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Reggie Says Wii U Will Fend Off Next Xbox And PlayStation 4

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has admitted that he’s confident that Wii U will be able to fend off the next Xbox console and PlayStation 4. Fils-Aime also went on to say that Wii U will have a very long and prosperous life, and it’s going to be very well supported by third-party publishers.

“It’s based on having great graphics, it’s based on having a robust online execution,” he said. “We believe that this system is going to have a very long life, and it’s going to be very well supported by third-party publishers.”

“Once you talk about what that is [next Xbox and PlayStation4], we can probably fend it off.”

95 thoughts on “Reggie Says Wii U Will Fend Off Next Xbox And PlayStation 4”

  1. For your sake Reggie don’t dissapoint us.
    Otherwise…I’ll…commit suicide!
    lol joke xD

    Everything depends on the online gameplay.
    If it’s as lagfree as possible then you will fend it off.
    But if it’s like only 25-30% better than the Wii then you will have problems…
    It must be atleast 75% better…

    1. i think it’s next to impossible to not be way better thatn the wii’s online. just from the leaving messages for people in the game, being able to ask for help from people while playing, and nintendo tvii, totally makes this system worthwhile.

  2. Reggie saying probably means he’s unsure himself. Just like the majority at nintendo. Only miyamoto knows what he is doing.

  3. I really hope that wii u will succed cause nintendo has always been an important icon in this industry. Nintendo has once again raised the bar even higher for the gamers :D

    1. Except graphics,online,3rd party,lag free, violence, pedophile safe,hacks,virus,spams,trojans,homebrews,mods,spyware,region free,bluray,fast connection,hardcore and 4k resolution/upscale.

      1. when was the last time someone had a pedophile attack via nintendo systems? and when was the last time a wii got a virus, spam or trojan? also dont forget that there are hardcore games like CoD, Ninja Gaiden, etc. just saying.

      2. Since when does any console not do graphics you wouldn’t be able to see.
        Online, yeah Wii U does that
        Pedophile safe? The fuck? That doesn’t even make sense
        Why the fuck would you want a console that can do viruses trojans and spware, you’re a fucking idiot, goodbye

          1. Jeez, you’re like a freakin’ stalker who hides in the shadows waiting for me to post something…lol

            I was talking about the part where supposedly nobody was complaining about them. People do it all the time. Heck, you’re one of them! “Don’t deny it.”

      1. If you look back at like the old E3s, like leading up to the and and its unveiling Nintendo seemed confident and kiiiind of cocky – but in a kind of bad-ass way! I kinda like that. Since then, they haven’t really been like that. They seem more humble now, which is good – but I kind of liked the confident attitude Saturo Iwata would have back when he teased us about the Nintendo Revolution!

        1. Miyamoto faild with wii music,vitialty sensor,wii sport,hardcore,hd miyamoto is a failure i like nintendo alright i like them dead! die like nintendo power just die you annoying jackass smh dying aint bad it gives hope to new ideas instead of reusing mario and old tired ass ips.

          1. the wii U does in fact have HD, and nintendo power didnt die. they decided it was time to stop. also just take a look at the worldwide console sales.

    1. They already are.
      Wonderful 101, Bayonetta 2, Pikmin 3, and quite a few others will be worth having for anyone getting a Wii U.
      We still haven’t even heard of a new main-line Mario[NSMBU doesn’t really count, IMO], Zelda, or Metroid, there’s still potential for Star Fox and Donkey Kong, and there are plenty of other franchises that people wish to see get a new entry.[F-Zero, anyone?]

      The system is going to do fine.
      Trolls will bash it all the way to their graves, but the system will have a great install base for both core and casual players and will only continue to get better as time goes on.

    1. Thats what im thinking too. Theres so many third parties blowing nintendos horn right now and, while thats cool, theres only like 3 or 4 that really matter where massive sales are concerned

      Ubisoft for, AC and others, which we have
      EA for madden, which we have.
      Activision. For COD, which we have…
      Take two for gta, is all we have left to get, really, that we have a chance of getting.

      Id prefer saints row, honestly, gta would get so much more attention that would mean so much more just for coming to an hd nintendo console.

      Taketwos outright said no. And they said it long enough ago to base it on something other than console compatability, which looks bad for us, them and nintendo…

      I dunno

  4. In the next episode of the “Ultra body saga”:

    Wii U outsold all over the world, kids crying when Santa didn’t bring them the stUff and an evergrowing game library.

  5. We know WiiU wont be as strong as the next box and ps4, but the 360 wasnt as strong as the ps3 either, even significantly. Just a thought you some of you.

    1. Lets say the wiiu is at dreamcast/ps2 level , and the 7s0 and ps4 will be at xbox 1/wii level graphically. That’s not a big enough leap to start phoneing home about , and i don’t think the leap will be that big . PS2 has the architecture that everybody wanted to develop for anyway.

      1. Yeah. I mean its all about how well the developer can handle the console.

        Multiplats always differed from being better on ps3, to better on the 360.
        Like Bethesda can barely program for a PS3, despite it being more powerful. Other than that, most games can be scaled, and while the game might not look “better” on WiiU, it will be nowhere near as far apart as the Wii was.

