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Capcom Explains How Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate 3DS And Wii U Work Together

Monster Hunter producer Ryozo Tsujimoto has explained how Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U will work together. To save data from both versions you’ll need to download a free app from the 3DS eShop, which you’ll use to transfer data from the Wii U to the 3DS, and from 3DS to Wii U. You can use your Wii U console and three Nintendo 3DS consoles to play four-player local co-op play over Wi-Fi. This feature is to make up for the lack of online play on the 3DS version.

“We wanted people to play together. We know there are some people who want to play online. Unfortunately with the 3DS version you can’t do that. But we have made this feature so you can play together. You can have your friends bring their save data to your house and have a Monster Hunter party. One person will play on the big screen and three other people will play with their 3DS versions. People can continue their save data from what they had before and go back home and update their data on their Wii U.”

70 thoughts on “Capcom Explains How Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate 3DS And Wii U Work Together”

    1. Yeah!!! Like Metroid, Star Fox, Pikmin, Crystal Chronicles, Smash Brothers,Future Mario’s,and my ultimate wish… openworld Zelda game.

    2. Credible source my ass

      Yeah, just buy a PS3 and a Vita, there are enough games which support cross-play/remote play and even crossbuy (getting the Vita and PS3 version for the price of one).

        1. Indeed !!! Monster hunter ultimate on 3ds and wiiu and monster hunter 4 confirm hugely successful times ahead for Nintendo .

          And this 3ds connectivity is amazing . 3 3d’s and a gamepad wiiu ducktaped together ??? YES !!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. I do admit, I was skeptical about 4 before the recent trailer. It looked fucking incredible. However, I’m still upset about the fact that the 3DS version will not have online… just like the PSP monster hunters (E.G. Unite and Portable 3rd.) ._.; I don’t see how hard it could be to do that, or if they’re just too lazy to change it given people in Japan have no problems finding partners.

            1. They seem to be using the wiiu’s online as some sort of
              fantastic excuse. They say You use wiiu version for online
              and you use 3ds version for portable and taking to your
              friends house to link up to their wiiu as a controller .

              Its pretty fucking amazing what they have set up and achieved
              but like you say , online on the 3ds would make it the best
              most perfect multiplayer experience of all time .

              Imagine playing online with someone who is using a 3ds whilst
              you are using a wiiu !!! I think thats the problem , maybe they
              don’t work online well together .

          1. You think so?

            The Luigi’s Mansion ghost hunting minigame is just an attempt at recreating the Nintendo developed Pac-Man Vs game that was the focal point of the GC/GBA linkup.

            All that’s changed since then is it’s wireless instead of wired back then.

      1. uh, are you sure? im pretty sure there arent any vita games that allow you to play co op with someone playing on the ps3.

        1. Co-Op? I’m not sure. Although Phantasy Star Online 2 will allow cross-play between the Vita and PC.

          Multiplayer, yes. There are games that allow you to play with and against other people on the PS3 and Vita online. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, Street Fighter X Tekken, WipEout, Hustle Kings, and a few others that I just don’t feel like posting right now.

      1. Upcoming Smash Bros. is apparently conceptualised around the idea of connectivity between the consoles… with the WiiU version being based on multiplayer and the 3DS one being more about a solo experience… so who knows, maybe it will!

      1. HMMMMMM . I am guessing you need 4 copies of the game because each copy has everyone’s profile data on . Not just sharing 4 characters off the wiiu with 3 3d’s if you know what I mean .

        Its a genius feature and I expect more games to follow .

        1. So you’re saying it’s a genius move for me to have 3 3DS’s, 3 3DS game cartridges of the game, a Wii U AND a Wii U Copy of the game to be able to play locally with friends? Stupid.

          I bet the 3DS has enough RAM ro fit one of those tiny maps in. Maybe they’d need a longer time loading changing areas, but it would be possible. Shame Capcom are money-grubbing fools.

          1. NO !!!!! you personally dont need to own 3 3ds and 4 copys of monster hunter ultimate . You would idealy own 1 wiiu , 1 3ds , and one copy of MHU on both consoles . Then your friends bring their 3ds round to link up to your wiiu with their copy of mh which has their data / profile on it .

            I mean if you are mega rich and you want to buy 3 3ds’s and 4 copies of MHU , BE MY GUEST .

            1. Too bad we don’t live in japan where everyone had a 3DS and is into monster hunter. So what if I wanna introduce my friends to this?

    1. It’s a pretty cool franchise. It’s not for everyone, but I like it. Hopefully there will be a demo so you can give it a try. Or if you have a system that some of the older games are on, try those out.

  1. Cool as it is, it’s not a substitute for online multiplayer. The entire POINT of having online multiplayer is the ability to play with people who you CAN’T just go over and visit.

    1. Probably because the Japan version doesn’t have it, probably could have updated it though. Oh well, sounds like its quick at least I think.

      1. Well yeah, surely they could patch it in. It’d be easier to just load up the game and sync it that way than have to go through a separate app…

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  3. “You can use your Wii U console and three Nintendo 3DS consoles to play four-player local co-op play over Wi-Fi.”

    i didn’t quite get that, can someone explain? :)

    1. You have MH for the Wii U. 3 of your friends have MH for the 3ds. They come over to your house and all 4 of you play together. You on the Wii U/TV, them on their 3DS’.

  4. This is a feature that pleases us greatly – with any eventuality, one shall aquire a new 3DS sometime in the next 6 months and mayhaps a Wii-U to enjoy such gaming inventions…

    Regardless of what might be said by the noise minority, the Wii-U is shaping up to be quite the little device…perhaps not the most powerful, but it’s proving to have quite the list of useful features, tools and applications that shall allow much enjoyment of the system.

    Huzzah, one doth entirely approve of this!

  5. I’m sorry capcom What!? “You can have your friends bring their save data to your house and have a Monster Hunter party” really? this isn’t japan where you streetpass somebody every 5 mins.

  6. Woah, I didn’t know it actually had that kind of cross play! I thought it was only for data transfer!

    I’m excited, this is going to be great!

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    1. the wii only has one inport for the seosnr so it impossible to do that.also you need to av the same av cables into all the tvs which still has only one input.

  10. Meh, this has been done b4. Mhp3rd HD for ps3 has multiplayer that works with the psp edition of mhp3rd. But if I remember correctly you need a cable..

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