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New Animal Crossing 3DS Seven Minute Trailer

Nintendo has unleashed a brand new trailer for the forthcoming Animal Crossing: Jump Out on the Nintendo 3DS. The video features new details including new features, including decorations and areas. Animal Crossing Jump Out is scheduled to be released in the west during the first half of 2013.



    1. I haven’t played very much since the GC original myself but halfway through the trailer I got really excited.

      Now I played Wild World but it didn’t feel the same, it made me miss my original town/villagers. Puck the penguin forever. City Folk didn’t appeal to me either, it was too busy. Being in a city just seemed at odds with the theme, “Animal Crossing”. In the original your village was secluded, tucked away in some valley between two sheer cliffs and an ocean. It was peaceful and quite. That’s what I liked about it. But it’s been awhile since I’ve dug up some fossils and I’ve got the itch. I love Animal Crossing ^_^


  1. Wow.. looks darn good. I love how you can decorate the town as well as tell them where to put bridges and things like that. And you can actually change the way your house looks :D I soo want this xD


  2. Reblogged this on hypersonic55 and commented:
    Man, all I can say wow. There is so much going on here in this footage. I am loving the look of this game especially when it comes to the different times of day and different seasons. It also looks like the variety of stuff to do is much higher than ever before and the structure of the town is bigger and nicely styled too. I really want 2013 to come now so I can buy this game and have epic fun time!


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