          1. And honestly, im fine with grpahics on my ps3 at the moment. I just want better games, i dont need or want a visual upgrade, besides from Nintendo.

    2. Seriously though the difference between 360 and PS3 are very slim. They both have strengths over eachother, but in the end their games look the like gears 3 and Halo 4 especially look very similar. To games like uncharted and killzone. In fact Halo 4 almost looks better than uncharted and uses some impressive open environments which uncharted really doesn’t do. So they are really the same thing. And fanboys blow it out of proportion.

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    1. no mister reggie don’t know that, but he knows the power from the wii u, and he knows how stronger the next xbox or ps4 can be, and that’why he can tell what he think. i think also that the next xbox or ps4 only can be stronger if they go for 4k resolution, but that’s to expensive so they don’t gonna do that!!. a lot of wii u games are in 1080p/i 60 fps native that’s fucking nice for a console on launch, that means the wii u is a powerfull console!!

  7. How stronger can the new xbox or ps4 be? only when they go for 4k then they will be stronger
    right now you can play a lot of games on 1080p 60fps native, so i don’t see sony or xbox do better then that only when they gonna suport 4k, but that will to expensive!!

        1. Yes, you wont be able to see a difference unless the TV is 80″ or greater. That wont be standard in the next 10 years or more.

          1. If there’s any sanity left in the world, a TV that big will NEVER be a base-line standard.
            I happen to love my smaller TV. A little 15″ TV is currently sitting to my left, actually, right on top of my table, and I play both my Wii and PS3 using it. It’s very convenient because I can also just take this little baby to either my friend’s houses or my mother’s house whenever she wants me to visit, so that I can continue gaming on my systems in those locations as well, right alongside those I care about.

  8. Nintendo will be just fine. Wii U will be a success just like the Wii was. I think Nintendo is making all the right moves so far. The value included with the Wii U console is tremendous. It could very well become the must buy gift this holiday season. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. IMO, Nintendo became aggressive the moment they decided to publish Bayonetta 2 when nobody else wanted to.
      That shows they are really pushing to get third-parties on their side.

    1. Going 3D? Sony has embraced 3D this generation and it hasn’t done so well. Not too many people care about that feature. There are a few titles that can be played in 3D on Microsoft’s current system too.

      They’ll need something better – a distinctive and unique feature- for the next gen.

      1. Mark my words; they’ll try to sell the next huge graphical leap.
        Brain-dead raccoons will justify whatever price tag they put onto it by stating how much the graphical power will help in making amazing games without taking into account the costs that devs will have to put up with just to develop something that takes full advantage of said leap.
        It’s going to be a fuster-cluck of mayhem.

        Of course, I would be 100% delighted if I were proven wrong and they actually did something better than appealing to the “OMGspecs&graphicsareallthatmatter!” neanderthals.
        I dunno what they could come up with, but I’ve stuck with Sony, at least, this far, so I’m keeping my eyes on their next move, for sure.

  9. My prayers to you Ninten. Good to see that Mr. Regg isn’t smug but confident in the Wii U. All we need is quality and fun games, which all I ask from the big 3 anyways.

  10. I will give my vote of confidence to the Wii U, I would give my vote of confidence to the next x box and playstation too, but I can only have one console and that console will be the Wii U.

  11. And why shouldn’t it? “Oh, because some rumor said that someone said that they think that the system will be ultra powerful and way beyond the Wii U because they know some developer that knows these things and has seen all the specs of the systems, and Wii U will be left in the dust”. No specs = No one knows…All the rumors, and we still are clueless, and the reality is(no matter how many times certain people come in and say ‘bullshit’) that we are living amongst one of the worst global economies in the last 50 years, and people are not spending money on things they don’t need in the way that they were 10 years ago, heck even 5 years ago…so why make a super powered console? Just because you can? Whatever Sony and Microsoft are working on, I see no reason to believe they will blow Wii U out of the water, and if they do? Well, the Vita says hello.

  12. The Wii fended off the PS3 and the Xbox and it was not as powerful yet people still bought it. So I’m pretty sure that the Wii U being sold out constintly is proof it will do fine.

  13. I’m going to post something I did on another site regarding “Wii U”.

    Here is my issues with Nintendo… Specifically, its “online features”. Also I don’t want to hear any Nintendo fan-boys complaining about “why playing games online sucks” or “playing locally IS BETTER” or any of that bullcrap. I’m listing legitimate reasons why I’m unhappy with Nintendo’s Online services.

    -Will I be able to send messages to friends while “in-game” as well as the “home/dashboard” menu? (Couldn’t on Wii, Couldn’t on 3DS)

    – Will they finally implement “game invites”? I don’t mean “in-game” only.
    (Will I be able to send a game invite to someone who is playing a different game or in the home menu/dashboard)

    – For future “Online Nintendo games” , PLEASE implement “party ups”.

