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Reggie Says Miiverse Is The Killer App For Wii U

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime believes that Miiverse is the system’s killer application. Reggie went on to say that the Wii U social network is a “paradigm shift” that consumers need to experience to fully understand. He also believes that Miiverse will be a “key differentiator” for Nintendo against its competitors.

“As the network grows and the installed base grows, it will prove to be a true killer application for the system, and I say this loving what we have done with Nintendo TVii and loving all the games.”

“Until you try it and experience it, you may not totally understand it.”

“People have to leave the current paradigm behind to understand what we are trying to do. Miiverse is going to be embedded right on the game platform, so literally some of the activity will be able to happen immediately as people experience it.”

137 thoughts on “Reggie Says Miiverse Is The Killer App For Wii U”

  1. Miiverse and Nintendo TVii are two killer apps on the Wii U. I cannot wait to communicate with friends from all over the world.

    1. Please stop posting negative and unhelpful comments on every post. Yes, it has been slow for news these past few days but that’s nothing I have control over. Thanks.

      1. News should always be up to date especially a website! what would be the point in following your site then when other sites are reporting way before you? Keep it up dude.

        As for the negative comments… not negative. I am being honest and critical. Welcome to the internet ;)

        1. The site is always up to date. Despite popular belief I do go to sleep. If you don’t like the content on the site then you’re more than welcome to go elsewhere. Thanks.

          1. “Despite popular belief I do go to sleep.” HAHA. You are just like my mom. I like when say says stuff like that.

          2. screenshotting for NeoGAF…wow you are so professional. Good job. Cant even take a hint of criticism. and this article was POSTED YDAY lol. Hardly up to date.

            Dont patronise me either with your sleep patterns. NintendoTweet was right about you. Such an unprofessional “journalist”

            1. Oh so this is older news. Well I did not know what Reggie was thinking about it (thanks Sickr).
              Just go to a other site where everything is up to date.
              Sickr:” If you don’t like the content on the site then you’re more than welcome to go elsewhere. Thanks. “

              1. the last quote goes to show how incredibly unprofessional sickr is. Check his twitter feed with some people. The way he treats them is disgusting. These people make your site Sickr. Learn to respect them!

                1. i dont want attention you stupid fanboy who would suck sickr off for a dime. I am challenging sickr since he clearly ignores me on Twitter. So I will have to take it public so everyone knows how mature he really is.

                  Why would I want attention from a bunch of fanboys like yourself? think before you write a comment mr leave luck to heaven boy…

                  1. “I am challenging sickr since he clearly ignores me on Twitter.”
                    why should he care about you, you act like a drones on twitter.
                    “So I will have to take it public so everyone knows how mature he really is.
                    um how is bitching about something that makes you matured, even though you act like a kid that sickr SHOULD ignored you.

            2. I’ve been keeping an eye on GAF since he said this, unless I missed it, it was just a load of hot air and he did nothing.

              No real surprise.

          3. how about that time it took you and alba a WEEK to post about Umbra engines partnership with Nintendo?! when I read it directly on their site!!!

            A WEEK! you call that up to date?

            1. If you don’t like it and that you don’t like it’s not as up to date … why are you here? Your presence seems kind of pointless.

                    1. How’s the European economy doing compared to ours? Our right our’s shits all over Europe ;) Kinda sad how a country full of convicts has one of the most stable economies in the world and best trained SAS soldiers.

          4. Actually i’m surprised on how often this site updates,
            And honestly slow news days or not,
            It’s better to always put up content and posts!

            Thank you so much for you’re hard work sickr!
            we all love you :D

            1. Well, there’s multiple posts everyday, so I don’t get why he say that it doesn’t update very often. It is actually faster then and by that awesome australian guy, David :)) quite often.

          5. Dont worry about him Sickr. I for one thank you for all the hard work you put into this site. Always trying to keep as up to date as possible, while having to deal with loser trolls and keep up with your own life. I believe on nehalf of all Nintendo fans and loyal readers on this site, THANK YOU! <3 And you too alba! we THANK YOU too!

        2. “News should always be up to date especially a website! what would be the point in following your site then when other sites are reporting way before you? Keep it up dude.”
          um …..hello where do you think he gets his info from?
          why are you still here is you hate this site.

