Best Buy employee has revealed that Wii U demo stations will arrive at Best Buy stores throughout the nation this Wednesday, October 17th, which gives consumers an entire month to try the new console before it hits North America on November 18th.



  1. I work at Future Shop in Canada and we just had technicians in setting up ethernet cables for the Wii U display a couple days ago. I’m guessing the demos will be updated constantly seeing as every single demo in our stores usually is just a fake, or is on shitty wifi.
    Though I didn’t expect the demos to be showing up so soon.


        • ZombiU is NOTHING like L4D, apart from the fact it has zombies. L4D is a survival-action co-op mission-based game, ZombiU is a pure survival-horror single player game. You must know nothing about it to compare the two.


          • hi there left for dead comming too wii u in the future left for dead game company posted on the internet soo dont say left for dead is never comming becuase the company said it comming in future wii u game might not be luanch titlle


            • Found the article I think you are talking about (I think). It is over a year old, and it is just speculation really from a Gabe quote. Nothing to really take seriously.


        • What the fuck are you talking about? How is it a L4D rip-off? There’s universes between those 2 games. I advise you to watch at least 1 gameplay video before typing whatever bullshit is on your mind.


    • A couple of years back when my local GAME was doing a Pokemon event (think it was an Arceus one), and they had four Heart Gold/Soul Silver demos. A 20 year old man was hogging one of the demo units, getting to the point in the game where you can trade Pokemon, trading the starter on the demo unit to his own game, and restarting the game to get the other two starters.

      The game was due to be out 5 days later -_-


  2. Looks like I will have to start sleeping in the ceiling of my local Best Buy store and then during closing hours I could play for the next month.


  3. Can anyone check to see if GameStop will get their demo units in soon? Not wanting to travel to Best Buy just for a demo unit when I have a GameStop less than a mile away.


      • just got back from a long day at the city which of course included nintendo world store, the Wii U Gamepad is Awesome, its so light and gripped really nice felt perfectly for my hands and is so comfortable. the only demo you could play was rayman legends for a max of 10 mins in like 3 diffrent stages, lots of fun never played rayman before but was very impressed by this one! too bad it got delayed though, but now im defaintly looking foward to it as it was alot of fun. you were not allowed to take any pictures/video of wii u though sadly, apparntly in order to not skew customers deescion and them being confused on the gamepad and wii u is really like, i respect thier decsion although i really just wanted a picture me holding it but oh well, still had a great time with it. will get even more time when it comes to bestbuy :) also at nintendo world they had 2 original wii’s downstaurs in one i played super mario bros and actually beat the whole game (speedrun) infront of people, the little boy next to me liked watching me play and i thought it was very cute, i let him play after me though (hard mode though…so cruel) now im even more excuted for Wii U!

        tl;dr i played Wii U Demo at Nintendo World, Controller Felt Awesome, Played Rayman and had fun.


  4. It’s a lock now. Nintendo is giving all the casuals a chance to try the console. All the kids will pester their parents to buy it for them for Christmas. Wii U could end up being the biggest selling toy the holiday. Leave luck to heaven.


  5. Oo I cant wait! I havent been able to try out the Nintendo Wii U anywhere else so I’ll stop by at Best Buy soon and try out the awesome console ;)


  6. Finally! I can’t wait to get my hands on this thing! And now that it will be available to the general public we can put those “it’s heavy! It’s bulky! It’s awkward to hold!” bullshit rumors to rest.


  7. This is exactly what I needed. I have had no chance to try out the Wii U at all this whole time, With the Wii, I finally tried it out about a few weeks before launch at a Gamestop and it felt great! I know I’ll feel that same feeling again when October 17th rolls around.


  8. I’ll bring a few wiimotes. Hopefully the employees will let us sync them up the the system. I’ll bring spares for anyone else who will want to join in!


