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Wii U Is Much More Indie Friendly Than Wii

Chasing Aurora developer Martin Pichlmair has revealed that the Wii U is a more indie friendly console than the original Wii ever was. Although Pichlmair was unable to provide any new details regarding the Wii U eShop, he did say that he’s confident that the console will be more open, social and indie-friendly than the original Wii which launched in 2006.

“I can not talk about the new eShop in detail. What I do know is that Nintendo is doing everything to make this console much more open, social and indie-friendly than the Wii ever was.”

49 thoughts on “Wii U Is Much More Indie Friendly Than Wii”

  1. They’re going to need to be open to indie devs. That will be a big selling point for Wii U. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. that’s good because if you look at how many games did not appear in wiiware but many appear in smartphones, man listen they will instantly fall in love with Nintendo as soon as they work with wii u.

    1. I’d buy it again just for that. Just give us the most modern version. The 360 version have been out for 6 months and I’m still waiting for creative mode.

      1. The most modern version will still be the PC version. Unless somehow the Wii U would allow developers to add mod support, then they would be pretty much equal.

    2. Actually that wouldn’t be such a bad idea, you could use the touch screen as your inventory screen whilst freeing up valuable space on screen which means when say like a horde of Zombie are after you, you don’t need to stop whilst looking into your inventory screen meaning protecting yourself would be a hell of a lot easier.

  2. insertusernamehereplease

    They aren’t the first to say this, and that’s obviously encouraging, but we need to see how that translates to the game lineup on the Wii U store before we can say with any certainty that Nintendo have done enough to improve things.

  3. I think the Wii U will be more indie friendly than their rival consoles. Who knows… we might see an indy title powered by a Unity 4 engine by next year or so.

  4. That’s great to hear, next generation of developers are right here people, heck they might end up hardcore developers for the future gens.

  5. We might even see smaller fresh Nintendo games on the Wii-U eshop instead or ports of older titles. i still find it amazing (not in a good way) that they havent really shown off what they are doing with the Wii-U eshop as it’s really the only thing left in order to fully reveal everything about the console. Only two months left untill launch too…come on Nintendo, all we want is a solid console and great games.

    1. I bet Nintendo will either show off the eShop at another event or on Nintendo Direct. They really like to drag out there info releases on Wii U huh? And we have less than 2 months to wait, 48 days to be exact :)

    2. Actually, Dougie Houser, they already have. What you’ve failed to see is that Nintendo have already listed the lineup of games available on launch day, the month after launch, and games on the launch window for 2013.

      Launch Day: 15 titles
      Holiday 2012: 10 titles
      Later this year (after the Holidays): 5 titles
      Early 2013: 20 titles
      Later 2013: 3 titles (Bayonetta 2, Injustice: Gods Among Us, and Project CARS)

          1. There are eShop games on the press release… like Little Inferno. It would seem that the new Mighty Switch Force will likely be on the eShop as well. They just didn’t have an eShop section listing on that list of games.

            1. This year: Jett Tailfin, Pinball arcade, Little Inferno, Mighty Switch Force HD , Marvel Pinball, Nano Assault Neo, Toki Tori 2, Trine II.

              Next Year: Bit Trip Runner 2, Biker Bash Racing, The Cave

              TBA: Cloudberry Kingdom 2, 1001 Spikes, Chasing Aurora, Mutant Mudds Deluxe


  6. By the sounds of the feedback from devs, it sounds like it will be more friendly then steam, that’s if Nintendo are offering better incentives then other online services. That being said, I’ll be buying machinarium and to the moon again if it gets released on WiiU

  7. Sounds good to me, I think we need Indie games, but we also need hardhitters, even if they are casual, i’m looking at you angrybirds =(

  8. I would be infinitely glad if they put a lot of the Wii revenue into making the U a lot more dev friendly than the the other competing consoles. It’d be bad ass. I don’t think Sony computer entertainment has the budget or the balls to, and Microsoft is too stuck up and greedy. It would be so fresh to have some selflessness in this business for once.

