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Ace Attorney 5 For Nintendo 3DS Will Feature Voice Acting

Capcom has revealed that the long-awaited Ace Attorney 5 for the Nintendo 3DS will be the first in the series to have fully voice-acted dialogue. The developer acknowledges that the implementation of voice acting could split the fan-base, but after careful consideration Capcom has decided that this was the best way to progress with the series.

23 thoughts on “Ace Attorney 5 For Nintendo 3DS Will Feature Voice Acting”

    1. in your mide? lemme guess
      Pheonix Write = 50 cent
      Judge = Arnold Schwarzenegger
      Maya = xiaorishu
      everyone else = justin beiber

  1. All I ask is to hear Gumshoe’s voice… But I’m pretty sure not too many familiar characters will be in the game besides Phoenix and the Judge. :(

  2. With all the upgrades the next entry in the series got for being on the 3DS, it’s understandable. Besides, all I wonder, in regards to voice acting, is how Phoenix will sound (whether they get the same guy they had for Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 or they’ll get someone new). Aside from that, I’ll be looking forward to information on (hopefully) returning characters and anything on its official US release date.

  3. Excited, but really nervous….the Japanese voice acting will be amazing, but I hope they do a good job on the English……

  4. Phienix wright=brad pit
    Maya=Angelina Jolie
    Judge=Santa clause
    Edgeworth=anything royal
    detective gumshoe=derp voice
    that’s my dream crew for voice actors

  5. Oh shizzles, how I did not notice this before baffles me! I’m so excited for this now also! Let’s hope that they’ll be great voice actors for the English dubbed version. The graphics look way too awesome >w

    I hope with all the Ace Attorney games eventually being released they’ll bring out the live action film here to dvd ^^

  6. I like the idea, but I think it shouldn’t be obligatory! I know I’ll love the Japanese voices, because Japan has an incredible amount of competent seiyuus, but I’m afraid I’ll get annoyed at the English voices. I hope they let the original Japanese voices as an option in western copies of the game (which has a 70% chance of not happening, due to space and cultural differences), but I’m really worried about this voice adding for western countries!

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