  9. Well hopefully it’s not just 1 game then, like Mario Bros. U or something. I mean, it’ll be nice to see what it looks like in NATIVE 1080p, which no other console does, and to see a game running at full 60fps not 30fps (but that’ll only be nice to see if the display TV is at least 120hz, otherwise it’s benefit will be a bit lost), but still, only 1 game (like Mario Bros. U) would be kind of disappointing.

    As would only Nintendo Land. Granted, Nintendo Land looks a tad fun… some of the games do anyway, but as far as graphics, it looks absolutely horrid; the graphics look as bad as a first gen Wii game. I know graphics aren’t everything, but this is Nintendo’s first HD console, and it can do 1080p @ 60fps, right? What’s the point in seeing that on a game that looks absolutely terrible? Especially if the display TV is a decent LED TV with 120hz or more, like they usually are. I wanna see EVERYTHING the Wii U can do, not just a few GamePad functions. I want to see the GamePad functions, AND some visually impressive graphics (a la ZombiU demo or something like that).


    • Actually, the graphics in nintendo land are gorgeous. It has some really nice shaders, there’s a great sense of depth (in terms on how the terrain blends with the horizon when looking it in perspective). There are tons of nice textures and lighting effects out there. Models are really polished. Textures have bumps that are shaded (they also project shadows) (like the ones on zelda’s battle quest).
      In Mario’s chase (just by looking at the screenshots) you can see skylight reflected on the whole scene, as well as the floor reflecting light onto the models and metal objects.
      So yeah, you can’t say nintendo land looks horrid. Maybe you just don’t like the art style… but the game handles the same amount of graphics an AAA “core” game does (like COD or ME), and even more, the difference is that it uses that potential in a whole different way.


      • No. To all of what you said.

        I’m a designer by profession, so I appreciate all different kinds of art styles. The fact of the matter is, Nintendo Land looks like Wii Sports with half-assed dressings for your Mii characters to look slightly like the first-party game characters they’re supposed to represent.

        Textures are flat, boring, and severly lacking detail. They’re not high-res, so they look like they suffer from Nintendo 64’s “blurry textures” issue where they almost look like they’re just gradients.

        The character models are primative, blocky, and also severely lack detail. The environments are squared, blocky, and plain. The visual effects are absolutely laughable; an explosion in the Metroid portion, for example, is just an expanding sphere model with a terrible “fire” texture on it, the same as games on Nintendo 64 used to use.

        The lighting is also minimal at best; look at a game like Crysis 2, or Trine, or Final Fantasy XIII. Now, putting aside the “oh I hate those games, they’re not fun argument”, because we’re simply talking about graphical display here and because I already admitted Nintendo Land looks somewhat fun: those games look absolutely STUNNING. Now, Nintendo Land is both running on a console that is 7 years more advanced, AND it is a flagship lauch title for Nintendo’s FIRST HD console; a console which they’ve been touting as “extremely powerful” and boasting how good it looks.

        To release this console with THAT game on display of those claims, is asinine. People will see that and think two things: 1) “Oh hey, touchscreen contoller; that’s pretty neat! I know how to use one of those, like my iPad!” and 2) “This game looks just like the Wii… isn’t this supposed to be a whole new console?”

        And then they’ll see the price tag, and for a lot of people, that’ll put them off. Sure, lots of hardcore Nintendo fans filled out all the pre-orders, but that was going to happen no matter what; Nintendo fans are loyal like that. But it’s what happens AFTER that, that makes or breaks the console. And putting a visually sub-par game on display that could EASILY be mistaken for an original Wii game to the general masses (i.e. people who aren’t you and me), is not a great way to hype your brand new, very powerful, HD console.

        As for Mario Bros. U: it’s almost identical to the original Wii game that preceeded it. Yes, it’s in a higher resolution, and yes, the backgrounds look more animated and nicer. But aside from that, it doesn’t look very different. The lighting/reflections and such are all achievable on the Wii with a game like this: it doesn’t demand a whole lot of GPU power to make a game that has very simple 3d models and only displays one static, 2d view of those models. Speaking from a programming standpoint, it’s essentially using probably 10% of the GPU that a more advanced game, like say Aliens: Colonial Marines, is using. More to the point: New Super Mario Bros. Wii probably uses around 75% of the Wii’s total GPU power to run the game. Despite the Wii being severely underpowered compared to other current-gen consoles, NSMB Wii is an extremely simple game that doesn’t tax the console very hard.

