Tomorrow Corporation Shares Little Inferno Tidbits And Applauds Nintendo For Supporting Indie Developers

Tomorrow Corporation’s first Nintendo eShop game, Little Inferno, is scheduled to release alongside Wii U. The game takes place in a cold, snowy world and centers on a Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace, a new, hot toy that’s desired by every child. The children in the game can purchase a wide variety of items, including robots, batteries, credit cards and squealing bugs, toss them into the fire, and then watch them burn. Little Inferno may support multiplayer and launches on the 18th of November.

According to Tomorrow Corporation’s Kyle Gabler, Nintendo has been a fan of indie games for quite a while. Gabler is surprised, but pleased, that a lot of indie games are being developed for Nintendo’s forthcoming console, Wii U.

“Little Inferno is set in a place where it’s been snowing for as long as anyone can remember, and it’s getting colder. The new toy on every kid’s wishlist this year is the Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace. Children can buy toys and other products from a catalog (items such as robots, tiny galaxies, batteries, or squealing bugs), toss them in the hearth, and then play with them as they burn up. Everything reacts differently Sometimes [it’s] adorable, surprising, or explosive. As objects burn, they pop out coins — and other things — that you can use to buy more objects and catalogs. But that can’t last forever!”

“I think the previous description is a fairly accurate summary, but it’s also kind of like saying ‘a city is a bunch of bricks stacked into buildings.’ Half the fun of Little Inferno is discovering exactly what’s going on.”

“We’re hoping we can also sneak in multiplayer, so the whole family can sit around and poke and prod their glowing high- definition fire together — using a combination of Wiimotes and GamePad — but that may have to come in an update. We’ll see.”

“And now, getting to be a launch title on a new Nintendo console feels dazzling and surreal, like finding a secret warp zone and eating all the mushrooms. I think the Wii U launch lineup surprised everyone with the strong presence of indie games.”

“Nintendo has been a fan of indie games for a long time, in a way that’s probably a good illustration of how companies are made of real living, breathing humans. Dan Adelman, the fellow who heads up the downloadable services [at Nintendo], is a big supporter of indie games and genuinely seeks to help out indie developers. He made sure we didn’t implode back when we were clueless kids trying to get World of Goo on WiiWare a billion years ago and is likely responsible for the large indie presence we’re seeing in the upcoming Wii U launch games so far.”

– Kyle Gabler, developer, Tomorrow Corporation



    1. I’m wondering that too… I don’t know how throwing random things into a fire could be fun but I trust these guys. We just have to see. We’ll probably turn into raging pyrotechnics from this game, though. XD


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  1. First Nintendo gets Japanese developers to develop exclusive games for their platforms (Monster Hunter Tri/Ultimate/4, Bayonetta 2, Wonderful 101 etc.) and now they’re courting indie developers. Sony and Microsoft are entering a war they’ve already lost.


      1. I’m sure the PS4 will be a good console, but Nintendo is really driving to make the Wii U great, and I think it’s going to pay off for them. Big time. B


  2. I don’t know what the fuck this game is about, but I LOVED World of Goo, and I’m buying this indie game Day One, after I get my Wii U online.


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