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Platinum Games: Bayonetta 2 Would Not Exist Without Nintendo

Platinum Games’ Bayonetta 2 will launch exclusively for Wii U, because it’s being published by Nintendo. Atsushi Inaba, executive director at Platinum Games, confirmed that Bayonetta 2 would simply not exist without Nintendo’s help. Because the Wii U is a brand-new console, Inaba and team enjoy developing the game for it.

“We are not viewing this as a change of platform. We were looking for a partner to create Bayonetta 2 and Nintendo was a strong, cooperative partner that was willing to create and grow Bayonetta 2 together [with us]. As a result the platform became the Wii U.”

“Because of the Wii U GamePad, we are putting extra thought into how to use these differentiating features. There’s a difference in the game design side, but we are enjoying the challenges of creating games for new hardware.”

112 thoughts on “Platinum Games: Bayonetta 2 Would Not Exist Without Nintendo”

  1. This is why I don’t understand people’s idiotic outrage about it not being on the xbox/ps3, sony and microsoft have had years to get a sequel going if they were interested and they chose not to, a sequel wouldn’t exist at all if not for nintendo, why would you complain and send death threats to the studio responsible for a game you like so much? video games aren’t that important, at least there’s an opportunity for you to buy the game now, an opportunity you would never have if left up to microsoft/sony

    /mini rant

        1. Not missing out if they don’t like mario and other nintendo franchises…they don’t care lol they lov their own type of games

                1. This is news? There are lots and lots of gamers who think like this. They call themselves hardcore.

                  Granted, mostly younger gamers who hasn’t grown up with Nintendo systems in their households.

                  But I agree. I don’t call them gamers either.

          1. Don’t like Mario or other Nintendo franchises? Buy a basic model an only buy third party software. Problem solved.

            But the chances of someone not liking a single Nintendo franchise are very slim, since they have a little something for everyone.

            1. How could someone not like games like Super Mario World, SM 64, Ocarina of Time, ALTTP? To me those were classics and purely nothing less than magic. For people to not like them simply because of perception is the very closed-minded type. I bet most those “hardcore” COD players couldn’t finish OOT or SM64 if they tried.

                1. peteriuss evil back up clone

                  Damn you must be enfectered wit dat don syndrom becuz you cant beet dat game lulz I got 120 stars when I was 15teen and Im, 19 ight now..

      1. Tough cookies? Sony or (especially) MS could have easily afforded to publish the game, but didn’t. Nintendo stepped up to the plate and made the game a reality. They funded it and deserve it.

        Also, welcome to exclusives. I want to play Gravity Rush, but not if it means having to buy a Vita. You don’t see my crying like an entitled baby over it.

        1. Best answer here Anon. I’d buy a Vita just for Gravity Rush but I can’t afford to. Maybe when it’s cheaper I will get one for Gravity Rush and the sequel, the game looks that good. These idiots signing petitions and cursing Platinum are not true gamers, at all. If they were they’d rejoice that Bayonetta 2 is happening and wait if they have to til Wii U gets cheaper. Honestly they’d only be doing themselves a huge favor to buy one for Bayonetta think of all the other incredible games they might accidentally enjoy.

          1. To be fair, there is no such thing as a “true gamer”. You can’t be a “real” anything. The curriculum is either met or it isn’t, that’s that. There’s a law about this somewhere but I can’t be arsed to find it.

            I do, however, think anyone who goes out of their way to NOT support a company they supposedly “admire” is tactless, entitled, childish scum that doesn’t deserve the enjoyment they are given.

            It’s people like this who enforce the public mentality that games are for children. There can be all these great and amazing people who play video games, but these awful brats more than make up for it with their garbage. I hate it.

      2. I don’t like Sony or microsofts games but I bought them to play a few games that I did enjoy like some fighters, castle crashers, deadrising Fat princess and a few others

      3. EVERYBODY thought of that -__-”

        Fact of the matter is that Sony nor Microsoft took the chance to publish a sequel, Nintendo did.
        No Sequel or one on the Wii U, take it or leave it. Nintendo is not screwing you over here, neither is Platinum Games.

        If for some twisted reason (being 100% hypothetical by the way) Zelda would no longer have a place on Nintendo systems, I’d definitely hope an other company would go along so the cool franchise wouldn’t stop there. Everybody who complaints is kinda acting like a bitch.

      4. this is why they shouldnt be mad, the game would have never existed if nintendo didn’t swoop in and save it. people should be happy that it’s even being made AT ALL. it’s actually pretty selfish of them to be mad about this at all. just because something isn’t coming out on your platform of choice, doesnt give you the right to be mad at a developer.

      5. Plus like he said I’d Sony or Microsoft wanted to they could’ve picked up the series don’t blame Nintendo because they were the ones who saw opportunity

    1. Exactly, just goes to show how f*****g pathetic some people are. Death threats, ffs? No matter what anyone says about Nintendo fanboys from now on, those Sony and Microsoft fans that had their little outbursts are a clear example of idiocy.

