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23 Games Launching With Wii U On November 18th

Nintendo is unleashing the largest launch-day video game lineup in its history for its new Wii home console. When Wii U launches in the Americas on Nov. 18, 23 games from Nintendo and its third-party publishing partners will be ready to play as well. These include Nintendo-published games like Nintendo Land, New Super Mario Bros. U, Sing Party and Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge, as well as third-party powerhouses like ZombiU from Ubisoft, Call of Duty: Black Ops II from Activision Publishing, Inc., Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two from Disney Interactive, FIFA Soccer 13 from Electronic Arts and Scribblenauts Unlimited from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

Wii U owners who connect their systems to the Internet also unlock a vast array of features to enhance their gaming, social and entertainment experiences. This includes features such as Nintendo eShop, which allows users to buy and download games directly to their systems, and Miiverse, an online gaming community that lets players interact in new ways and share playing tips. Wii U owners in the United States and Canada will also have access to Nintendo TVii, which lets users access multiple sources of entertainment through a convenient GamePad interface.

“We’re making sure that Wii U owners will have great games to play from the moment they open the box, and that a steady stream of fun new games is always on the way. We have something for everyone, from new franchises to creative new approaches to familiar favorites.”

– Reggie Fils-Aime, Nintendo of America’s president and COO

60 thoughts on “23 Games Launching With Wii U On November 18th”

        1. Vita? Hahaha, but all those games for vita sucked! You can’t compare quality games to the trash vita had for launch.

    1. I already want games like rayman legends, NSMBU, tekken tag tournament, pikmin 3, lego city undercover, TANK TANK TANK, etc. Not sure if all of those are at launch…. or even if i saved up enough for all of those games

    2. Unfortunately for me, I already have played most of those games or will be getting the others on systems I already own.

      I’m only getting about 3 games at the Wii U’s launch.

      1. Well, regardless…they still count. XD

        Just because they’re not of automatic interest to everyone doesn’t detract that there’s still likely an audience who haven’t played them for one reason or another – these are clearly more aimed for them, rather than those who might have experienced them prior to the rerelease or remake on Wii-U.

      1. Probably a rights snafu – They may have to deal with the British TV Corps and such to get things working in this department, considering how different our TV Setup can be over here with regards to public broadcasting, TV funding and broadcasting rights.

  1. I’m sold on getting it. ZombiU and Rayman Legends got me sold. Lego City Undercover is pretty awesome, too from the way it looks.

  2. And out of them all Mario bros U is the ONLY game I have a slight intrest in. Almost everygame listed there is already available.

        1. I’m not underselling anything. I have looked at the launches as I have been there for most of them.

          The PS2 and Vita had about 30 games at launch each as well.

          The fact that most of these games are ports or games that have been out for a long time as well, do not help much.

          So, like I said: On par.

          Possibly the best if you’re a Nintendo only gamer.

          1. Quality over quantity. The Wii U doesn’t have nearly as many ports as the Vita and PS2 did at launch. Less than a fourth are older games.

            Nice try.

                1. None honestly. That’s why I said, they’re a little on par. I have yet to be really impressed by a system’s launch lineup.

                  Each had their good and their bad. I don’t look at systems only for what they offer immediately but the potential for what they can offer over the lifetime of the device.

  3. Guys! I need help deciding!! I’ve spent days and weeks deciding whether to get the Wii U or not on release! I was planning on buying it until they announced the price and release date etc. This is because I wanted the white version, but I want the deluxe version more as it includes Nintendo Land and larger memory space plus all the other stuff. But £310 seems like quite a lot and I don’t know if I’ll be able to get it at Christmas as this is quite expensive. I do have the money but I’m trying to be careful with money, and it seems like every day I change my mind whether I’m gunna buy it on release or not…. !!

    1. Get it at the first chance you get there isnt going to be. A price drop for at least 2years coming from Reggie the quotes in a recent post

    2. Well man, there really is no point in waiting since nintendo said they weren’t planning on lowering the price for years. Unless you want to wait about 2 or 3 years, you should probably get it as soon as you can.

    3. Well first of all you might not get one at all if you delay your decsion, they will sold out before you know it and you might very well have to wait til January to get one. If you like the games at launch then go for it if not then just wait, no point wasting that much money on it if your not gonna play it. If you are fine spending the money it go for it. Purhapes budget it like I am with my preorder. Good thing about that is you dont have to pay it all at once. It really helps if you are working though.

  4. I hope they can compensate uk, japan, and other countries for the lack of NTVii. On a side note, these launch games look awesome. I’m ecstatic and anxious for the Wii U

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  6. Sounds really good.
    Nintendo TVii is great ; not only will it work in USA and Canada on day 1, it’s also free, comes with every Wii U, and there’s no monthly fee !

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  11. “Wii U owners in the United States and Canada will also have access to Nintendo TVii, which lets users access multiple sources of entertainment through a convenient GamePad interface”

    Here we go…why the bloody yank may have more feature than Europe? We already were f***ing rip off with the DVD of the avenger, two missing episodes in south park DVD 14th season. Should I go on about the past games on Nintendo systems which never been released in Europe but has been in US and Japan?

    And yeah the region lock thing….. One thing Nintendo really piss me off with. If company like Nintendo,Sony or Microsoft wondering why they are not selling well in Europe (which I don’t believe is the case) compare to japan and US is because they don’t make any effort for us.

    I read one day in an article (sorry can’t provide the sources it was 3 or 4 years ago) they are more software protection for European games than any others market. In short it seems there is more piracy in Europe than japan or US. if that happen to be true no wondering why???? This is that kind of thing among many…..

    I really do feel that the European market is the forgotten market when it comes to Nintendo system. I don’t mind to have the system tune for localized region, who want to watch BBC i player in US???? but it’s a feature where Nintendo TVii does not need to have the exact content of north America or Japan????

    I am not a Sony fans at all (don’t let me start on the DLC business) but they seem (note the word: seem) to have much more fair consideration for the global market than Nintendo hence why I do believe they were more successful with the PS1 and PS2.

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