GameStop Giving Away Five Wii U Consoles Before Launch

Those of you that would like a Wii U before the console’s official launch on November 18th can do so by entering a competition courtesy of GameStop. To be eligible all you need to do is snap a photo showing them why you want a Wii U by using your arms, body, or friends, to create a U shape. You could be one of five lucky winners to get a Wii U party before launch day and a Wii U prize pack consisting of a Wii U, eight Wii U video games, four Wii Remote controllers, two Nunchuk controllers, a Wii U Pro Controller and an HD TV. You can enter the competition here.

Thanks, Simply G


      1. Wow. Why don’t you get some friends together and a “U” out of your wiiwiis? It’ll beat your usual sword fight, and it’s obvious you you have no real women in your life.


    1. Entries are randomly drawn anyways (and there’s a method without submitting a picture for whatever reason which still has equal chance of winnings among those who did submit) (and yes I read through the giant paragraph of rules)


      1. I’ve got 4 tattoos, but non on my ass. I have something already cooked up. I won’t be submitting it until a few days before the end to prevent copy-cats. ;-)

        Although the drawing is “random,” I’m counting on a company like gamestop cheating, and picking at least one great pic to draw attention to them. :p


    1. It would be cool. I never win anything, so I know it wont be me.

      I’m getting a Wii U anyway, so I suppose it will be better for someone who can’t get one. =p


      1. Yeah, I was thinking of entering and then selling the Wii U if I won (not for an insane price, maybe $380-$400). But then I thought the same as you that it would be better if someone who doesn’t have a pre-order won.


      2. I’ve won a few times at Texas hold em tournament in my local PUB/bar :P .
        Cannot recall winning any meaningfull competition though :S


    1. This
      Considering we have EB Game which is one of the subsidaries of Gamestop, as well as Gamestop, we should also be included in this competition


  1. 5 wii u consoles?? Wow gamestop you are so generous, you know, since you dont make that much money from ripping people off every single day, so yeah five consoles that is a massive number :D


  2. Meh even though I’d like to compete, I’ve already got my WiiU reserved and a few games in mind which is all I need. Maybe an additional Wii plus controller and an HD Tv, but I can get those in time. I’m passin this knowledege to my friend who wants one


  3. The winner will be a chick creating a u shape with her hand, by putting her fingers in her vagina and thumb up her butt.


  4. “a Wii U prize pack consisting of a Wii U, eight Wii U video games, four Wii Remote controllers, two Nunchuk controllers, a Wii U Pro Controller and an HD TV”



      1. man i sort of want to enter based off the highly unlikely chance that i win by some miracle

        but i’m sort of shy when it comes to taking pictures of myself D:



      2. ”ergianerogabebgrea” hahah is that a psycho bob reference XD . I was like what the hell has he written there ??? Then I got an image of psycho bob being smacked in the face with a rake XD!!!


  5. I think its a bit unfair that I can’t enter this competition because I live in UK. I’m sat on my bed in hospital waiting to have another operation in the morning! How cool it would of been if I had entered and won one before the launch! Well all the best to those who can enter :@) Good Luck Everyone :@)


  6. “Those of you that would like a Wii U before the console’s official launch on November 18th …”

    So… everyone on this site?


      1. Ok dont believe me? Heres the email that i got: As the Sweepstakes Administrator for Nintendo, I am pleased to inform you that you’ve been selected as a potential winner in Nintendo’s U Pic! U Party! Sweepstakes! This means you may have won the following: 
        Wii U party 
        (1) prize pack consisting of:
        (1) Wii U™ Deluxe Set video game system
        (4) Wii Remote™ controllers
        (1) Wii U™ Pro Controller
        (2) Nunchuk™ controllers
        (8) Wii U™ video games
        (1) HD TV
        To ensure you are eligible to win, according to the enclosed Official Rules, please carefully read the enclosed Affidavit of Eligibility and then, please do the following:
        Sign the Affidavit of Eligibility in the presence of a public notary.
        Return the signed and notarized Affidavit of Eligibility (only the first 3 pages) no later than Friday, October 26, 2012, by one of the following ways:
        Scan and email to or
        Fax to the attention of Patrick Hassell at 214.259.3347 or
        Mail to the address below:
        Patrick Hassell
        The Marketing Arm
        1999 Bryan St., Ste. 1800
        Dallas, TX 75201

        Please note, you will need to provide your Social Security Number to complete the Affidavit of Eligibility. This form is kept confidential and used for tax purposes only. Once we receive this information from you and confirm that you are eligible to win, we will begin the process of arranging the Wii U Party and prizing.

        Please, do not hesitate to contact me with any questions – and again, congratulations!

        Patrick Hassell


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