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PC Gamer Labels Wii U “A Toy Computer”

PC Gamer magazine has labeled the Wii U as a toy when describing the console in a recent article on its website. The magazine described the console as a toy computer in an article which was about the forthcoming eShop title, Little Inferno, which will be released on both PC and Wii U. Little Inferno will be available to purchase on Wii U on November 18th.

Tomorrow Corporation has confirmed that its new game, Little Inferno, will get a November release for PC, coinciding with the arrival of Nintendo’s latest toy computer, for which it is a launch title.

Thanks, Kev

181 thoughts on “PC Gamer Labels Wii U “A Toy Computer””

        1. lol Nintendo fanboys are so hypocritical just a year ago every Nintendo fanboy on this site stated that the FPS genre was meant for bitchy 10 year olds. Fast forward a year and you guys think the FPS genre is the shit. Honestly get your head out of your ass and think the Wii U is no revolution nor is it in any way better than the PS3 and Xbox 360. Nintendo screwed themselves by setting up the Wii for a casual audience now they have no way of redeeming themselves.

            1. Force of my Lenovo when I throw it into a wall (which I do often)-
              2 (kg) x 50 (km/h) = 100 (N)

              Force of my Wii when I throw it into a wall-
              Jokes, why would I throw my precious into a wall? Hahaha… Wii’s are good!

      1. yeah a gloss of paint is the advantage. seriously i put one together for 800+ because people like you kept talking about how it was a game changer ITS NOT its the exact same thing only less convenient more hassle.

        1. You forget thability for game mods, EVERYTHING On steam, the ability to use pads alongside keyboard and mouse,the fact that you can upgrade and be ahead of console graphics, etc etc.

          A PC is way more than ‘just a gloss of paint’ in terms of it’s advantages over a console, and the fact that you say it isn’t sows you haven’t really tried to do anything beyond simply playing a game!

          1. upgrade console graphics gloss of paint
            everything on steam? what are you riding the band wagon? its a store that gives discounts not much of a game changer. while i do like mods most of them are shit and you only come across good ones for games that all the tech junkies look foward to and even then they might suck. and don’t get me started on the lack of good exclusives. i’m a laid back guy and i’m not one to scurry across the internet to find an extra 5 to 15 minuets of game-play the only thing that i actually boot it up for is skyrim minecraft BF3 and firefox (mostly fire fox.).

          2. also the way all the people on the internet describbed it as made it seem like it was 3 generations away but i played MW3 and BF BC:2 on ps3 and PC and shockingly it was the exact same thing only the PC was shinier (and not “pleasure to my eyes shinier” it was hey this is brighter shinier thats what i meant.) so i went and downloaded mods for skyrim and L4D 2 and no suprise they were all superficial and while fighting with a dildo while looking like finn the human was amusing for the first 5 bminuets i reached the jarring conclusion that i’d have to have nothing better to do ALL day but play games while browsing for good mods (shockingly harder to find than you make it seem) in order to justify throwing away 800+ for a less convenient double hassle PC.

            1. but hey atleast i can merge some games with their sequel at a very low price after finaly getting the damn things to download and install, and the people online aren’t as bad as the ones on xbox but by god the trolls on their makes the little kids on 360 look good wait no thats to much nothing is worse than the kids on 360.

            2. The fact that you can do anything on the PC as I’ve just described and that you can’t do any of that on Consoles {WHICH I still use and love} essentally makes them ahead by default.

              It’s not just about the graphics, it’s about the amount of usage and flexibility of how you can adapt and mod games on PC that you simply cannot do on a PC. To put it bluntly – the fact that you can have something like the space core in Skyrim {along with being able to chage skins of characters and how the game looks} is something you cannot inherantly do on PC…that is one of the major parts of PC Gaming that appeals.

              1. i’m talking about a PC as if it were in the games market like everyone makes it seems but its not in the game market and when it is its disapointing

  1. Ok, I’m taking bets.
    This is really a juvenile description of a game console from a writer is is obviously distanced from the gaming demographic.

    Still, this is perfect troll and Aeolus (mega troll) bate.

    I wager we hit 65-70 comments / impressions, UNLESS another article is posted in the next 15 – 25 min.

    Let’s see what happens!