        3. Seriously you can go to like 5 other sites lie this one and this one is definable the best one. All of the websites have their own update time. Why do you go somewhere else you restarted troll

      2. Sickr he is just being stupid. This site is really great! You update so fast. But if nothing happens you have nothing to report.
        Sickr is the best site for the latest Nintendo news.
        ( L O V E. T H I S. S I T E ! ! !)

        1. I hope you realise I read this article elsewhere a DAY AGO… sickr even admits that news is slow. stop being such a crawler, its actually quite embarrassing.

          1. James… for once… just… SHUT UP ALREADY!!!!!! Let Sickr report Nintendo news when it happens, where it happens.

            1. what like the umbra partnership with Nintendo that him and alba posted a WEEK AFTER?

              I read the news on Umbra’s website a week BEFORE it arrived on here. I am a huge NIntendo fan but this site is a mockery of Nintendo news.

              1. Please provide more than just one example of week old news. You can’t just use one story, If you used more than one as an example people might not think you’re a total tool.

                1. This site in general screams slow news days. Mostly a day or two but the UMbra article was a massive pisstake. Sorry but you got to be honest with one another. I loved this site but this site has gone to the dogs and I hate how Sickr treated some of my friends on twitter.

                  1. So, because Sickr annoyed you, you’re going to be a dick on this site and ruin it for other people? Good job, you’re maturity qualifies as a child’s.

                    1. do you actually know what sickr said to my mates? I suggest you dont get involved until you actually see what he said. Disgraceful comments just to let you know

                    2. Should I care at all? No. Your comments at the moment are disgraceful as well. Sheesh the hypocrisy is strong in you.

                    3. pretty much that’s how he acts on twitter, i believe he is a kid to be truthful trying to gain attention from sickr so he can be cool with his friends.

                  2. ” I loved this site but this site has gone to the dogs and I hate how Sickr treated some of my friends on twitter.”
                    maybe if you guys stop acting like crap maybe he won’t do that to you.

                  3. @james
                    I don’t know if you are being a troll or are actually serious. Hopefully it isn’t the latter because then you seriously look utterly stupid. You’re blaming Sickr that news is slow? You might as well tell the sky to rain while you’re at it. Seriously instead of typing utter nonsense about unprofessional journalism go and make a better, more professional web site than this and tell us how easy it is to make a good website and how easy it is to gather up-to-date news practically everyday and still fit it in with your everyday routine.

                    That’s what I thought.

          2. I have a great idea! Make your own NIntendo news site and if it is good I will even visit it. And on your own news site you can post as many up to date news when you want!

    2. Watch out! We have a news addict over here!
      Don’t worry, Sickr. This happens on every news site all the time. IMHO, this site is the best for Nintendo – related news.

    3. “slow news day!” True
      “this site is a joke” Then stop visiting this site
      “STOP FUCKING DELETING MY COMMENTS…” (from your reply to Sickr) “Welcome to the internet ;)”

      1. so you approve of them posting RUMOURS that make no sense or WEEK OLD articles that have done the rounds on the web?

        Good one kid.

        1. *Week old ARTICLE. You have only ever mentioned one article that is a week old. Oh and posting rumours? LIKE EVERY OTHER SITE DOES? Good lord you’re an idiot.

          1. An idiot I may be but I speak the truth. This site (especially the comment section) has gone to the dogs.

            Shame really

        2. Rumours are rumours, but the point is they can be fake, but they could be true.
          You take it with a grain of salt, stop whining.

          And if its “week old news” then ignore it, or maybe, it might be a week old, but someone hasnt heard of it yet. We arent a collective hive mind, if we dont know about something, we wont until something tell us or if we find it out.

          Why do i have to explain simple logic to this…thing?

    4. Go home. What the fuck are you doing here?
      Is your blog not doing so well, so you have to go harrass the competition?
      Awww, so sad.

  2. It is true. I’m mostly looking forward to seeing what the Miiverse truly is. It seems fun. Leave luck to heaven.

      1. “We won’t offer this immediately at launch, but soon Miiverse will be accessible from your 3DS, your PC or any other web enabled mobile device.” Saturo Iwata from the years Pre E3 Nintendo Direct.

  3. I do not think I will use it since I do not play online (I have super bad internet. 12kbs upload MAX).
    But I think it will be cool.

