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Nyko Cancels Power Grip Pro For Nintendo 3DS

Video game accessories manufacturer Nyko was planning to release its iteration of Nintendo’s Circle Pad Pro, the Power Grip Pro, which was going to add a second Circle Pad and provide extended battery life to a Nintendo 3DS. Nyko recently confirmed it canceled the device.

56 thoughts on “Nyko Cancels Power Grip Pro For Nintendo 3DS”

      1. My guess, is that maybe there are not enough games current or in production to warrent use of the Circlepad, and the may see it’s not a necessary accessory after all.

        I haven’t bought a second circlepad yet, and I have no regrets.

        Maybe 2nd Circlepad = overrated?


          1. Nope. I think it was more of a PR display to say, “Look! We have two circle pads too!”

            Turns out, Dev’s don’t really need it. It’s cool, but unnecessary (for now, many it will be used more in the future?)

    1. Anyway, i just tried PS Battle Royale… The graphics are great but you will take Smash Bros anytime. Just Nintendo characters are way iconic than any of PS.

      1. Well the game is tailored for the Sony fan, anyways. The way I see it, is that it’s a fan service for their fans. I mean, who doesn’t want to see Sackboy beat the shit out of Kratos?

        1. I would love to see any character kill *gags* kratos but, playing any game that involves that horrid character would induce a coma or a myocardial infarction

      1. Ohh i seeee. I honestly dont have a problem wit my 3DS battery. I wont be carrying that out the house, and i get travel sickness from reading and using phones/handheld consoles so no biggy.

  1. Good. That and the circle pad pro are unnecessary pieces of shit. You play the 3DS the way it is. Its not a fucking PSP or vita it is its own thing.

      1. GTFO out of here with that shit. I’m not even trolling. I honest to God will never support that stupid shit. Kid Icarus and Revelations and such are soooooooo much better without that garbage. Don’t be a fanboy and buy every little accessory for a Nintendo console.

      2. I agree with him.
        Minus the Green-rage monster part.
        But on a civil note, I agree conceptually with both his comments. ;)

        1. Yeah, but people are offered choices through third party companies and Nintendo. There’s no problem with that. You don’t have to use the add-on accessory but just because he doesn’t like choices doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be there.

          Also, lol @ him calling me a Nintendo fanboy.

  2. Well that kinda sucks for those who wanted it. I have a Circle Pad Pro that I got at launch but have yet to use it, though I’ll admit this one looks pretty slick. Off topic here, did anyone notice how the 3DS in that screenshot is missing buttons? The 3D Slider and the Home/Start/Select buttons and the Mic? I know it’s just a placeholder image but still.

  3. Am I the only one who went to check the tweet? It was a CONCEPT PRODUCT and they have no plan to release it AT THE MOMENT.

    I hope it’ll hit the shelves someday however…

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  5. FUUUUU I’ve been waiting forever for this. I don’t really need an ugly circle pad and I don’t really need an ugly ass battery pack but then you combine them for both function and battery, make it fairly attractive and I want it. You obviously don’t want my money.

  6. I’ve always thought it was unnecessary too, the touch screen could be used instead of a 2nd analog stick and with more precision. It’s not like we have 3 hands to use the buttons, 2nd analog and touch screen all at the same time.

  7. I’d rather have the Power Grip Pro instead of that crappy Circle Pad Pro that Nintendo made. But to be honest, I haven’t even used my Circle Pad Pro outside of RE: Revelations.

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