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Triforce Johnson Is Already Waiting In Line For Wii U

Isaiah-Triforce Johnson, the guy who is renowned for queueing up ridiculously early to be one of the first people to purchase Nintendo products, has announced that he’s already lining up for Wii U. Johnson tweeted earlier today that he’s currently camped out at the Nintendo World Store in midtown Manhattan, ahead of the console’s launch on November 18th.

164 thoughts on “Triforce Johnson Is Already Waiting In Line For Wii U”

    1. He waited in line for one week for the released of the Nintendo 3ds @ Nintendo World Store. Pretty cool dude, a true fan for shorrrrr.

      1. yeah i met him a few time during some nintendo events in nyc its funny you guys are talking about him didnt know he was that well known but he’s a cool dude. he kind of looks like a young ganon but its crazy how he legally changed his name to triforce now thats a fan for real

    1. I once got a nutjob from my bff, i figured out he likked sony so i ran and will be at, also for the entire time that believed are he coud if can.

        1. yeah why is he waiting in line at all he should have just preorderd it like a normal persone no offenc to the people that are going to wait in line

    1. I know right, although i’m sure its kinda exciting and fun camping out or waiting in line for a midnight launch with a bunch of people, i went to a MGS4 midnight launch, so many bandanas

  1. Wow. No life, much? Someone obviously has too much time on his hands. I wouldnt wanna be near him by launch day. He’ll reek of month-old stink

  2. What a insane lunatic, what the hell is he gonna do and eat for the next 27-8 days……netflix and saltine crackers

  3. you know if i had a nintendo store near me i would be doing exactly the same right fking now. I dont give a shit bout what ppl think… All i know is that i would be standing right next to triforce johnson waiting for my Wii U FCK YEAH!

    1. i live near nintendo world store and i pre-ordered my wii-u deluxe from there but i’ll be damned if i’m a wait like 4 weeks on a line

      1. Luckily i live in England :p which means i still get it a week later than him xD well…least im not camping outside.

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    1. FFFFFFFF- argh, cmooon, i need £350 for the WiiU, and another £80-£100 for 2 games, but this and Prof Layton are released soon…ugh, my wallet, she grows weary.

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  6. If i had a car i would wait in line early at Nintendo World, this year i preordered at gamestop for the Wii U. i got the Wii on launch at Nintendo World, long 8 hour wait i honestly could do it again, sadly my family claims they still feel the pain “lol 6 years ago” of waiting on that line so no line waiting at nintendo world for me this year. Nintendo world is a good backup place to get a Wii U with no preorder though, they had plently Wii’s for the rest of that day and week just fine, Nintendo World always gets a huge stock compared to other stores.

  7. Triforce is Clearly an ATTENTION SEEKING LOSER

    I’ll say it again this guy is obviously trying to get attention. What does he win with being first??? It’s not he’ll be the 1st to have ever try Wii U. He had Ocarina of Time 3D but waited first in line to get it too even though he had it already. I highly doubt he’ll be waiting there for literally 27 days. I would assume that loitering around anywhere is against the law. I have such a passion for Nintendo like millions around the world, but this guy really thinks he’s special, when he’s not in any way. Also for anyone who says that we’re jealous, yeah I’m not. This guy clearly just wants attention, I understand his passion, but seriously it’s obvious this guys just wants people’s attention.

    1. Your obviously a attention seeking whore *now shut and let him waste his dedicated life on something he doesn’t Need to do!*

  8. He just wants attention. If he pre-ordered it, there’s really no reason to wait around. I could see waiting all day before. I’ll be at Wal-Mart a few hours before it launches as long as the one near me is doing the midnight release. But this is a bit over the top. Doesn’t he have a job? I can’t imagine how he can afford this….

    1. I’m not working currently my Wii U is payed off. I could have done the same thing. However food and sleeping is what I question about this guys plan…

  9. Did nobody know this guy or something? He’s been doing this for a long time, so why is this so surprising?

    You can think of it this way: He’s a loser for doing something you think is stupid, or you’re the losers for not being as dedicated as he is.

  10. waste of fucking time, no one will be lining up for a midnight launch until at least a day or two ahead, and thats the most extreme, hes just gonna be an idiot camped out by hiself for 26 days.

