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Cloudberry Kingdom – Brand-New Trailer

The colorful, action-packed platformer, Cloudberry Kingdom, from indie developer Pwnee Studios releases for Wii U this November. The game features continuous levels and multiplayer for up to four people. Cloudberry Kingdom will be a downloadable title from the Nintendo eShop.

39 thoughts on “Cloudberry Kingdom – Brand-New Trailer”


  2. I hope there are more free things than the eshop(most free stuff(nothing to be proud of)nintendo has given in online shops)because if they do that,I will be one happy fellow :).

    1. hehe ! That guy loves saying things like , Nintendo’s franchises have sold out to casuals . They’re just the same as they always were ! .
      Mario galaxy 1 and 2 are hard as ever to 100% . Mario kart is really really hard online . Pokemon hasn’t changed . Skyward sword was just as hard as any other 3d zelda (maybe not majoras mask) .Donkey kong country is INSANELY hard . Metroid prime trilogy was intense , especialy on hard mode .NSMB is just fun !! especialy coop , but kinda tough to collect all the star coins !!!! .

      Nintendo’s core franchises are as good as ever !!

      1. I still haven’t gotten the last star in Galaxy 2………….. But I have beaten all three games in Metroid Prime Trilogy on Hypermode, what an epic challenge.

        1. +100 , me too XD . I haven’t yet endgamed the galaxy’s , But I have the MP trilogy !!! best trilogy ever , mass effect pails in comparison to prime !!

            1. Definately prime 1 !!! the other two are equaly as good (echoes is frustrating) !!! . But everything about prime 1 makes your jaw drop at what Retro studios did with the Nintendo gamecube.
              Everything about that 1st game has scarred me with nostalgia and I get major goose bumps each time I play it , as I know its my joint favorite game along with ocarina , MM !

              1. Ah yes, Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask are both great games. I got Ocarina on the Wii Virtual Console as my first Zelda game and loved it so much I bought the 3DS remake and plan to do the same if they release a remake of Majora’s Mask.

                1. Yeh , Ocarina 3d is th definitive version by a long way. Much imprved visuals , 3d , masterquest built in . 10/10 for me .

      2. I love them all but Skyward Sword was not as hard as the others. I loved it, it had great ideas, but it was not hard. It was way too easy in my opinion. However it was still a great game.

  3. Don’t mention troll names, and definitely don’t reply to them, by doing these things you are just as bad as the trolls/losers….

  4. Looks like XboxLive & PSN have some competition. The Nintendo eShop, a Safe Haven for Indie Developers. :P Leave Luck To Heaven.

  5. Oh man that game looks like it’s going to drive me through a wall with it’s insane level of difficulty. 80’s difficulty levels are making a comeback!

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  10. Looking forward to this. 3rd party games, great exclusives, and they are drawing great indie developed games too. put it down as much as you want, but the wii u games forecast just keeps getting better.

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