    1. wouldn’t say “distanced from gaming demographic”.
      pc gamer is known for its stance that the PC is the ultimate gaming platform (which, basically, it is), but thats not to say that consoles aren’t fun. though: their readers are PC Gamers. so they say “oh ho, consoles are toys” with a reeeaally serious face, but i’m pretty sure they are mentally adding a little wink to it.

      that being said: Yes, consoles are toys. you don’t work on them, you don’t live from them, you don’t eat them, you just play with them. or watch a movie, maybe, but probably not on a nintendo.. ^^ so yea, they are toys. but there is nothing wrong with them being toys. we love our toys!

        1. i’m pretty sure many of the pc gamer writers have consoles as well. its more a corporate identity thing i guess :D they are called PC Gamer for a reason.. ^^

  2. One cannot argue that – as a multiplatform gamer, we have to concede that the PC doth claim superiority over consoles as a general principle, but this fact has never stopped one from enjoying both forms of platforms for their advantages and games.

    However, namecalling a competitor is never a satisfactory way of addressing them, even if they can barely even be acknowledged as anything remotely like a threat to your marketshare!

  3. Ha that should be compliment as with the reputation that PCs have. Now calling it a toy? You are correct, it is a toy as with every other gaming console that’s been released prior to the WiiU.

    1. Aeolus likes to suck off monkey dicks, and the monkey is Icy Dead People, and they also seem to be a idiots

      Seems like it, but a very bad insult at that, coming from a journalist website I’d expect a little bit more class behind the insults, like a child’s 1st attempt at making a PC, but I guess they are fanboys, so I shouldn’t expect more than ”toy computer”.

        1. Yeah, Marilyn: long headline is about right, isn’t it? I’d never ciodnsered those interruptions in the Aeolus chapter of Ulysses to be Tweets; maybe we’ll take that up when we discuss Aeolus in class next week!

          1. The only thing “Superior” is the amount of shit you insist on vomiting.

            And perhaps the amount of narcissism you are capable of at your age.

            1. Superior graphics? Show me a Gamecube third party game on the same scope and scale as FFXII.

              Format matters. If your disc can’t hold any more than 1.4 GB, you are never going to see the system’s full potential because the hardware itself is using a crippled format, yet again.

                  1. I hardly consider it a good job and see it as something that limited the GameCube’s potential but, my point was, that you’re not allowing Nintendo into the equation because of how well they took advantage of their hardware.

                1. I said that? Where? Care to show us how your shitty reading comprehension skills came to this conclusion?

                  I bet you won’t, therefore don’t you fuck with what I said, faggot.

                  1. “Superior graphics? Show me a Gamecube third party game on the same scope and scale as FFXII.”

                    You questioned the GC having superior graphics right there.

                    Incidentally, it was a third party that had the most technically impressive GC game. Of course, you wouldn’t know that.

                    1. You know what, I’m gonna cut you off at the pass before you try to reply with more nonsense.

                      This little exchange started with the challenge to “show me a Gamecube third party game on the same scope and scale as FFXII.” Basically meaning PS2 TP > GC TP graphically.

                      Everyone should know that it was Factor 5, a third party, who got the best out of the GC. So a third party had the best looking GC game.

                      Logically, with a third party game representing the GC’s best effort, PS2 TP > GC TP then becomes PS2 TP > GC as a whole.

                      So if you’re conceding that it went Xbox > GC > PS2 > DC overall in reality, as your last post inferred, then that’s on the basis of the GC’s best effort, which we’ve established was a third party game.

                      So by conceding that point, your challenge to find a better looking GC TP game is defeated pretty easily by default.

                    2. Factor 5 made two Gamecube games, both within the same series. Neither of them looked “better” than the PS2’s best looking titles, one of which I just mentioned. Stop kidding yourself with utter bullshit. Don’t even get me started on how Shadow of the Colossus looks in comparison to Star Wars.

                      Gamecube has shown it’s ability to have better graphics, especially in Prime 1 & 2/RE4 but more often than not at the cost of expansive environments, or being forced to have games on multiple discs. No developers likes to do that. Hardware means nothing if a fatal flaw prevents it from truly getting anywhere in its life. That flaw was the pathetic disc format they used. Yet another horrible format to ruin third party efforts.