    1. must be terrible living in a third world country. stop being a cheap ass and get a decent connection. Fuckers like you ruin my game when I have to put up with laggy faggots online. No my connection is very fast so dont try and blame me..

          1. Consider yourself lucky, here in Australia our infrastructure is nowhere near as good as that. And it’s worse in regional area’s where I live. We only get 20 mbps MAX. No matter what plan we’re on.

            1. He’s lucky even within the UK. A large chunk of the population doesn’t have access to fibre optic connections yet, obviously he does, but the average UK speed is still only 9mbps.

              1. Yeah only small parts of our country have fibre optics, but they’re slowly rolling it out. I’m thankful to get the speeds I’m getting where I live. I just despise brats like him.

      1. Come to Australia. I know people who live in the Outback who pay $110 a month for an internet connection that fast while I get about 10-20mbps. Our infrastructure here is shit. You need to realise that there country might not have invested enough in infrastructure. But then again, you’re a tool.

        1. dont wanna go to australia thanks. I get 70Mbps in the UK. MY online pc games run smoothly the majority of the time. And Mario kart 3ds. just certain fuckers come online and they are laggy. I know its them since I played another Mii and the game was smoother…yes they were both in the UK so nothing to do with overseas distance.

          1. Mine run perfectly fine also. Just because you are lucky and have access to such infrastructure, doesn’t mean you can go around being a tool about it.

            1. not being a tool. Internet speeds are so cheap nowadays. People just dont want to spend a minimal amount of dollar for it.

              1. You have no idea how shit the global economy is do you? I’m thankful it doesn’t effect me and my family, but I also volunteer and people are doing it tough, ALOT of people are doing it tough. Money doesn’t exactly grow on trees.

                1. affect* ;)

                  I do have an idea actually. There are SO MANY great deals even for those that are poor (probably from being lazy at school or having bad habits). When I mean deals I mean under 10£/$ a month. You’re saying that people cant even afford that? probably in Africa but again they die of Aids related illnesses anyway. Would be a waste of Bandwidth for us all

                  1. Well seeing as I don’t live in England how the fuck would I know what plans you have? Christ, you certainly are an idiot.

                  2. You’re an idiot…I live in the boonies in the states, and nothing is cheap…work full time, commute almost an hour one way, a house, wife, kid, food, electric, heat, etc, etc…and an internet connection of 10mbps which costs me nearly $60 a month…if you weren’t so stupid I wouldn’t feel like my IQ just dropped a few points for replying to you…

      2. Well fuckers like me DONT play online be cause they do not want to ruin the indulgence of perfect NeoGAF members like you. (really I do not play online be cause I dont want to ruin the enjoyment of others.)
        And yes it is not nice to live in a third would country Mr.Perfect

      3. Yeah, because online multiplayer is everything…wait.

        Online mutliplayer modes in games are notoriously lazy, people just dont see it.
        Why cant i cusomise my characters? Or my weapons? But why would it matter anyway if all the characters/classes are the fucking same, just slight meaningless differences? Why do players have regeneratie health rather than having to survive with health that’ll inevitably decrease while surviving, and increase the challenge and balance of the gameplay, rather than some dick sitting in a corner who can just hide for a couple of seconds, and be fine? Why are the game modes all unoriginal and boring?
        Why dont i actually get rewarded for doing well, other than “levelling up”?
        Why are all the teams unblanced?
        Why do i have to pay £10 for 2 fuckin maps, that offer nothing new. Why arent the maps interactive and actually do something, rather than being pretty rectangles?
        Why can i only carry 2 fucking guns, or worse, 1 gun and shitty pistol?

        Online multiplayer is mediocre, someone needs to actually make one that has everything an online mutliplayer should have.

        1. Halo multiplayer would like a word. I know you hate MS but you got to admit Halo online is extremely successful and fun to play (online connection has never failed on me and I dont mind paying for a good online service especially since I have a job). So is COD but I prefer Halo personally

          1. Halo has (only recently), had customisation, although it has mo levelling up, therefor nothing for you to gain, other than more customisation.

            Admittedly, the forge mode in Halo, itls fantastic, and having vechiles and pretty large games is good too. But anyone thats played Halo online knows that if your not using the DMR, or a sniper, most of the game is just 2 people firing assault rifles and then punching them when the shield is down. Obviously when vechiles come into, that can change, although generally, not alot.
            Dont get me wrong, Halo is actually a multiplayer i can stand, not enough to own an Xbox, i have everything i want on my ps3, and i refuse the get ass fucked my microsoft, but theres alot it doesnt have.

