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Mass Effect 3 Wii U Developers Bringing Triple-A Square Enix Game To Wii U

The Linkedin profile of Chris Slater, Technical Project Manager at Tantalus Media, has revealed that the development studio is currently busy bringing a AAA Square Enix game to the Wii U. The profile doesn’t really give any hints regarding which Square Enix game will come to the platform, but speculation suggests that it could be the Tomb Raider reboot, or the popular Sleeping Dogs.

107 thoughts on “Mass Effect 3 Wii U Developers Bringing Triple-A Square Enix Game To Wii U”

  1. I’m disappointed that the first SqEx games that come to mind aren’t JRPGs. The Wii U could definitely use more of those. For Tomb Raider style platforming/combat I’ll be getting Darksiders II for Wii U.

    1. IS it just a square enix published game , or is it a game developed by square enix that’s the difference .

      Either way , this is fantastic news for wiiu :) . Triple A square enix game , Triple A square enix game , hmmmmmmmmmmmmm . lost .

      1. Dragon quest X ?????? please god loacalize dragon quest X . it’s not triple A in dev cost’s but its A grade game . It’s not DQX , but please piss off and let me dream .

        1. dragon quest x is coming to the west…isnt it? and i dont think they would need another full development team just to localize a game. im thinking more like sleeping dogs or ( i think) deus ex human revolution. deus ex would work very well on the wii u.

          1. Yeh you’re right . I really hope DQX comes here to the west in 2013 , would be a missed opportunity by square enix if they didn’t! .

            But yeh deus ex would be awesome!!!!!!!

              1. dont get me wrong, sleeping dogs is a fantastic game, but i would much rather see deus ex on there. that game just really seems like a perfect fit for the wii u game pad.

    2. They are making Dragon Quest X for Wii U, but we are not exactly sure if that game is going outside Japan. Other than that, possibly Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII?

        1. Woah! I love how you put it out there before the guy begged for sources. Lol. I was just anticipating Aeolus asking for sources.

  2. If the development team are working on a DEFINITIVE version of Tomb Raider for the Wii U, I’m buying it.

  3. While I played a demo of Sleeping Dogs, It was fun, but felt like more of the same thing. I’d love some JRPG’s though :) Bring final fantasy back to Nintendo and toss in that HD Kingdom Hearts bundle that’s bound to inevitably come.

    1. The KH HD collection has only been announced for PS3 – I doubt they would make it for Wii U. KH III is possible, although that wont be for some years. *Sad face*

      Also, FF has been multiplatform for a while. In fact, Nintendo has a few FF exclusives of its own that were released in recent years. I wouldn’t doubt that the more recent and some future FF titles will come out on the Wii U like FF XIII-2 or Lightning Returns. It’s all possible.

      1. Let’s hope those don’t come out for the Wii-U. Let’s just say I’m the biggest FF fan at the moment, especially towards these games. Personally, I’d prefer to see next-gen FF games on it and KH III, which has a HUGE possibility to be multiplatform on all platforms (PS3/360/Wii-U) seeing as developers need all of the money they get.

  4. It would be cool if they made a Final Fantasy VI remake exclusively for the Wii U.

    That would make a lot of Final Fantasy fans buy a Wii U

    1. Hell No, Tales of Series worth less that a pennie in any non Sony console since Tales of Vesperia Grace fiasco, that would be a slap on the face like the NBA Jam one(no online player and free with other game for HD twins owner).

      I would prefer another original RPG(LIKE a pseudo baten kaitos) from the same studio that a tales games ever


      1. I think kigdom heart has the biggest chance but it will not be given to other developers to make if make ill be made by square inside developers,after all square latest kh have ben made on nintendo

        1. Not all, no.

          I wouldn’t be surprised if KH III is on a Nintendo hardware, but I doubt there will be HD remakes for the system.

          KH – PS2
          KH FM – PS2
          KH CoM – GBA
          KH re:CoM – PS2
          KH II – PS2
          KH II FM – PS2
          KH 358/2 Days – DS
          KH BBS – PSP
          KH BBS FM – PSP
          KH Coded – Mobile Phones
          KH re: Coded – DS
          KH D.D.D. – 3DS
          KH HD 1.5 – PS3

          Then there’s two other mobile phone KH games that aren’t of any real pertinence to the series’ continuity.