    1. Hes only trying to get articles, if he was a true fan he wouldved preorder. Its obvious that he’s an attention whore.

      1. yeah really eneny one who was a true nintendo fan wloud just pre order by the way eneny one that did not preorder it walmart might still be doing pre orders they were when i logined to this site

      2. Your right that any sane fan would either pre-order to get it instantly or wait 3 days before release but I watched his videos about he was waiting to get the 3ds and the guy is just bloody dedicated to Nintendo that admit it we all wish we could wait in line for a month but we all have work or school to worry about

    1. there is a chance that he is independently wealthy and doing nothing for a month is well within his reach without affecting his finances.

      1. I didn’t preorder either– don’t have the money. And what money I did have I spent on the new Pokemon games.

  11. That’s some pure dedication. I remember seeing him all the time on Nintendo product launch day episodes on Nintendo Week. :P

  12. Go Ahead and wait in line early…

    I took off that day from my job, so I’m just going to stroll on into my job while cutting the entire line 5 mins b4 we open…pick up my wii u and accessories and just leave while waving to the people in linel

    1. I see what you did there. Being in a relationship only cuts into gaming time. Nintendo can’t allow that. Nintendo fans don’t get to be in relationships otherwise they can’t have world domination.

  13. KnowingTriforce

    This is not new the guys is a pure video game junkie. He lives and breaths video game. His technique is simple. He gets there the first day wait in line and when he needs to shower or sleep he calls one of his friends and they replace him until he comes back or another one of his friend takes over. He has been doing that for all major Nintendo events. When the Zelda mini concert they had at the Nintendo World store he was #4 in the line and we chatted for a bit and like I said his a pure Video game junkie but an OK dude. The guy is so well know but Nintendo he has meet Reggie and other folks from NOA several times.

  14. i think this guy has a problom he is going to be one guy that is going to kill every one that he thinks live closer to a house then he is to his so he can be first to play

  15. I want to line up outside of the store at my eb games too for my Wii U. I wonder if there going to do a midnight release. Good thing its a sunday so I dont have to worry about work.

    But seriously that early? How does he have money for this if he is camping for a month?! How can a work place let him off work for that long too?!

  16. Wow!!!! This is early even for his standardards I mean he waited weeks before the 3ds and wii came out by I gotta pay my respects for him on this one that’s for sure

  17. i was at best buys and there wass lots of peeple wanting to plaay.
    hehehe hahaha…kekekeke…..i mayd them wait and wait….
    i played for hours. I coulds see themm squerm likes crazyyyy
    frum the refelections on the screeen wanting too plays but nooooo….
    its all mines!!!!!! hehehe….hahaha…kekeke….i just egnored them
    and laughed tooo my harts desires…hehehe hahaha….kekekeke….
    this little kid starting to cry cause he cants play the wiiii uuu
    hahaha….his daddy walkks by and gives me the faces like imm
    sum jerks…..hahahaha….nice try ollddd mannn. THE best issss
    whenn i let out big silentttt buritto farts sooo the line of peepls
    behinds meee couuld get a taste of of my smelllyyy gasss.
    i gasssed them sooo goooddd…hahahaha….hehehee…kekekeke…..
    summ of theem left…hahaha….this one mother looked like she thougt her son pood his pantss….hahahaha…..peeple started to complayn but
    I did snots caree…it wassss allll minesss the wiii uuu wasss alll minesss…..
    hahaha…hehehe…kekeke….i will never forgets the faces on allll the
    loooosers who could nots play becos of meee…i beet my record of
    1 and a half hours play timess!!!!!!!!! i onlys left when the managur
    saidd i haddd too leave to give other peepls a chances too plays…
    I gave up my spoottt….but I soon came backs too lettt outt some mores
    rotten smelly burrito fartss….hahahaha……gassed the person playings
    the wiiii uuuu….everyones thoughts it was himmm whoo did ittt!!!

    i wills be back for shuuureee….but first gooing too go too
    gamespot too make thee wiii uuuu alll minesss….hahahaha……
    taquitos ands granditos burritos will bee my weapons of choise.
    lock and loaddd.

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