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Wii U Version Of Black Ops 2 Won’t Come With Call Of Duty Elite

Call of Duty Elite will be free for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC owners when Call of Duty Black Ops 2 launches on November 13th, but Wii U owners won’t be receiving it. Publisher Activision explained to Kotaku that they’re currently evaluating options for Call of Duty Elite to support the Wii U, but Call of Duty Elite for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 will not support the platform when the game launches on November 13th.

“We are currently evaluating options for Call of Duty Elite to support Nintendo’s Wii U game system, however Call of Duty Elite for Call of Duty: Black Ops II will not support this platform when the game launches on November 13th.”

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79 thoughts on “Wii U Version Of Black Ops 2 Won’t Come With Call Of Duty Elite”

  1. If it doesn’t impact my ability to coop-kill Zombies, then I do not care.

    Also, DLC? Fuck that. I don’t even know what “Elite” is…

  2. No excuses acti-dickheds. You spendin all your time on the other version’s cus that’s what sellin atm , right ??? yeh , well when the wiiu is selling RAPIDLY this time next year , let’s see what you come up with then . :)

      1. Well the Nintendo Network for wiiu isn’t even up and running yet , so I suppose they can be forgiven . Like I said the next cod after this on wiiu should have everything and more once they get to know the system a bit more.

        I am still excited for the way they have incorporated the gamepad for dual screen multiplayer.
        It’s a very clever feature and one that could carry the wiiu quite far!

        1. I have a question umm can u play cod on to difrent accounts on the same tv like on the xbox 360 and is the going to be mic chat party like xbox thanks=======================================================================================================’=====’==============

    1. Nintedward, give them time, stuff like this just doesn’t happen overnight, I’d rather them take time and perfect a system rather than give us rushed crap.

        1. Elite is like a online ranking that measures the total of all the things you did on all cods and gives some especial things like xclusive embles and tags

          1. The earlier CoDs part sounds pretty useless for a new platform. Unless I could sync BO on xbox…

            If the game is at least as fun or more fun than BO1, I’ll finally get rid of my Xbox.

          2. Thanks very much for the explanation.
            Also, I officially do not care about Elite now that I know what it is.
            So. I’m still good.

  3. OH NO!!! WHY ACTIVISION?! WWWHHHHHYYYY!!? *Sobs in a corner*…


    I really don’t give 2 shits about Elite

  4. I’m sure it’s because they’re still trying to get a handle on Wii U’s online network. There is still the chance they may release it at a later date for the Wii U version.

  5. LOL You Wii U suckers are now hating COD suddenly. But when it was confirmed that it will run 1080p…u guys screamed of joy…till u heard it was not native WOEUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA HAHAHHA HWAHAHAHAHA WHAHAH AHA AHA HA HAHHWAHAHAWAHA AHW OUERHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    1. Maybe not … but the dual screen multiplayer at 60fps on each screen looks very good.
      So I will wait for reviews on that feature , if it’s good I may buy it just to test that feature out.

    2. You mispelled definitive *virgin. It’s ok though, once you start stop spending most of your day refreshing this site to troll, you’ll get laid based on the glimmering personality you display here. Good luck.

          1. It’s not ironic when I can actually back it up, 100% of people who go out of their way to randomly post stuff like this, are pussies.

    1. “more superior”
      Superior means better, or more good. So “more superior” means “more more good”.
      And to be frank there’s not much evidence to suggest that Aliens will be better than this or vice versa. I’d wait for release before you make such claims…

    1. It tracks your progress on all CoD games that are supported. It was prepared for the launch of Modern Warfare 3, but Black Ops 1 was added to it, so this can also come to Wii U in a later patch. If you don’t use Elite constantly, then I see no reason to even care about it.

    1. Also, keep in mind that this is the first Call of Duty game on the Wii-U so the free version of Elite wouldn’t really benefit it. When more Call of Duty games are on the console, that’s when it’ll be important. Especially if you use the paid version.

  6. What Activision is trying to say exactely is: We are lazy and won´t rush to launch Elite for the WiiU version, because we don´t know how to work with its online features yet.

  7. Am Nintendo but have never cared for COD since world at war. As Nintendo fans remember ps3 fans always get nothing in comparison to 360 players.

  8. “when the game launches November 13th” I may be over reading this, but doesn’t Black Ops 2 Wii U release on November 18th? ALso, they said they’re still in talks with Nintendo over this and may come in a future patch.

    For those who don’t lnow, Elite is basically a service by Activision that tracks your progress on a supported CoD game that can be seen from your PC on the CoD Elite website. You get statistics for all of the CoD games that you have played that support this. The console/game sends this info to Activision. I’ve never used it myself even though I’ve played every CoD game since CoD 4, but I’ve seen it and read about it.

    Unless you use that constantly, then I don’t see how this would affect you. Since the Miiverse “boards” will be a system-wide feature, I’d rather have that and get the Wii U version since I don’t use Elite myself. Nintendo said that developers can choose to support Miiverse, but I’m thinking that means even deeper features such as achievements and stuff, but it shouldn’t affect the boards or chat.

      1. I know that, but the Wii U version comes out November 18th. The article said the service wouldn’t launch on WIi U when the game is released on November 13th as opposed to the 18th.

  9. The Nintendo Reviewer

    I couldn’t care less about Elite. Honestly I’ll be spending most of my Black Ops 2 time on zombies and Combat Training anyway. Yay for killing Bots! =D



  11. Probably because of Nintendo setting into DLC and stuff, I expect the Wii U will get it soon enough for the few people who get Elite.

    Also, I gots a new avatar :)

    1. That’s like the 10th time I’ve seen you complain about dual shock which you don’t even have apparently so why does it matter to you? Stop being such a fanboy.

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  13. Can someone tell me why I’m supposed to care about this? I don’t understand why a lack of Elite is such a big deal, considering what it is.

  14. I’m not a die-hard CoD fan. I just enjoy playing with friends on MW3 and BO on his PS3 that’s about it, so no elite for Wii U doesn’t really matter to me. But this will probably be bad news for some CoD fans who were interested in getting it for the Wii U. I think Activision are probably a bit cautious with the Wii U and want to see how well BO2 and maybe other games sell before they are a bit more confident.

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