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Ubisoft: Wii U GamePad ‘Really Responsive,’ And Its Technology’s ‘More Advanced’ Than What Some May Think

Ubisoft designer and Rayman creator Michel Ancel claims the technology inside the Wii U GamePad is more advanced than what some may deem. Ancel says the new controller is very responsive, and he is intrigued by its capability of running pictures at 60 frames per second. Ancel thinks Nintendo’s competitors will need time to get their solutions to Wii U as responsive as the Wii U GamePad.

“And I think this is where Nintendo is really out in front of things. The technology inside the controller is quite a bit more advanced than what people might think. It’s really responsive. The response time is crazy, in fact, and I think the competitors will need some time to [get their solutions] this responsive.”

“It’s crazy because the game is running in full HD [on the television], we are streaming another picture on the GamePad screen, and it’s still 60 frames per second. And the latency on the controller is just 1/60 of a second, so it’s one frame late. It’s crazy, it’s so fast. It’s almost instant. That’s why it responds so well. So it can be used as a real game-design thing.”

Thanks, nintedward3dswiiu.

122 thoughts on “Ubisoft: Wii U GamePad ‘Really Responsive,’ And Its Technology’s ‘More Advanced’ Than What Some May Think”

    1. Wish I could say the same but I live in Ecuador, will have to wait for my next trip to the USA to get the console. Sucks.

      1. Zelda is great, but it’s not the absolute pinnacle of quality games. There are some great games coming out much sooner (Aliens: Colonial Marines says hi).

      2. Zelda will be phenominal but what will really make the Wii U unbeatable will be the new Smash Bros, Metroid HD, Starfox HD, F-Zero HD, and Miyamoto’s new game.

  1. i agree it is very responsive, i played it today at Nintendo World NYC and the touch screen to tv repsonse was 1:1 (rayman legends demo) the gyroscope worked well, the controller was very confomatable to hold and was suprisingly light but a good weight (not so light that it is a feather but not so heavy that it feels like your going to drop it). Very Impressed and cant wait to buy

      1. they were place comfortability where you place your index fingers i relive. don’t worry it feels natural IMO as long as you don’t have too many issues with Nintendo controllers like the classic controller you should be fine. i think all the buttons felt great and were comfortable.

                  1. Very mature, Aeolus, exactly what we would expect from someone who hates Nintendo yet spend their time on a Nintendo website. If you really got pussy, you wouldn’t spend your time here, unless you just get hoes and sluts.

            1. Dear TheOriginalUNation
              From Aeolus’s later comments I can tell that he may not be the best person to defend. (Going from a rational question regarding the graphical intensity of the games in relation to gamepad delay times to “you have never been laid jokes”)
              But I didn’t think that the community could get so abusive towards someone new to the website and i don’t think I will comment here again thank you for showing me what this websites community has to offer new visitors.
              P.S calling me a klansman is very offensive and rather unjust. I gave no indication of racism within any of my posts in my short time on this website. I would hope no children come across this website looking for Nintendo news as it is filled with some of the worst language I have ever seen on the Internet.

                1. When I reply with rational and thought out comments explaining my acknowledgement of the error of my ways. I would expect you to at least understand that I have noted Aeolus later comments and have regretted my decision to defend him. I would rather you did not reply with yet more vulgarity and insults that do not serve any purpose.

                  1. I sincerely apologize on behalf of the people here who are attacking you, especially TheOriginalUNation. It’s a shame there are people who reply rationally, only to be harassed themselves by the lot on this site. This is why I left, too many children insulting one another. I doubt they may be children, but they certainly act like it.

                    There are many sites other than this that have a better community than this place. It’s a shame there are no moderators, otherwise most of these people would have been banned. I’d recommend sites like GoNintendo that actually mods people and most of them are true Nintendo fans – as in they actually criticize the company when the company deserves criticism.

                    I’d also recommend NeoGaf, but I do warn you that some of the people there act the same way they do here.

                  2. Sometimes we get carried away,some of us think that all people who don’t insult aeolus are fanboys.If your new then sorry about this,but until aeolus leaves,people will have war here.And I think he is only here because we reply.