                      So really, what does it matter when GC had the shittiest support of the bunch? The best looking GC games don’t even look all that much better than the PS2 so the graphics argument is utterly pointless. PS2 was in no shape or form as gimped as the Wii was against the competition and you fucking know it.

                      Honestly, why do I even bother replying to you? You’re literally an idiot when it comes to hardware discussions.

                    3. Dude,we all know your not aeolus.You don’t even have the same gravatar.Just stay out of this and let aeolus play with himself. Sometimes you just have to not respond,you shouldn’t even be looking for him,he isn’t in my agenda at all.

                    4. Bahahahaha…

                      RE4 had graphical effects CUT from the PS2 version because it couldn’t handle the same level of detail as the GC version.

                      This is amazing. You literally just eviscerated your own argument.

                    5. Shadow of the Colossus ran at 15-20 FPS on the PS2 btw. Good fucking job on using that one as an example.

                    6. Absolutely nobody mentioned RE4 on the PS2, stop dodging what is said and start arguing your points rather mindlessly avoiding it like a simpleton.

                      I’m waiting for you to tell me how the framerate drops on SoC makes it significantly less of a good looking game. Looks like you’re desperately trying to fish for useless negatives. But who am I kidding with somebody that has the attention span of a grapefruit.

                    7. Is RE4 not a hardcore multiplatform title now? Those kind of games supposedly not looking better on the Cube were the entire basis of your hilariously incorrect argument.

                      The frame rate matters because a nice looking game running at such a shitty FPS means they’re trying to do more than the console can handle in normal conditions and failing pretty miserably.

                      As such it’s anomalous to the norm of the PS2’s capabilities and is in no way the basis of an argument of wider PS2 graphical achievement.

                    8. If you actually read what I said, I never said anything about RE4 “not looking better”, but once again, you didn’t. So I’m not even going to waste further time on you until you start reading.

                    9. You started with…

                      “Show me a Gamecube third party game on the same scope and scale as FFXII.”

                      Implication – No GC third party game looks as good as the PS2’s best. Logical extension of the argument, PS2 > GC.

                      You then said…

                      “Gamecube has shown it’s ability to have better graphics, especially in Prime 1 & 2/RE4 but more often than not at the cost of expansive environments, or being forced to have games on multiple discs.”

                      Meaning – First change in argument (you do this a lot). GC does have better graphics (1-0 to Tony), especially in games like Prime and RE4, but often games like that have to have reductions because of the GC 1.5GB disc.

                      Which is an interesting statement, as one of the games you listed there had to be cut down graphically in the PS2 version because it couldn’t handle the same level of detail, in spite of the supposedly all important extra disc space.

                      You then said….

                      “Absolutely nobody mentioned RE4 on the PS2.”

                      The discussion is about third party PS2/GC games. RE4 is a third party PS2/GC game, and it belongs in the discussion whether it was previously explicitly mentioned or not. I could start talking about random games like SSX Tricky if I so desire, and it would still be within the constraints of the initial discussion.

                      You then said…

                      “I never said anything about RE4 “not looking better”, ”

                      So you agree your initial implication was utterly ridiculous then? Good. Until the next time I hand your ass to you again.

      1. Hey it aeolus, glad to see you havent hung ourself yet. Keep hurling the insults and see what sticks as long as your abuse and nonsense gives you a purpos and keeps you from killing yourself to exit your sad world away from this web site im glad to see you here buddy. :)

          1. Never gave a rat’s ass about Bayonetta and continuing not to.

            Overhyping this game because it’s coming to Nintendo’s Wii Urine isn’t helping any of you. Sorry to say but nobody besides the irate 360 players who were fans of it really give a shit. It’s just another DMC clone.

            1. Ahh, it’s funny how all of you guys are all acting so immature, especially you Aeolus, in reply to someone sharing a YouTube video about a third party game coming to WiiU.
              Take a calming pill why don’t you?

            2. I’m actually gonna get a Wii U just for Bayonetta 2. I know, I know, I own a PS3 and I own the first game but to tell you the truth I’m not a Nintendo fan AT ALL. But I’m gonna try to expand my horizon and play it on the console. If I don’t like it, which I doubt because I’m a huge Bayonetta fan, then so be it.

              That video was funny by the way, but I seriously would not kill myself just because it’s a Nintendo exclusive. Only immature people would do that.