    ***You don’t realize how hard/tedious the process is for me a several buddies who want to play online in Mario Kart with other random players from across the globe. ***

    – “Friend Online notifications”, 3DS handled them wrong. When a friend is online, I want to see their name on the screen. NOT “Friend Online” (which BTW only shows on the bottom screen when your in the HOME menu) because now I have to stop what I’m doing to go through my friend’s list just to see who came online. Also the blinking orange light on the side of my 3DS doesn’t help either.

    -“Party chat” (in-game and home menu), not only “in-game chat”. However this requires Nintendo to introduce headsets for the system (No, the Wii U gamepad’s mic does not count…all the time. Especially if you end up playing an online game with either the “motion controls” or the “classic controller pro” . Some 3rd party mics exist but no official ones. “Wii Speak” doesn’t count, and its just plain retarded.

    – A better Nintendo account system. One that ill keep in track of my purchases and won’t leave my games only registered on the system. An account that supports cloud saves, achievements, etc. Its a luxury more then a necessity but w/e. It would Help Nintendo anyways.

    – Being able to “Login” my account into “another console”. If the chance I’m at a buddie’s/family’s house and I want to be online on my account.

    -Friend requests from random players you met online.

    If Wii U takes these into consideration, I’ll be more than happy to buy one. So far Nintendo has done online wrong “Twice”.

    1. Anything not initially incorporated can be implemented at a later date for sure, if enough people demand it.
      Take it with a grain of salt, but I don’t think Nintendo’s online is going to be super crappy this time around.
      3DS is already working wonderfully thanks to only needing one friend code per system for any and all games. That’s a big step in the right direction.

      1. Friend codes are more of a nuisance then more of a problem compared to the other things I stated.

        Nintendo is always late to the party when it comes to these type of things. Now you could be correct and Nintendo implement these things later on, but that’s the problem. They’re doing these things too late. Everyone knows Nintendo has the worst internet services compared to Sony and Microsoft. I feel that Nintendo keeps thinking they can get away with it because they’re Nintendo. I mean having the hardware isn’t good enough, it’s what you do with it.

        Also not to be whiny…. but as a first day ambassador of 3DS, I have to completely disagree with you. I have to instant message(through phone/computer) or call someone on the phone to set up an online game with a friend and thats a big pain. Swapnote doesn’t do real time messages, and you can not know what messages you have until you exit out of an app that isn’t swapnote. There is no way for me to send a game invite to a friend for lets say Resident evil, kid Icarus, or Mario Kart etc. Sure, they can join the game, through the join game feature on the friends list, but theres no way they’ll even know what I’m playing until they enter their friends list.

        There’s no voice chat feature either on 3DS, which we already know is fully possible BTW (metroid prime hunters, pok’emon). I feel Nintendo underutilized the mic on the 3DS for communication and that’s just one thing of many.

        Again they can always update and fix these problems, but it hasn’t been fixed yet and the 3DS has been out for a while now. So you have to admit they ahd all the time in the world now. If anything, I feel Nintendo only focuses their manpower on anti-priracy when it comes to firmware updates. No new features or improvements.

        Due to Nintendo’s track record you can’t blame me feeling they’ll do the same to the Wii U.

  14. I think so too, but to make sure Nintendo needs to maintain getting high quality exclusive from 3rd party Publishers and Nintendo needs to bring in outside developers and partner with them like Platinum Games and Shinji Mikami studio (creator of Resident Evil) and Kenji Inafune (creator of Megaman) and that studio that made Last Story and the one that made Xenoblade. Nintendo needs to secure exclusives and get all the AAA multiplatform games too so Nintendo fans don’t miss out on big budget blockbuster games from 3rd party publishers.

  15. the wii launched at 250 xbox 500 ps3 600 graphic difference no more than 70 dollars Imo the wii has better graphics

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  17. There gettin cocky and thats not good. Ok example. CoD:BLK OPS.1080p, 60 fps and it looks like pure crap. Battlefield 3: 720p, 30 fps and it looks beautiful.
    Nintendo can have there new tablet control but it depends on the games to sell the Wii-U.
    And they can have all the 3rd party support all they want cuz Sony has them also.
    Nintendo is ganna depend on 3rd party now? Thats not Nintendo. Now I know why Sony holds its head up high. They dont depend on 3rd party for sells. Yeah I know they are in the crap hole spare me the bad breath.

    1. so are Sony fanboys and Microsoft fanboys (they are being cocky) about The Next Xbox and PS4’s power (the fanboys believe that this coming generation will be another huge leap in power).

  18. The Playstation 4 is not what Nintendo has to worry about since they have done a successful job of grabbing major Japanese 3rd party developers. I think they have to worry about the next Xbox when it comes to a western audience. If Nintendo can grab Elder Scrolls, Fallout, Grand Theft Auto, and the next Bioshock then they will be okay to brag.

  19. *Snores* WHO THE HELL CARES.
    personally i’ll sit back and laugh my a** off. Once launch console start failing like the early crap boxes did. I learned my lesson never buy consoles day, week or even month one. Im waiting to 6 months or even a year down the road. hopefully maybe i can catch a price drop. Till then i’ll be busy playing my Ps3 slim & My 360 slim

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