                1. Welcome to the internet.

                  Yeah man. Please don’t let it bother you. Even though Aeolus has never personally attacked me, I still think he is among one of the most vulgar on the site along with a few others. The best thing to do is just ignore it and get the news when needed and comment if you feel free to do so. I won’t attack you, I promise. I’m a nice guy. :-) And my apologies for your first time here not being the most pleasant.

          1. Billy Bob.
            Aeolus comes here to do nothing but disparage Nintendo, patronize and speak down to people who enjoy Nintendo games, Make fun of anyone who supports Nintendo, and does so with arrogant, factless comments.

            He feels like he knows everything, when he knows shit. Wii have to listen to his boring, ignorant comments several times a day.

            You can’t read between the lines until you’ve heard the neverending bullshit that comes out of his pie-hole.

            1. Ok then, go to your average PS3/360 owner (Not someone who keeps up with gaming news; they’re a minority) and ask them if they know most PS3/360 games aren’t even in native 720p, let alone 1080p. I can tell you they’ll be shocked to hear that.

  2. who else feels this is a conspiracy. my wii broke just this month and my cousins wii broke too last month. somethings happening i think nintendo planned this

      1. mines works fine excpet for the old drive which went bad not too long ago so i replaced it and its cool again.

          1. is that the only game where that happens? it could just be brawl. brawl uses a dual layer disc which tends to have read issues happen more easily then a regular disc. anyway replacing the wii dvd drive was easy and costed around $40, all you need is a triwing screwdriver and the ifixit wii drive replacement manual, it takes about 10 min too do it. you could also replace the laser lens which is cheaper but more difficult to replace and might not fix the problem since if the drive is bad then a new lens wont help.

          2. Odds are, Xenoblade will have trouble as well then.

            I’ve had mine since launch, and it’s finally dying. I’m holding out for WiiU rather than repair or replace my Wii.

            1. This is why I use a USB loader so I can play my games off a hard drive. I have had mine since launch and I have never had my laser go bad. And it is a lot more convenient when you want to play a different game. No more getting off the bed/couch to change a disc.. and. the load times are drastically decreased for the games as well, especially the dual layered discs.

    1. That’s exactly what I think Microsoft did w/ the original Xbox. As soon as 360 rolled around, my original Xbox didn’t read as well anymore.

    1. A great game to play to pass the time till Wii U is out is Pokemon Black2/White2. I have Black 2. I have put 72 hours into the game and am still not at the Pokemon League lol. Got 8 badges but there is alot to do in it.

    2. Xenoblade? You done building Colony 6??

      I have DKR, METROID TRYLOGY, OTHER M, SMG2, TLS, FIRE EMBLEM, Skyward… that just for Wii

      3DS I have Starfox, 4 Professor Layton games, Zelda Track Spirits, Pokemon Conquest, Emerald, NSMB2… so many!!

        1. La Mulana is a super fun game. At least 40 hours worth. It’s a Mario-Link-Indiana Jones-Mega Man type of game. Lots of adventure, platforming, defeating enemies, a dude with a whip and plenty of traps.

    1. Lmao, you know we’ll all do this at some point or another.

      “My gamepad was lagging! I think it’s defective!…”

      :D when really, we need to tone up our skills.

  3. Truer words from the game designer at Ubisoft. I’m already sold at the price of Wii U. The graphics of Wii U… the fluid play control of Wii U… the social gaming network ability of Wii U… the entertainment and sports with real-time stats and info of Wii U… and the overall fun of Wii U. It’s official… it’s Nintendo. It does everything.

  4. Got a chance to try it out at Game City Vienna yesterday… so awesome, i don’t regret preordering this console at all and am soooo looking forward to it.. :)

  5. It’s the next big innovation in gaming. People will understand once they get their hands on it. I can’t wait to get mine. Leave luck to heaven.

  6. list of FACT

    wii remote no lag /gamepad no lag /DS touch screens no lag /wm+ no lag

    kinect lag to fuuk /move lag to fuuk/psvita touchscreen lag to fuuk

    so whos core exactly only nintendo develops lag free evolving gaming controls clearly with CORE GAMING EVOLUTION IN MIND

    for the love of god kinect and move ands psvita scren are a INSULT TO ALL REAL GAMERS and lol at psvita not lagging if used like a wiiu pad PLEASE DONT TRY FOOLING ME SONY it wont wash

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