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New Super Mario Bros U Co-Op Trailer

Nintendo has released a new New Super Mario Bros U trailer which provides a look at the game’s cooperative mode. As most of you already know, the game only features local cooperative mode, rather than online co-op. New Super Mario Bros U launches alongside Wii U on November 18th.

47 thoughts on “New Super Mario Bros U Co-Op Trailer”

    1. Me neither. The whole point of me buying th egame was so I could play it online with my friends who like Mario, because my friends close to me don’t like it. I don’t see a point in buying it, it feels like I’ve already played it. HD and Baby Yoshi aren’t enough of gimmicks to make me spend 60€ again.

      1. Exactly how I feel. They should try something fresh with the next 2D Mario and drop the “New Super Mario Bros.” title. Maybe a fresh new art style too.

        1. Its directed by that ‘Eguchi’ guy not miyamoto . This guy wants your money , and you get this sort of ‘Hollow commercial’ feel of the NSMB’S . They dont feel like the labour of love 3d games which miyamoto makes like Galaxy’s and 3d land .

          The NSMB’s are like 8/10’s and the 3D are 10/10’s . Its a big difference.

          I suppose this game will be fun and I will buy :)

            1. Miyamoto created Pikmin 1 an 2 , and mario sunshine and the galaxy games and 3d land and Wind waker and twilight princess and skyward sword . He’s the boss of Nintendo EAD , he has a large say in the vast majority of games that come out of there .

              And you can clearly see at the end of these games it says Miyamoto in the credits!

              1. Yes, but he wasn’t the director. He created the game and concept of Pikmin 1 & 2 but he’s only credited as the producer. Same goes for the Galaxy games, Mario Sunshine, and the Zelda games you mentioned. The last game he actually directed was Mario Artist for the N64DD in Japan.

                1. Riiiiiight , producer thats it . I was calling him director lol.

                  Miyamoto is the godfather of videogaming , we can all rejoice in that !

      2. why dont you just find friends in your area nintendo said miiverse will automaticlly connect you with the closest people playing the same game as you

          1. yea didn’t you see that old guy in nintendo’s e3 opening video? don’t you wanna be friends with an old geezer?

              1. So wait, you can actually meet people NEAR you? This is gonna be cool. If people are responsible with this, and don’t rape each other, Miiverse can be a total revolution in social gaming. Social Gaming done right confirmed for Wii U.

    2. oy, I do wish that this game had online co-op. That would up the replay value by so much. It’s especially weird since Ninten is known for being optional as to how to experience their games

  1. Aaaggghhhh can’t make it 44 days!!!!
    I need dusty old zombie to beat with a cricket stick. ZombiU… body is ready.

  2. I have no interest in this game. It’s New Super Mario Bros. Wii HD. Thats all it is, a slight graphical improvement, yoshis (yay?), and moving backgrounds.

      1. Oh, I’m sure it is, and that will get me excited, but seeing Nintendo produce 2 “New” super Mario Bros games in a matter of months, when they already were produced, for the earlier console and handheld (wii and DS) annoys me. No point in 4 copys of the same game. Not to mention the fact that New super marios bros 2 just got DLC when 3d land has had none, even though it has been around for longer and is more of a core title than a rehash.

        1. Only one new super mario bros game per console/ handheld, it will be a long time before we see another one, thankfully.

          1. Hopefully. I can’t tell anymore. 2 new super mario bros games within a few motnhs makes it seem like 1,000 new super mario bros games lol

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  4. I’ll still get this game even though there’s not much of a difference between it and the last two installments, regardless I still have fun playing through the levels and challenges of it. In addition to that, I’ve got a few friends that collaborate with me to make the experience even more fun.

    Maybe we should start a poll for Ninten to allow for online play with their main title mario games.

  5. I have to say, this game looks far more co-op based than NSMBWii, and looks far less chaotic. I believe Wii was designed as a single player game, and had multiplayer put in halfway through development. This game has more branching paths in-level, rather than a single hallway where everyone jumps on everyone and throws them off cliffs like the first game. I have a feeling this will be the best NSMB game so far, but I hope its the last one for a long time.

    And this game DOES need online play, hopefully as a patch later on.

    1. I’m sure it’ll be the last one for some years til ninten makes the successor to the WiiU. There haven’t made another nsmb for the same system, just one for each system starting with the DS. Granted Ninten should’ve waited for sometime before they made another one. Maybe they’re just getting this one out of the way so they can focus on more real innovative titles

      1. Some games I believe have had online patched in after being released for some time. One off the top of my head is the Scott Pilgrim beat-em-up for XBLA and PSN.

  6. Looks good. I am going to get it. But I do agree with the people who says this needs to be online (it should have online multiplayer maps..for fun stuff and the campaign needs to be online as well).

  7. Online or not, the question is, is Wii U’s connectivity faster and better than Wiis?
    Because if it’s not then the Wii U will fail because that is 50% of why the Wii “failed” when it came to games…

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