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Best Buy Stores Across North America Completely Sold-Out Of Both Wii U Basic And Deluxe Sets

Best Buy stores nationwide are no longer offering Wii U pre-orders. A Best Buy customer service representatve confirmed to us that they are completely sold-out of both Wii U bundles – Wii U Basic Set and Wii U Deluxe Set. The forthcoming console is currently unavailable for purchase from both the retailer’s website and its individual stores across the U.S.

102 thoughts on “Best Buy Stores Across North America Completely Sold-Out Of Both Wii U Basic And Deluxe Sets”

  1. they said the wii u will fail. they were wrong.

    TWO major retailers are completely sold out of both bundles. Other retailers are already sold out of the deluxe set. Patcher was wrong!

    1. And? The Wii sold millions and I own one, but in my opinion the Wii was a huge disappointment. You can’t use the same logic there. Don’t get me wrong, I love Nintendo, but I’m still skeptical of the Wii U right now.

        1. Same here, I think the Wii brought about a much needed revolution in the gaming industry, and it had some truly spectacular games. That said, it may not have been to everyone’s liking, fair enough. But I’d hardly call it a huge disappointment either way

          1. Definitely not a disappointment, but imo it’s getting a little stale at the end of it’s life. Over the last year (and months before that) i’ve barely played mine at all. There are some games i’m looking to play though that I haven’t yet like Donkey Kong Country Returns and Skyward Sword. Maybe before I get the Wii U but I don’t know.

            1. To me the best game I played on Wii is Xenoblade, what an unexpected experience that I am so happy I had the opportunity to play it.

            2. I agree with kovusf, Xenoblade just blew me away, and The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower are also top quality games. Mike you should definitely get Skyward Sword, ideally with the Wii remote bundle if it’s still available at a good price in your area, seeing that you’ll continue using remotes with the Wii U. I don’t know about DK as I have yet to get that, but my friend is playing it now, and he loves it

            3. Donkey Kong Country Returns is a pretty good game but Skyward Sword is a must play for any Zelda or Nintendo fan. Skyward Sword is probably the most addicting Zelda game I have ever played.

      1. I was skeptical until I had the opportunity to play it. It is an amazing machine that will impress anyone who plays it. And I am not a fan boy I own Xbox 370, ps3, and the wii. This new system beats them all just give it a chance, you won’t be sorry!!

      1. Especially for Black Friday. It’s a HUGE missed opportunity on Nintendo’s part if they don’t have both sets in stores for the start of the holiday shopping season. I bet each big retailer in the U.S. was instructed to put some Wii U’s to the side for Black Friday.

  2. Pre-rdered mine a couple of days ago on, because, yes, I’m canadian. When I pre-ordered, there was still stock for both versions. still has both too. As far as I remember, but I don’t know i they will be willing to ship and bill to the US though…

    But the fact that the WiiU is almost sold-out everwhere in the US is a good sign of success imo.

    1. I guess us canadians arent rushing for Wii Us like americans are. I preorder my deluxe set at EB games in store back on the 14th. I have no idea how futureshop works for preorders and such and personaly I dont like going there with the employess breathing down your neck on commision…

  3. let’s recap, shall we?

    days since pre-orders became available: 9.
    days until Wii U launch in north america: 57

    in such a short amount of time and so far away from north american launch, 2 places are already entirely out of both Wii U sets. the Wii U seems to be in great shape with the masses

  4. The nerd in me made me go and pre order it as soon as they anounced the price on the 13th was it ??
    I know the pre ordered won’t dissapear in UK till it hits the TV or maybe before , but I am getting mine at midnight on launch ^^ .

    1. Toys r us?(if youre talking about in-store) I’m not 100% sure though. I preordered a basic 3days after the conference at GS. The window to preorder is shrinking. I think even online preorders will finished by next weekend at this rate.

    1. I dont think EB games really messes over the customers as bad as gamestop does either. Like we dont have that magazine subscription nor the power up rewards that arent very good but practicly forced upon. But the customer service does suck when you cant even get ahold of HQ…..

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  6. Glad I pre-ordered my deluxe set on the 13th!!!! I wish the best of luck for those of you who didn’t pre-order. If this turns out to be anything like the Wii at launch you’ll need it.

    1. Yeah.. you fucked up(if you’re not trying to buy online), but gamestop has a waiting list for a possible second opening of preorders. You probably could just get one in-store launch day, but you’ve gotta want it; plenty of hours in line. People on Craigslist are already selling deluxe preorders out here in Phoenix for $700+ so maybe you could go that route before it gets REALLY cray.

    2. yes the preorders very long i am gussing with internet preorders numbers your looking at my guss febuary or march 2013

  7. Sickr found something intereting

  8. still has the basic model … (which is owned by Best Buy still has both models) … i’ve noticed canada slowly moving towards selling out.

    both best buy and futureshop in canada offered 3-per-household which is ridiculous IMO but have changed that within the passed few days to 1-per-household.

    1. I bet it will be Nintendo land. I you have it bundled with the Wii U, I guess you can sell it for something more of your taste. I just hope that it comes in the case instead of a sleve like Wii Sorts Resorts.

  9. These sales on their own don’t mean much, of course – they represent massive levels of hype for a new machine people have been eyeing up for a good while. The TRUE test of the Wii U will be it’s presence in the market, sustainability for developers, the first full-year game catalogue and consumer opinions based after a 6-12 month ownership.

    One is confident that the Wii U will perform admirably, but there is still no point in applauding a console selling out just now…not when it’s full international market presence is still yet to be established!

      1. Same here – It just needs to prove itself in a larger space of time than a few sellings-out, because this is merely acquiring the console…how many of the purchasers are going to be satisfied is where things will start getting interesting!

          1. One isn’t sure of this entirely – we once knew a lot of folks who were pissed with the wii a few months after ordering because they disliked how the console was faring opposed the other systems…we can only hope that this is something that doesn’t repeat itself again!

              1. For the most part – that, and they weren’t getting any of the ‘cooler’ games…seems as though they simply didn’t get what the original Wii was going for, and thus didn’t realise that the console was catering for other audiences other than their own demographic!

                1. Well they don’t have to worry about that now. In the words of Reggie Fils-Aime at E3 2011 “It’s a system we will all enjoy together, but also one that is tailor made for you”. I’m guessing “you” is referring to “hardcore” gamers.

    1. If you preorded one just to sell it more then twice the price then shame on you. Many people truly want one for themselves on release day but because of scum like you they cant.

      1. I bought it to play it, but if I can get twice what I paid for it then go buy it again in a few months its like I got it for free. I wasn’t expecting it to sell out.

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  11. So glad I pre-ordered right after the conference. I’m really happy the Wii U is selling this well already. Hopefully that means there will be alot of people to play online with.

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