          It’s split fairly evenly among Sony and Nintendo systems – but the major games, with the exception of KH 3D have all been on Sony systems, thus the reason for KH HD 1.5 and as Nomura stated HD 2 (or 2.5 or w/e) will likely be on PS3 as well.

  6. Getting Tomb Raider on the PS3. Probably going to be Batman Arkham City all over again. It would be annoying gaming only on Nintendo.

    1. true, it’s like shutting oneself off from other quality games on the other systems. One is only restricting himself/herself.

    2. I’ve only gamed on Nintendo consoles and handhelds, and I’m pretty happy with the countless titles I’ve played, but if you need to game on multiple consoles, *shruggs*

      1. More variety of games! Instead of wanting this title or that title to be ported in the future to a Wii system, you could have enjoyed it a year or two ago on another system.

        That’s why I have all systems. Each one has their good stuff to offer.

        But, obviously not everyone can or wants to do that, so that’s fine too.

  7. I sure hope its not the Final Fantasy XIII games because they are already past their prime. In my opinion, it better be FF Versus XIII.

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      1. Hitman for the Wii U… now THAT makes perfect sense. This is just what the new generation console needs… an espionage title. No more pausing for menu… just accessing info, switch weapons and adding more ammo. Kick ass and take names!!!!!!

  9. Even if FF is past its prime, its a big name. And this game’ll get a lot of attention since Nintendo has pretty much been neglected (hard) by Square Enix… Chrystal games don’t count. I hope this is a serious game for Nintendo, not a kiddie chrystal adventure while PS360 gets awesomeness.

  10. People bashing Final Fantasy XIII and demanding a remake from VII… I’m pretty sure that hardcore nintendo fanboys are not the best people to judge that.
    Don’t take me wrong but, for once, I wanted JRPG (launching just a few weeks after Japan’s release) with a good story at a Big N’s console. The Wii may have a few good games of this genre, but nothing compared to PS3. Maybe it’s time they change that with the Wii U. I really hope it’s an RPG that they’re doing a port, because that’s what the Wii U’s lacking at the launch library. I would be annoyed if they, instead, did a port of a fucking action game such as Tomb Raider. The console already have good action games (Black Ops II and ZombieU), we need variation!

    1. Yeah, Nintendo fanboys don’t need to judge the FF titles. Sony Fanboys are doing just fine on their own bitching how the series is worn out and over the hill.

  11. Come on guys. It has to be a game Nintendo has a partial license to or can easily license. I think the best bet here is obviously. Kingdom Hearts 3. I can see this happening.

    1. I doubt Square-Enix would put Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts in the hands of a relatively small and inexperienced studio. If they do release a FF or KH game for the Wii U, they’ll probably port it themselves. It’s almost certainly Tomb Raider.

        1. Even if that were true, I’m not talking about experience.
          Square-Enix wouldn’t risk releasing a sub-par version of a main-series Final Fantasy game. They always do FF ports in-house and they’re often done by the game’s main team.

          1. heck no, the port are always to TOSE(the port company, their only original product was Starfy with Nintendo), and knowing S-Enix that easiy can be a sub-par port, the only thing good would have been Dragon Quest X online but unless nintendo take the bill of the connection(the Japanese going to cry that gaijin can play Dragon Quest for free) that will be hard

      1. But the only S-E game (that is part of a well-known franchise) that comes out in early-2013 is Tomb Raider. So, according to the CEO’s own words, the only game that fits the description is Tomb Raider.

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  13. I want that the Kingdom Hearts HD collection and the new Tomb Raider. A new traditional Final Fantasy game would be awesome too. Leave luck to heaven.

  14. “Popular” Sleeping Dogs ? The game has got media acclaim, very good reviews, but its sales are somewhat dissapointing. 448K worldwide is not a small number, but doesn´t seem enough to give Square a profit.

  15. has no body noticed the tantalus reference???

    O_o its a fucking final fantasy remake 9!!
    I think i would cry
    being honest i think i would jiz right then and there if it was announced :p

  16. I don’t think Sleeping Dogs would be considered a AAA game since it was well in development when it was called True Crime. Tomb Raider reboot sounds more plausible, but there’s also FF 13-3 (that is still a AAA game because of the development and budget put into it). I’d welcome any of these three though, and FF13-2 was better than the first 13.

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