  2. I find it hilarious that all these people want to buy it second hand just because they hate nintendo that much like really that’s pretty lame

      1. Neither would they if you decided not to buy the game at all.
        Now they will just gain more fans because there’s bound to be some people who will be happy with the game, meaning more future income for Nintendo.

        And IF all of this weren’t the case, a simple: ”that’s fucking pathetic” would be sufficient.
        God damn, how can people even act this faggy? It’s insane.

    1. to that i say, good luck finding one used at a good price lol. if it’s alreay sold out on preorders a little over a month before it’s coming out, then you can bet that the secon hand ones are going to go for a lot. it’s like the wii all over again lol. so these people deserve it, they’re complaining about a game that was revived by a publisher that is known for great, polished games, and they’re flaming about it? hell i would understand anger issues if activision picked it up and started making a new one every year, but being mad about nintendo having it? that’s the definition of ignorance

  3. About time Platinum clears that up, all those raging fanboys are so pathetic lol
    Nintendo came in and rescued Bayonetta, of course Platinum said hell yeah to that offer. Sony on the other hand never offered that.

  4. Now if only people could understand this. The funny thing is, I am actually very interested in Bayonetta 2 after this whole fiasco. I can’t wait for it.

      1. Actually I’ve almost never heard about the game until Bayonetta 2 was announced. That becoming a popular gaming discussion on the webs have sparked my interest. Need to wait for gameplay footage before I decide I want it though.

    1. I got it for my birthday the other day. My brother and my best friend surprised me with it. It’s actually a very good game in my opinion and now I’m really looking forward to the 2nd one.

  5. And those who cries alot basicly would buy the game,play it for a few days, finish it and then probably never touches the game again or trades it for another game.
    So yeah stop bitchin about it Sorny and Microshit trolls.

  6. Since Nintendo is publishing this game, it probably will sell better than the original. We all know what happened to Madworld. But then again, that game could’ve been better.

    1. Madworld sold well enough to be given a sequel. One I’ll probably never play since it’s not releasing outside of Japan until next year. Also it’s mainly an online game. I can’t say I’m not interested though, so maybe I’ll pick it up.

        1. Officially, not it is not.

          Spiritually, yes, yes it is.

          And no it’s not just Jack. There are more characters from MadWorld making an appearance in Anarchy Reigns.

          Also, people who has imported and played it (the japanese version contains full english voices and subs, for those who doesn’t know) states that the story mode is basically MadWorld 2.

          So Sega and Platinum may state that it’s not an official sequel, but who’re they trying to fool.

    2. Although Madworld did bomb, it was published by Sega with next to no advertising. We have no idea how Nintendo will treat Bayonetta 2’s advertising.

  7. All These SO Called Bayonetta Fanboys keep B*tching about it being only on the Nintendo platform, yeah well now you no how Nintendo fans felt when we couldn’t play Bayonetta 1 because it was on the PS3/360. I say Good Riddance! Now Bayonetta and Platinum Games can get the love and Respect they deserve from a more understanding audience……Nintendo, Taking over all the Japanese IPs One at a time, Once they snuff out Sony in Japan (Cause U Know they will), America’s Next. ^^ Leave Luck To Heaven

      1. While that much is most certainly true enough, would you not agree that the Nintendo groups are, on the whole, the least vocal/extreme about things like this?
        As an example, I didn’t hear any news reports about someone being shot and having their console stolen from them on its midnight release when Nintendo announced the Wii.
        Sony and its PS3, on the other hand……

        If you need further example, well, we’ve got at least two trolls on here that seem to love having their home relaxation time revolving around bashing people on this site for no reason.
        How many people here, on the other hand, spend their time going onto sites for Sony games just to bash the fans?
        I mean, really…..yeah, all three barrels of fans have their bad apples, but I think there’s different quantities of bad apples in each of those barrels….

        1. I’ve had mature, in depth discussion with other Nintendo fans about where they went wrong with games like Other M and the flaws in Skyward Sword. If I tried to have the same discussion with the likes of the well known Nintendo critics on this site it wouldn’t be the same, as they’d just descend into using playground insults. They aren’t capable of any kind of reasoned mature debate.

          The same would happen if I, a mostly Nintendo fan, tried to have a similar reasoned debate on a couple of Sony/MS games. They’d just resort to childishness.

          And that’s something I’ve noticed all across the Internet. The actual biggest critics of Nintendo, the ones with real arguments as to where they went wrong on certain things, tend to actually be Nintendo fans themselves.

          Meanwhile, everything is sunshine and daisies and you can’t say anything constructive about a Sony game to a Sony fan.

          1. Well of course you can’t. The PS3 has the bestest graphics and best exclusives in all the land and Sony can do no wrong.

            Luckily I play on three consoles this gen so i get the best of all worlds. Nintendo is my first choice though.