    1. If they added a service similar to the Steam Workshop, that would be so awesome. Whether a game has support for user content or not usually affects what version of a game I get.

      1. Supporting user content is finicky on consoles. I can’t even think of any console game that’s done that to this day (there probably is and I’m just a dumbass). Being able to mod things would generally mean to get into the game files and alter stuff, which is not only complicated on Console titles, but most devs don’t want players tinkering with the games, hence almost no official modding support even for most PC titles. The only 2 big devs I can think of now are ValvE and Bethesda..

        1. Well, I’m saying it should be an option for developers. And it doesn’t always mean altering the files. For example: Riivolution manages to allow custom content in Wii games(mostly SSBB) by reading custom files off an SD or USB drive while the normal files are read from the disc, Skyrim and Fallout: NV both read compiled mod files that are placed in the directory, and it’s usually for games that don’t support user content where you have to go in and replace files.
          Also, there are 14 games currently in the workshop, most of which are neither Valve or Bethesda.

          And it wouldn’t be all that more complicated on a console, you’d just have to put the the files on some storage device and turn them on for games that support it, or use a service that’s similar to downloading DLC.

        2. Fans of some games can get pretty damned creative with UCC, so I don’t think any of the consoles out there have the architecture or power to support the lengths and breadths of player vision.
          I mean, look at Minecraft, or the UCC for Borderlands on PC.
          None of the consoles, current or upcoming, have the power or freedom of use to allow such awesome things.
          Much as I am looking forward to the Wii U, I doubt it will be capable of providing such a thing, either.
          It’s not a PC by any stretch.

    1. Yeah. I heard the support was terrible, only giving pay to titles which have sold enough. Here’s hoping it goes better this time.

  9. Well the wii u does appear like a ipad console. So devs can can just port their games from ios to the wii u and allow buttons for controls.

  10. I’m going to give them a year-and-a-half of the system’s life to show me that they can prove how indie-friendly they are. I’m already liking the directions that they’re branching out into with well-known third-party developers.
    They’re not off to a bad start, but if they push then they can most certainly do better than now.
    I guess they just have a lot of proving to do, after the reputation the Wii left behind with indie devs.

  11. All we need is mods to truly cater to the hardcore. And all of the psn and Xbox live games that ain’t exclusives LOL

    1. I doubt the last one would happen, but then again, I doubted ever seeing the sequel to Bayonetta going straight to the Wii U, too. Didn’t even cross my mind that that could ever happen, and look at the state of things now.
      Therefore, while I doubt it, I won’t count out the possibility, unless someone [who is not a troll] brings forth some good reasons why it could not happen.

      1. I hear indie devs will get more profits from nintendo than say a xbox or a ps3 that is reason enough along with the fact that wii u is more user friendly than the wii ever was. And they won’t be holding back profit if a dev doesn’t sell enough games.

  12. the wii was indie friendly? Oo
    that’s news to me
    i’m very hopeful about the wii-u however
    unity was a big step towards being indie friendly.. perhaps the indie frendliest (major) console ever to launch

      1. well yeah but then the correct choice of words would be something like “in contrast to the wii the wii-u is indie friendly”
        saying that the wii-u is indie friendlier than the wii kind of implies that the wii was sort of indie friendly to start with… and i don’t see how it was

  13. That’s awesome. Things have truly changed on Nintendo’s online service, because I still remember when “Machinarium” got canceled for WiiWare:

    “We don’t like Wii because the resolution is so low and there is a size limit on WiiWare of 40MB, which is so low for nowadays. It’s crazy.” -Jakub Dvorský.

  14. I think the Ouya will be more open regardless of whatever Nintendo does. It’s even running Android so the developers who are turning to smartphones because all the consoles are closed won’t have to relearn stuff.

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