      4. High speed is not available everywhere fucktard. I live in the country where the phone lines don’t even support DSL.

        Sickr, This guy is needlessly harrassing individual people. From his complaints, it sounds like you are proactively trying to keep him under control, so thanks for that.

        I’m going to sign into Neogaf and call his bluff, letting them know this psyco is harrassing blog and forum members. What kind of person acts like this?

      5. Why you assumin that blackabe111 is cheap? Not everyone has the same quantity of munny
        And why say “Fuckers like you” when the user doesnt even play online. It’d be more appropriate if you aimed the comment at someone who does have slow online speed and they do ply online.

        1. How do you know that blackabe111 is cheap?
          That sounds kinda… like I am a hoe. Anyway we do not swim in money but we can afford stuff. EVEN THE BEST INTERNET SPEED IN OUR ROAD!
          We have the best internet speed available in our road. 1000kbs download MAX (even though we only get 125kbs. 1000kbs. checked it on speedtest) and 12kbs upload MAX.
          He (james) cant accept the fact that some areas have bad connections.

          1. lol sorry I didn’t mean for ya to sound like a hoe, I’m sayin that james assumed that you were cheap even though he knows nothing about except that you live in an area that has bad connection and that you don’t get play online

  4. Sorry, Reg… social media miiverse crap isn’t going to win over any converts, and it’s definitely not a killer app. Good GAMES are what constitutes a “killer app” for a game system. I hope you figure that out before it’s too late.

    1. Talking to a mirror much, or are you delusional? Miiverse ia a killer app for the Wii U is the way you communicate with friends as well as family members. Nintendo have already figure things out and done it successfully. It is the company who wants to make the Wii U a 3-in-1 console– gaming, social, and entertainment. Welcome to MyNINTENDONews, bucko!

  5. That’s some big talk, Reg. Now you’ve gotta deliver.

    Personally, what I’ve seen of Miiverse looks great. It just looks like a more fun way to do online than the other systems.

    But good luck getting people to step outside of their comfort zones to actually see the benefit of this type of gaming social media.

  6. Well he did mention the major issue when he made an excuse- nobody really knows what MiiVerse is like. People have had very few chances to see it and almost no chances to actually interact. I’m feeling much better about waiting for the console right now, but I still could use some real info about NN, Miiverse and online multiplayer.

  7. Reblogged this on hypersonic55 and commented:
    I think Miiverise on paper sounds pretty interesting. The way Reggie talked about it at E3 this year and the way he continues to talk about it really makes me curious at to whether it will live up to the hype. Again Miiverse sounds interesting in theory. Here’s the Wikipedia info on it: Miiverse is a social network powered by the Nintendo Network. Miiverse was announced on June 3rd 2012 during a pre-E3 Nintendo Direct event; the sevice is set to initially launch on the Wii U when the system arrives on November 18th, but it will later be available on the Nintendo 3DS as well as web-enabled mobile devices.[11] Miiverse will allow users to seamlessly share achievements, comments, and hand written notes with other users. Miiverse will be integrated into the system menu of the Wii U, but social interactions can also occur within supported games. Nintendo’s president Satoru Iwata stated that Miiverse will monitored through software as well as a human resource team in order to insure that the content shared by users is approporiate and that no spoilers are shared, as such comments posted can take up to 30 minutes to appear on Miiverse.

    All of that sounds awesome to me. To be able to have this online, social interaction through one app could really change one’s gaming experience and enhance it by bringing everyone together to talk about and share gaming experiences. And then having Miiverse connect not only connect to the Wii U, but then on the 3DS and web-enabled mobile phones sounds badass, if Nintendo can pull it off. Even though I don’t think that this is what Nintendo fans expected when Nintendo said that they would improve their online services, I think the end result is a pretty good one though especially with Mii verse in play. It’s more of a Nintendo style of online connectivity and it sounds great in principle. My only worry is that since comment are going to be montiored and moderated, will the waiting time between those points of moderation be too long? And will being monitored by Nintendo just put some people off entirely? Those are questions on my mind. Only time will tell if Miiverse is a success or not, I just hope its intergrated into the Wii U properly.

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