  4. Aeolus likes to suck off monkey dicks, and the monkey is Icy Dead People, and they also seem to be a idiots

    Kind of a pointless metaphor, all consoles are toy computers. Unless PC gamer is trying to insult it, by which I’d say it’s a very bad attempt at insulting it, calling it a very low end PC would be a better insult (It isn’t a low end PC for the people that like to jump to conclusions.), calling it a toy computer sounds like an insult that a 12 year old fanboy of the competitors consoles would say.

  5. And just when you think PC Gamer’s E-penis couldn’t get any larger and annoying… they say this….. *facepalm*

    Son… have a seat.

  6. yeah. toy computer. this coming from the dorks who use a computer to play video games. they clearly don’t realize the PC is dying. consoles are the way to play video games!

    1. Wen i went to see the article a little big planet ad poped up i think it was a help call from pc gamer like saying that they where obligated

      1. i think in some way, they really are… they have to cater to their audience (pc gamers), right?

        i’m playing with consoles as well as with pc, and i read pc gamer. i don’t think what they wrote is offensive, its not even wrong. in the end, we mainly bought our consoles to play with em, even if they can do other stuff as well; thus they are toys. we bought our pcs to do anything on them, thus they are not. that classification shouldn’t be read as an insult, even if they ment it that way. toys are fun. lets all enjoy our toys :)

  7. I’m sorry, but I consider ALL technology a “Toy.” PC’s, consoles, MP3 players, Apple pad and pod shit – they’re all toys nowadays.

  8. Excalibur: Fools! Calling a Wii U (a core and advanced electronic) a toy is like calling an echidna a bird instead of a mammal.

      1. but might I ask where I might acquire those fbuuloas icons? Thanks!!! There’s a guy over on my blog, XDA and deviantART, his name is Raadius, he is the creator of those amazing icons, they are called

  9. Ok… so?

    Obviously this is supposed to be an insult, but it’s not working. Of course it’s a toy. Gaming consoles have always been toys. We PLAY with them. We play GAMES on them. That’s the way it’s always been. Besides, the game in question is coming out on both a console and a PC (As are many, many games), so guess what PC Gamer Magazine. You play with toys too.

      1. of course. and an xbox or ps3 are classified as what then? i’m pretty sure you never even thought of playing something when you bought whatever console you own, right?

            1. Wrong, only Nintendo products are. Have fun convincing me that everything else isn’t when they’re marketed as more than just gaming machines.

              1. You want the Sonydrone to stop posting? Try the usual ‘Why are you still on this site?’ question. It works every time. Apparently he’s too scared to answer that question in a truthful manner…

                1. lol

                  That question has virtually no effect on me whatsoever. It’s literally spam and I ignore all forms of spam. Since the question itself isn’t relevant and can be answered with a very simple “I can be wherever the fuck I please”.

                  But if you think spamming it helps, go right ahead.

                  1. Funny since everything you post can be considered spam. You still fail to answer the question properly. Since you hate Nintendo so much, why do you come to a Nintendo fansite? Sure, you can be wherever you want I suppose, but staying 24/7 on a site that posts on a company you clearly hate? Seems legit…
                    Then again, applying logic to troll posts…nah, not a good idea…

                    1. “This is not a “fansite” it is a blog/news site.”
                      Yeah. A blog/news site designed for Nintendo fans.

                    2. Whatever you want to call it, again you fail to explain why you spend 24/7 on the comments section of a site built around the company you hate. Not that I’m expecting a proper answer ofc

              2. “nintendo products are toys because they’re marketed as gaming machines”

                what the fuck? isn’t that the POINT of gaming machines?

                i guess this is why everyone calls the PS3 a blueray player

  10. This is actually a backhanded compliment. PC Gamer is calling Wii U a “computer”. How often do PC-types call a console a “computer”. Toy computer= mini Computer.

  11. Typical PC Elitists. I play a lot of PC games and the ‘hardcore’ PC Gamers are very smug about their machines and think all consoles are “toys”.