        Now, consider that, and then consider that the Wii U is likely at LEAST 5 times as powerful as the original Wii (probably considerably more). So, does Mario Bros. U look like it’s using 5 times as much GPU power compared to the NSMB Wii? Not. Even. Close. Not even with the additional 480p wireless screen being streamed to.

        That’s my point: every console developer’s first-party games push the limits of their new console when it debuts. That’s not to say they don’t get better afterward, but they do everything they can do show off everything the new console can do. Instead, Nintendo simply focuses on 1 or 2 new “functions”, and completely ignores things like graphical showcasing, sound/audio showcasing, etc. Whether you, or Nintendo themselves like it or not, that matters to a LOT of gamers these days. The Wii sold really well, console-wise, but staying-power? Hardly any. I know at least a dozen people who bought Wii’s just for having a few friends over once in a while and played Wii Sports. Aside from that, they never played it. It was a party favor, not a true-to-form “gaming” console like SNES and Nintendo 64 were, or like XBOX 360 still is. There’s a reason why many people are still crazy about their XBOX 360, and why software sales for it are still through the roof compared to the Wii. That’s something Nintendo should have learned with regards to their first-party games, and it seems like they haven’t.


        • I get what you are trying to tell, but i can’t say that about nintendo land. Neither about that supposed “low res” textures you are talking about. As far as i can tell, every model has at least a 1024x1024px texture with an 1024×1204 normal map, as well as an specular map which most of wii titles missed. You can see that by looking at the zelda’s battle quest models which are closer to the camera, cloth and wood blends differently.
          In comparison, in darksiders II, death’s main character model only uses a 1024x1024px texture, and it has plenty of detail. You don’t have to add unnecessary stuff where you don’t actually need it, so you can push the hardware and add some other stuff here and there. Nintendo land does that. For example, a simple wood box on call of duty, can have a 512x512px texture or even less, a normal map to fake the shape of it so it may shade as if it’s made of wood. That same box can be on nintendo land, using the same amount of polygons and the same size texture but using somewhat “flat” colors, a normal map to fake the shape (for example a tiled floor on mario’s chase) and an specular map so light brights differently if the floor if made of bright metal and flat metal on the same object). It uses the same amount of resources but it looks different.
          Though yeah, that explosion in metroid’s blast looks like crap haha

          Anyway, what I’m trying to tell is that the game really pushes the hardware, but the art style makes it look that it doesn’t. And you just can’t add extra stuff where it isn’t needed. That game doesn’t need photo-realistic textures. But those photorealistic textures are the same size as hand painted textures are, and use the same amount of resources.

          Though, now you are talking about something else, which is how nintendo is pushing it’s hardware and showing it… NSMBU looks kinda the same… same art style as the past two games (the ds one from 2005 looked different) but It doesn’t need to use the full potential of the console, It’s not a game to show that the wii u can do a lot, it’s a game that is about having fun on your own or with friends (though I wish they made a more innovative twist to the game)
          And i can’t say that Nintendo isn’t trying to show that the Wii U is capable of HD graphics, that’s why games like zombie U or ninja gaiden or tekken are there.

          Well, that’s what I’m trying to tell, I totally understand your point. But games like Nintendo land or NSMBU doesn’t need to look like Aliens! And Nintendo land, actually does look hd, it’s just people that thinks that HD means photorealistic graphics… but there’s where zombie U comes in. There’s something for everyone here.
          I hope not to piss you off with this, I just wanted to clarify that nintendo land has some really nice graphics and I know that because I work with 3D, i make hand painted textures and there’s absolutely no difference between those and the photorealistic ones.
          and also sorry if I wrote something wrong, this is not my native language, i hope you understand!


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