            I’m not gonna sit here and say that Nintendo does no wrong. They’re not perfect. No company is. But they’ve yet to let me down as a gamer (yes I’ve played since the NES), which is why I still have faith in them.

  8. Great decision Platinum Games. I will purchase Bayonetta 2 as I am a fan of the series and I’m sure many fans will follow.

    1. Go shove a PS move controller up your ass and crawl back into your mothers blue wafflelized vagina. I’ve seen you on this site for the first time and you think your going to insult people, that’s not going to work you hear me? Get off of this site with that crater in your head.

  9. I’m surprised those fanboys didn’t figure this out. I guess they were too busy raging and sending death threats to Platinum Games.It’s obvious you were never going to get a sequel unless Nintendo did it. Those people raging were only upset because Nintendo took one their best weapons in their arsenal of reasons why they don’t like Nintendo away from them.

    I’ve been to a few forums and on Youtube, where dudes were praising the original Bayonetta as one of the best games this gen, but now that the sequel is a Wii U exclusive those same people start acting like the fist one was never that good. If they were truly fans of the game they would just be happy to have the sequel at all. It really exposed a lot of people as Nintendo haters. I will buy Bayonetta 2 and support Platinum games. Fanboys can go cry in the corner if they want to. The video game community can be a very depressing place if you let it get to you. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. We’ve told them this countless times. There would not be a sequel without Nintendo. It was cancelled.

      The response was usually that it hadn’t been cancelled, only put on hold. Maybe now, they’ll shut up. I doubt it though.

      1. Nintendo could cure cancer right now and those drones would still complain. They just can’t admit that Nintendo did something right. I really don’t care what any of them say. I’m going to buy and play and enjoy most of these Wii U games. Let the fanboys obsess and complain, I’ll be far too busy enjoying my games to care.

          1. Nintendo owns their minds and their hearts. If you saw Shokio’s video about “Trolling has ascended the human race” you’ll know what I’m talking about. What I don’t understand is why they spend all the time they’re wasting here telling us how much we love sucks, when they could be spending that time playing the games they claim to love. Laughable.

  10. To the PS360 Bayonetta fans, it’s either:
    1) Bayonetta 2 did not exist and is released on no platforms because no one was willing to fund it.
    2) Bayonetta 2 exists and is a Nintendo exclusive, due to them actually putting money into the project.

    If anyone thinks Nintendo would help fund and distribute a title, but not ask for exclusive rights, then they should stay clear of business discussions. Say if, Nintendo sold GameFreak and Sony bought them, but demanded that all Pokémon games were to be on Sony handhelds, I’d suck it up and buy one if I wanted to continue playing Pokémon.

    You have time to save up for a Wii U =3

  11. I’m glad that Nintendo is publishing the anticipated sequel to Bayonetta to their new console… the Wii U. Inaba was right and stated that the Bayonetta would not exist without Nintendo. Two big thumbs up for Nintendo and Platinum Games! Don’t f*ck with a witch!

  12. To the PS3 and 360 Bayonetta fans, let me clear this up for you. There could have been two options in the past:
    1) Platinum Games would’ve been unable to create this game altogether. Nobody would’ve played it, meaning you wouldn’t have played it.
    2) Platinum Games receives Nintendo’s support and creates Bayonetta 2. This gives people a chance to play it, but the console fanboy would be too opinionated to get this game. If you’re one of them, that means you wouldn’t have played it even after its release.

    So for you, one of the trolling idiots who fails to fully understand the situation, wouldn’t play Bayonetta 2 anyway.

    As for the case of intense Bayonetta fans, they would finally be able to play the sequel they want to play.

  13. WOW! Just heard that platinum games have been receiving death threats because Bayonetta 2 is only coming to Wii U. REALLY? I want to play the Halo series. Currently, it’s the only game I want to play on Xbox. But guess what? When I can afford one, I’ll buy it. I understand people’s frustration, but if we aren’t careful, we could intimidate other publishers from publishing other titles that are in danger of seeing the light of day.

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  15. You stupid Sony and Mocrosoft fanboys get it through your thick stupid heads… that Bayonetta 2! would NEVER have existed if it wasn’t for Nintendo!
    Your favorite company Sony/Micorosoft did not help save Bayonetta2, but you know who did help? Nintendo! So Platinum games actually got the chance to Create Bayonetta 2 because your favorite shiit company that is Sony and Microsoft did not care in helping Platinum games.

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  17. the fan boys dont want a sequal they cant play, get that in your thick skulls

    i don’t care if a sequel didn’t exist id rather have no sequel than have one i cant play rubbed in my face, no matter how much i love the game i’m not buying a console i’m never going to play because i don’t want it and i’m pretty sure many others think the same

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  20. Everybody has there systems, but if the make Bayonetta 2 for another system, why bother arguing about it, its pointless. If they do decide to put it on Ps3,xbox 360,etc. Then its up to them. I just play games and enjoy the art that the game designers come up with its great. Anyways thats it for me.

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