    1. after all, consoles are made to play with. play. of course its a toy.

      yea, “toy” doesn’t sound very manly and you might think “i’m not playing with toys anymore, i’m not a child!”. but they are toys. and i’m proud to play with those toys, despite my age.. :)

  12. A childish stab at a console from a magazine written by people who think of themselves high and mighty because they built their own PC, and only play PC games… I don’t really give a crap to be honest…

  13. Sounds like some PC Elitists are Jealous. The two Things PC has over Consoles is better graphics & a few PC exclusives & mods that i have no interest in & that’s It. Other than that its the same keyboard & mouse you’ve been playing with since 2000. You Arrogant Assholes could learn from Nintendo in terms of Humility! Its not that i’m against gaming PCs, I just have a Huge problem with People having a Superiority Complex even though no one Cares.

  14. Was that supposed to be an insult? Come on you can do better than that. It’s they’re not even trying anymore. Leave luck to heaven.

  15. You know the definition of toy as a “tool or self entretainment” so every console, handheld and videogame is a toy… Including games for PC. I don’t know why they use the word “toy” to label an object and anyone who uses it as “kiddy” it’s very imature

    1. now the kiddy stuff is what you yourself read into it – that says alot about your own views. i don’t see toys as “kiddy” stuff. i just see most adults being to boring to have fun with toys. as an adult myself, i don’t have any problems with them. i like my toys – be it consoles, games, figures, or whatever.

      pc gamer didn’t say any of that kiddy stuff. though they probably meant it that way.. ^^

    2. I don’t know why they don’t use the word toy when “gaming console”, which explains much better and people will know what it is. ]

      If someone who is reading that article and doesn’t know much about Nintendo, they would think “toy computer” as a handheld, or something lower.

  16. I think they’re just trying to do a low blow at consoles in gereal rather then just the wii u so they’d make PC feel superior

  17. Sigh…why Compare PC’s to consoles… Its a toy computer? Toy yah kinda. But newsflash Nintendo doesn’t make computers like Microsoft.

  18. Technically, that’s what the NES was marketed as. Seemed to take off pretty well.

    Also, not surprised in the least this is coming from PC Gamer magazine.

  19. They were using the word toy as a put down, pc are junk anyway, Mac’s are for intelligent people who prefer not to have junk.

    1. Seriously, I’m a Mac person and even I think you’re being stupid. You give Mac users a bad name. Which OS/computer/console you use is personal preference, nothing more. Stop trying to making people seem stupid just because they don’t like the same things you do.

  20. Sickr please stop posting random shit random people say. I don’t care about a single sentence from the pc gamer magazine. The only thing I could care even LESS about, is another of Michael Pachter’s comments. More than half of the articles on this website aren’t even real news anymore.

    1. if it has to do with nintendo he will post it, by the way why the fuck do you even come and click the article if you dont like it?

  21. All consoles are “toy-computers”. Consoles are basically computers dedicated to arcade gaming. BUT unlike a computer they can’t do anything other than gaming.

  22. I think they are talking about you aeolus(I didn’t read the comment board yet so if anyone else said it then whatever).

  23. i just had to add this, i do more ‘work’ on my 3DS then my computer, i can pay my bills online with it while i’m out and about, did my taxes on it, online banking and more, i just play games ob my PC

  24. Well duh, of course it’s a toy computer. ALL consoles are toy computers. Why is it only Nintendo that gets labeled as such when all 3 consoles are considered such?

    Idiotic dudebro logic.

  25. Cue predictable butt-hurt fanboy rage just because someone doesn’t worship Nintendo/Wii U.


  26. Can they tell me the same with the PS3 and Xbox 360? because they are also Toys.

    To be honest, I don’t like the terminology that they used for the Wii U. That “Toy” has a name and is called a “Console” just like Xbox 360 and PS3 as well.

  27. this is just some jerk trying to belittle somthing, it is a gaming devise it gives people enjoyment. unlike PC gaming which has been ruind by that software program steam. if you drop below 150kbs conenction then you can forget it steam peace of shit

  28. Well hell I don’t give a shit if it’s a “toy” or not… I’m still spending my $350 (plus tax) on it cause It’s my money and I’ll do whatever the hell I please with it. Also PC’s suck ass… I broke my laptop cause it’s a piece of shit and saving up for a Macbook Apple > Microsoft

  29. well to be honest it is sort of a toy Oo
    just like the ps3 or any other console.. i don’t do my work on a console i use them for playing games

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