever comes into existence is in idiot.

        Oh wait, we’re on the Internet, and I point to the angry Bayonetta 2 haters -_-


  3. I’m not really into online so that’s fine. And this does sound like fun clever multiplayer that makes good use of the game pad. But I still demand a 4-player co-op mode.


  4. No Fucking online seriously? Does ANY launch fuck have online capability?
    Only motivation to buy the Wii U was the increased online stuff on Nnintendo machines. Yet none of them uses any online capabilities.

    Fuck’s sake, Nintendo. You blow the online again, and I’m done with you.


      • Yeah, because online is played regularly in more than 2-3 games…wait.

        Seriously, if this had online, it wouldnt be around long.
        The problem with online on any other game, is that you NEED to be co-operative. You CANNOT do that if you’re online and with high chance of going online with people who dont speak your language. What if you went on NintendoLand (just an example), and you need to work together. Well you cant unless everyone speaks english.

        Online is NOT the primary source of gaming. I actually wish they didnt have tack on online with this game, its a waste of time and money, or use it to make the single player campaign better. The WiiU has COD, that a MASSIVE chunk of the online fanbase, from the start.
        Ps3 doesnt have Halo, argueably the biggest online multiplayer contributer. Do people still own ps3’s? Yes. Do they care about Halo? Not neccessarily. The lack of tack on online is not a negative feature for the console


        • With online multiplayer, usually the server has a way to set a preference language and sets you up with players that speak the same language. Also L4D a game that exists entirely to incorporate strong coop gameplay that is necessary for survival in game, works great with online multiplayer.


  5. Hmm so multiplayer modes have been confirmed for zombie u and nintendo land but offline not online. A huge missed opportunity. Are nintendo unconfident with their nintendo network?


    • Ask Ubisoft… You know, the developers of the game. It is up to the developers if they want to use it or not.

      Nintendo Land is in the same category as Mario Party, super fun locally, loses its goal when on-line.

      Think before you comment. Those are just launch titles, don’t expect anything meaningful…


    • No, its just pointless adding them really. Mario Kart has a very strong online mode. Nintendo can do online, they just chose not to with NintendoLand, and i think it was the right choice.

      As for ZombiU, the multiplayer shouldnt even be there in the first place, it should just be the single player experience. ZombiU wouldnt be able to compete with Black Ops 2 Zombies anyway. Anyone who buys ZombiU will play it once and forget it, it should be there.
      But Assassins Creed 3 has online, and a pretty good one at that.

      Again, its just down to the choice of the developer, and the type of game it is.


  6. Disappointing.. I was hoping NSMBU would have online, but seeing this, it probably won’t hold true. I’m starting to see a dark future with the core gaming market for them if they don’t get that ONLINE GAMING IS A NORM TODAY. Come on, it’s 2012, and yes, I’m aware that it’s Ubisoft developing it, but almost every other recent Ubisoft title has online. Why would a new survival horror shooter not have any? Something wrong with the online servers? Are they not investing in any of this other than passive internet use through the Miiverse?


  7. That sure does sound like an interesting multiplayer. And about the online, do we have any idea if it was Nintendo’s or Ubisoft’s decision to not have it? Does seem like a missed opportunity………


    • Ikr -.- i prefer single player games, although i like co-op games like Borderlands 2 (which needs to hurry the fuck up coming out in the UK), Mass Effect 3 multiplayer, even Gears of War was fun with my brother.


    • Although i would like to see online for Star Fox, that could be epic, but as long as its done well, not just a tack on multiplayer. Nintendo should hire Bungie to make a multiplayer, seeing as theyre free from Microsoft now.


  8. I am pretty sure there will be other zombie games for the Wii U. People really need to pipe down to be honest.

    I am looking forward to what gets thrown out and some people are whinging about it.

    This site is for those looking for Nintendo news. Not some site looking for people demoralising. Nintendo when it’s Ubisoft making this game.

    Would love to see the whingers create something better.


  9. Just thought id leave a list of games that have online multiplayer at the WiiU’s launch:

    Assassins Creed 3
    Black Ops 2
    Tekken Tag 2
    Tank Tank Tank
    Mass Effect 3 (very addictive)
    Sega All Stars Racing
    Fifa 13
    Madden (for the yanks)

    “Herpa derp, i no buy wiiu coz it got no online, fail”

    Shut. The. Fuck. Up.


    • Everyone wants to be a critic, but they won’t put or shut up. Let’s see them make a system better than the Wii Universe or don’t bother with Ninten at all if they’re that unsatisfied.


      • Yes you are right…… WHO CARES! Every single system ever gets these games and online. The only first party titles for any console are very slim to none. Microsoft has online in their first party games because they are all shooters that fit the online brainless gameplay people today are accustomed to. Sony has the same issues, and when they do make a good Single Player game it rarely has online.

        My main point is, WHO CARES IF THEY ARE PORTS, name me more than a few games COMING to Xbox and PS3 that aren’t that have good online.


  10. Im getting ZombiU AND CoD BO 2 so i dont care, zombi u better single player a true survial horror, CoD for online games and intense action, the perfect duo if you like First person games to get at Wii U’s launch


    • Are you serious? Because if you are then you should not buy a Wii U, leave them for the rest of us to enjoy and get the fuck off a Nintendo orientated site you complete moron.


  11. You guys gotta remember, Zombi U is NOT Left 4 Dead or DeadSpace, it’s a True Survival horror game, so super competitive online play like L4D and DeadSpace would’nt fit the genre.


  12. The reason it doesn’t have online multiplayer is the fact that they want to show off the idea that you can play in the same room but use two different views and play in two very different ways. If it was done online it wouldn’t be as impressive, because you wouldn’t be able to see the other persons TV anyways.

    The reason Nintendoland is local multiplayer is for the same reason, as well as bringing people together in the same room again to play games, which is always more intense and more fun. It’s the reason the Miiverse exists as well, so that even when playing single player modes you’ll feel connected, and will be able to share the experience with others.

    Don’t say they’ve failed online until you actually get your hands on it and experience the system as a whole and get to know what the Miiverse is really all about.


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